Waiting for Global Announcements

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The UN Security Council meeting was historic. Many of the anticipated global announcements were made, and are expected to continue at the G20 and Central Banker Summit in Australia, this weekend.


AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT/UTC +10) – Sydney/Cairnes
EDT = Eastern Daylight Time (GMT/UTC -4) – Toronto/New York

If this is really it, we should see changes at the banks in the next few days.

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21 thoughts on “Waiting for Global Announcements

  1. Rene K says:

    Any update? Or just another “wait and see” type of thing?

  2. TRUTHBETOLD says:

    For those who have not done their research it’s called…”Global Currency Reset.” The time is now.

  3. May I ask what you are waiting for, and according to whom? Thanks.

    Have you read this? http://arikopel.wordpress.com/2014/08/30/the-event-deception-another-carrot/

    Are you aware of this? Sept 21.14 People’s Climate March a CO-OPTED Corporate Hoax http://real-agenda.com/2014/09/19/peoples-climate-march-a-co-opted-corporate-hoax/http://youtu.be/Cp8s-FTucO4

    • Doreen – Many of us are waiting for reforms to the banking system to finally be announced. The IT side of things was completed and tested over a month ago, when the 114-year tradition of banks setting the price of gold and silver ended. These reforms include leveling the playing field in the global marketplace. Countries like Russia and China have grown impatient, and have gone about building their own system, that could easily leave the US behind, if it doesn’t stop bombing other countries.

      Yesterday’s UN Security Council meeting on Iraq was historic. Iraq is ready to play in the big leagues, with the rest of the developed countries. Today, we expect to hear that the MINT and N11 countries will also become major players in the global community. Some may interpret this as the collapse of the US petrodollar. In any case, countries are no longer using US dollars to buy oil. They have finally figured out how to trade with their own currencies.

      Hope that helps -LW

      • robert11011 says:

        Let it falllll……,so we can wake up the sheeple,then ,ascend,with higher lovely dimensional & really do some awesome creating. a conspiracy factualist / light worker, more service to others / more love in the heart.funny how the answer to everything is quite simple.eg: can.Bragg’s apple cyder Vin.love & peace.

      • Yes and thank you!

        We exist in a sea of limitless possibilities responding to human freewill choices. In other words this tract of humanity can go to extinction, or go to the next highest expression of Consciousness unbounded in form. The outcome is up to a critical mass of us, and requires discernment.

        Since the dark matrix is masterful at distractions, hypnosis, deception, and manipulation, consider that Brandon Smith sees another possibility; where Russia is just as much a pawn of international banks like Goldman Sachs as any country in the West. Brandon says:

        I’m sorry, but Russia’s economic policy is dominated by central bankers who are advised directly by Goldman Sachs and who are avid members of the IMF and the BIS. The RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund) manages billions in investments in Russia, works closely with Goldman Sachs, and the managing director of this institution is former IMF head and SDR advocate Dominique Strauss-Kahn. More at http://www.dcclothesline.com/2014/09/18/war-erupts-patriots-will-accused-aiding-enemy

        Higher awareness suggests that the best possible solutions are ones that serve the collective good. Bless us all!

      • http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/09/19/mainstream-globalist-propaganda-reveals-eastwest-conflict-is-a-farce-included-here-update

        I perceive what each of us is waiting for is not out there somewhere, it’s the Power of freewill choice within; to cooperate with one another, reclaim the right to life, freedom, well-being, and property, so long as we do not transgress similar rights of others, and the right to advance a new positive Earth timeline, where everyone has an innate right of self ownership, and no one has any right to define, control, manage, or plunder others.

  4. Ines says:

    Did I miss out on something? Where is the message?

  5. Carlos says:

    What caind of antecipated global announcements were made?

  6. IF is a very big word here.

  7. casandra says:

    i can see the videos…just press videos and see the meeting of the G 20..One question i would like to know : all the extra money this people are after from the extra tax they will get from the corporations….where will it go to??? who;s pockets that is. As it seems that should this be done and used to benefit the people of the different countries there would certainly not be so much poverty.and be a great improvement for the citizens who either pay less tax or have better wages.
    So are they using it to subsidize more wars and to the benefit of the powerful individuals to improve their fortune?

  8. Aeon Phlo says:

    STream says Access denied.. how do you get access to the stream?

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