Newly-Released Video of Missile Hitting Pentagon on 9/11

This video is reportedly from a hotel security camera. Supposedly, it was confiscated by the FBI and later returned, after litigation.


  1. The original video is from the days of hand-held camcorders
  2. YouTube didn’t exist until three years after this recording
  3. The format is an animated GIF, meaning it is a series of still images–consistent with how older videos were digitized
  4. The mirror images of the YouTube controls are a mystery. Since this is a GIF, I would guess that the YouTube controls were flipped and then applied to the individual frames


Facebook post to the “International Criminal Court” group.

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32 thoughts on “Newly-Released Video of Missile Hitting Pentagon on 9/11

  1. 1776blues says:

    Looking at this map there is no high rise hotel located where this would have to have been shot from!

  2. tony says:

    here is the original footage without the missle or plane

  3. tony says:

    this video is faked. made from 35mm Stock Footage way before the 9/11

  4. Andrew says:

    I do not disagree with the fact that a missile hit the pentagon but this clip is fake watch this video and then look at this clip! its the exact same footage you can tell by the numbering on the camcorder, and the numbering on this gif is the same characters just backwards so it is the original video just flipped and cropped! stay awake!

  5. bloggarelundgren says:

    Obviously there is “a shake” of the camera as the missile hits the building. Why is that? If it depends on the soundwave, the shake ought to be dalayed, as the distans is significant.

  6. Butch says:

    What hotel looks down on the Pentagon from that height?

  7. walkers says:

    I’m calling hoax notice how there’s no structure damage after impact of the missile hit. Granted it’s only showing about a second after the impact but the building is still sound. Working on tanks for 4 years I seen much more initial damage from a 120 mm and would imagine some form of missile would do much more than 120 mm

  8. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    The length of the object is too long for a missile (we’re not using V-2’s for Christ’s sake!) but is correct for a commercial aircraft. The poor resolution of the hand-held camcorder cannot depict the wings as they are on right angles and appear in only a few frames. This video is trash as it’s quality is too poor for reliability.

  9. atfsux says:

    The size is all out of proportion to any known air-launched missle, and the effect is certainly not explosive. It looks very much like the fuselage of an aircraft simply crumpling up and igniting its fuel.

  10. Steve Rogers says:

    Wow , that’s incredible watching this video and at moment of impact the smoke and fireball looks as if it is EXACTLY THE SAME as the only one ever released by the Goverment it is just at a different angle. WOW !!!

  11. wibren says:

    what a mess! how high was this camera supposed to be mounted? this must be a hoax!

  12. Spock says:

    Would be interesting to find out from where his missile was fired !
    There is no fighter jet or anyhing analogical to see that could have launched it.
    Strange indeed what happened that day…

    • My guess would be an underground bunker, of some sort…

      • James Gragg says:

        Also, from the high angle and movement of the camera, this looks to have been shot by some sort of aircraft in the area at the time. It was after this hit, that the U.S. airspace was shut down. Another odd thing about this one, when you look at the framing, is the mirror imaging of the footage, almost like it was being filmed from behind a presentation screen, rolling the original footage.

    • James Gragg says:

      AS Light worker said, maybe it was an “underground bunker,” is a possibility. My bet is on a ship fired cruse missile, and it don’t take a very large ship to fire just one, especially when you understand that the entire flight plan can be programmed in before launch, to stay under the radar and anyway from most populated areas.

  13. Quinton G says:

    The entire gif is mirrored. Nothing strange. You can tell by the numbers displayed on the recording. What I would like to know is what the bright light is on the building prior to the building being hit by the missile.

  14. Is there a video of this on Youtube?


  15. i see the time numbers backwards

      • kenny says:

        Who all had the science proven it was a plane. The only thing idiots had to go on was scientists who said it couldn’t be a plane and would’ve had evidence scattered. Since then these scientists said we made it up for money and of course we knew in fact its a plane. Dont listen to these computer nerds with no life jerking on about 9/11 elvis and bigfoot. They are pure idiots trying to get attention as girls never gave them any.

  16. macdonalddon says:

    Next 2 questions:

    Who fired it ?

    And, from what location ?

  17. D. Gareau says:

    video is in a loop

    Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 15:33:44 +0000 To:

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