STOP Paying Attention to Statute: Codes, Regulations, Acts, etc. (These are not “Law”)

Some good information about dealing with our legal system and Common Law (not to be confused with the Freeman movement). -LW

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5 thoughts on “STOP Paying Attention to Statute: Codes, Regulations, Acts, etc. (These are not “Law”)

  1. Louise says:

    Mary Croft has shared information for free over the years. She is a contributor to out of the uk. There is a wealth of accurate information on the site. For one time $10 fee you can download the letters to send to banks, debt collectors and more to stop them from bothering you. It works. However, if you get sued by a debt collector after sending 3 letters and an estoppel (you might) those letters may not stand up in court unless you know about common law and the capitalized legal name. It is very tricky if you do end up on court. However, not impossible to win. Please please read all of Mary’s blogs on the site. She is working on a venture to help the people who do end up in Court be able to win. She is asking for a small donation. I have no problem giving it to this one.

  2. Makes perfect sense. The Law of Love works best.

  3. gary says:

    Stop paying attention to anyone requesting a fee (under the guise of help). Do the research,as it is all on the net and shared (without co$t)

  4. shannon says:

    National liberty alliance provides the information for free

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