Bardarbunga | Holuhraun Volcano Eruption, September 13th 2014

Volcanoes all over the world are becoming active, as you can see… -LW

Holuhraun is a fissure type vulcano. The magma rises from miles beneath the surface and devides the pressure a little more then when it erupts thrue a crater. Since the eruption site is located on dry land and not in contact with ice there is no ash plume. This fissure is part of a huuge underground system of magma resting underneath the vatnajökull glacier. The magma was originally on its way up thrue the bardarbunga crater but then changed its way and moved down towards the north east caldera ridge. Bardarbunga has many fissure flanks around it and the magma found its way to one of them. But the main vulcano, the bardarbunga vulcano is known for explosive eruptions and is said to erupt approx twice every century. It has erupted 300-400 times during the last 10.000 years and 8600 years ago it created the largest lavaflow EVER on earth which traveled more then 100km to the south coast. The eruption in 1477 was described as a massive explosive eruption resulting in a large ash plume and aswell the large lavaflow as described earlier. The magma outflow at holahrun goes as high as 50-200m up in the air.

I couldn’t film this time since i was flying. It was pretty windy around 20-30 kt and my friends first time filming dslr with the 50mm so it is a little shaky hehe but it turned out pretty nice anyway i think 🙂

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  1. Onil Das Gupta says:

    Dan???!……..Dan??……we just finished talking about Iceland and me being drawn there and today there is a Volcanic eruption in Iceland??? What do you make of this brother?? I mean……am I going crazy or is synchronization all around us like bees at a hive?

  2. Onil Das Gupta says:

    How do you like this website and the daily updates of various stories? Great isn’t it? It’s a perfect source and tool for guys like us.


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