Tolec: Assurance of Safety of Planet Earth – Regarding Pending Extreme Solar Flare

For those who may not be aware, X-class flares get a lot of attention, but to date, the effects have been minimal. Do you remember Y2K? There were many predictions that X-class flares would wreak havoc with power grids and cell phones. Then, it was predicted that 2011 & 2012 could see power and communications disruptions. Our galactic friends recognize the fragility of our communications networks, and seem to be protecting it from disruption. Tolec seems to concur. -LW

September 10, 2014

“The cause and effect will not be substantial or traumatic to planet Earth. The people of Sartsa, the Andromeda Council engineering biosphere which is the size of planet Venus, has placed itself between your planet Earth, and Sol, your sun. Using its advanced, convex shaped, higher dimensional energy shield technology it will protect planet Earth by reflecting the heavy energy/solar flare outward into space.

This extreme solar flare will not have a substantial effect on Earth’s magnetic fields which will hold their current position.

It is likely small amounts of disruptions may be experienced by those satellites in orbit on the side of Earth facing the sun. And therefore, it is not likely there will be any cause & effect, or disruptions, for those satellites placed in stationary orbit on the back side of the Earth not facing your Sun.

Further, the ozone layers will remain intact, the ocean currents will be fine, and there will be minimal damage, if any at all, to Earth’s surface. Therefore, Earth’s population will not be harmed by your sun’s energy surges of radiation because our shields will protect your planet & reflect the surges outward.

All in all, Earth will be fine.”

This report was provided to me, Tolec, by –

Andramene, Chairwoman of the Interdimensional Telepathy & Communications Advisory Board – aboard the Andromeda Council biosphere: Viera.


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11 thoughts on “Tolec: Assurance of Safety of Planet Earth – Regarding Pending Extreme Solar Flare

  1. Nick says:

    You’d be best at spreading this info. My Dear,,,

  2. Super video. Thanks much.

  3. Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to Andramene, Chairwoman of the Interdimensional Telepathy & Communications Advisory Board.

  4. Carolyn Whited says:

    VI, I believe Little Grandmother as to what she saw, however there are always other scenarios that are in alternate realities. I still believe Kryon when he says no destruction of Earth is a reality. Our ET friends are very much looking out for us!

  5. Spock says:

    It seems we are on a positive timeline now….
    Look also for the new interview with Alfred Webre and Peter Kling :

  6. Carlos Pinto says:

    How is the court trial of the Bush Administration for war crimes? Did it start?

  7. John Stevens says:

    GREAT TY and cheers

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