Montague Keen Message 9-21-14…

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“…traumatic changes. They are necessary in order to raise your vibrational energy in preparation for the completion of your mission. We are assisting you. We try to lessen the pain of this journey.
“Many of you are reliving past experiences in order to trigger memories of who you are, in order to help you relate to what is expected of you in this lifetime.

“You are but weeks away from the biggest surprise of your lives. All those who still sleep will be forced to awaken to the TRUTH and will have to deal with the reality of it. Many, like me, have tried to gently awaken you, but fear has kept you locked into the false reality. It is better to be awake, aware, and prepared.

“There is a battle raging all around you which is just outside of your 3D vision, so that you cannot see it clearly…

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    Thank you that info was very uplifting, thank you again. Much Love Terri

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