Vatican Preparing Statement on Extraterrestrial Life

Pope Francis is reportedly preparing a major world statement about extraterrestrial life and its theological implications. Rosana Ubanell from Voxxi News today reported that due to advances in scientific detection methods for the discovery of extraterrestrial life, Pope Francis wants to be ready with a statement about “First Contact”. Ubanell reports that details have yet to be officially announced but that the Vatican’s interest in extraterrestrial life is well documented through recent astrobiology conferences the Vatican Observatory has sponsored or participated in. Father Guy Consolmagno, a Jesuit astronomer and one of the leading Catholic proponents for preparing for the scientific discovery of extraterrestrial life, on July 18, won the Carl Sagan science medal from the American Astronomical Society. Pope Francis, a fellow Jesuit, regularly consults with Consolmagno and other leading Vatican astronomers about scientific issues. It is likely that Pope Francis is preparing an “Urbi et Orbi” speech – Latin for “to the city [of Rome] and the world” – about First Contact with extraterrestrial life.

The Vatican’s scientific interest in extraterrestrial life was publicly revealed for the first time in May 2008 when the head of the Vatican Observatory, Fr Gabriel Funes, also a Jesuit, gave an interview to the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano. Funes made a series of startling statements about how extraterrestrial life is likely to be more ethically evolved than humans, and can be welcomed as brothers. In his interview, which was titled “The extraterrestrial is my brother,” Funes said that intelligent extraterrestrial life may not have experienced a ‘fall’, and may be “free from Original Sin … [remaining] in full friendship with their creator.” This makes it possible to regard them as ‘our brothers’ as Funes explained:

Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God. This is not in contrast with our faith because we can’t put limits on God’s creative freedom… “Why can’t we speak of a ‘brother extraterrestrial’? It would still be part of creation…

Most importantly, Funes’ statement makes possible the idea that Christianity can be exported to extraterrestrial worlds that have not experienced a ‘fall’ and are free from original sin.

Just over a year after his interview, Funes was the organizer of the first ever Astrobiology Symposium held by Pontifical Academy of Sciences in November 2009. Consolmagno and Funes have ever since played leading roles for the Vatican Observatory in presenting a theological perspective on the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Most importantly, both have been leading advisors to Pope Francis about scientific issues concerning the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

What is likely to be the content of Pope Francis’ upcoming statement or possible “Urbi et Orbi” speech about alien life? An important clue is a forthcoming presentation by Fr. Consolmagno at a September 18-19, 2014, astrobiology symposium organized by NASA and the Library of Congress that is titled: “Preparing for Discovery: A Rational Approach to the Implications of Finding Microbial, Complex or Intelligent Life Beyond Earth.”

Consolmagno is a featured presenter and will discuss the theological implications of discovering alien life. His topic, “Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?” suggests that Pope Francis agrees that extraterrestrials are capable of the higher ethics involved in understanding the Christian message and becoming Christians.

If Pope Francis is indeed preparing a statement about extraterrestrial life, it is likely to emphasize that there is no incompatibility in Christian teachings with a belief in extraterrestrial life as Fr. Funes proposed in May 2008. More importantly, Pope Francis is likely to emphasize themes of extraterrestrials: not sharing in original sin; being more ethically evolved; and being capable of sharing the Christian message, and being our brothers.

Not all will welcome a statement from Pope Francis advocating extraterrestrials as brothers and worthy of being baptized into the Christian faith. According to Chris Putnam and Tom Horn, authors of Exovaticana, Pope Francis I is preparing to lead the Catholic Church to embrace aliens as “brothers in Christ” – reflective of the 1950s and 1960s contactee reports of benevolent “space brothers.” Putnam’s and Horn’s Exovaticana portends a future religious war between those accepting extraterrestrials as “brothers in Christ” and those believing them to be returning demons about to enslave us. Despite the extensive scholarship found in Exovaticana, it unfortunately skews data towards an overly negative assessment of the motivations of extraterrestrial visitors. Thankfully, the Vatican’s evolving public position, as reflected by statements from its leading astronomers, shows a far more enlightened stance on how to consider the discovery of alien life from a theological perspective. A statement or “Urbi et Orbi” speech from Pope Francis expounding on various themes associated with the view that extraterrestrials are potential “brothers in Christ’ is a welcome position to take on a controversial issue with major world significance.

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59 thoughts on “Vatican Preparing Statement on Extraterrestrial Life

  1. karma007 says:

    It seems like we are the Misfits from Toy Story.
    The only ones who think they are worthy are the Jesuits and Jews.
    Come to think of it, they seem to be the ones that created original sin and leave the rest of us to believe we are guilty in Gods eyes.

  2. karma007 says:

    In the words of Sun Tsu,” my enemy is the enemy of my friend”.
    Sounds like the Vatican is preparing for a, Smack Down of the ET’s.
    Yes, some of us are more highly evolved on Earth also, it seems the only ones who don’t want to get with the program are the ones who have so much power and authority to lose.

  3. buholanoit8 says:

    Makes one wonder at the pedophiles’ plans to sexually abuse the Vatican/Jesuits’ incoming aliens. If the latter know what’s good for them, they better stay away as far as possible.

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  6. Emilio says:

    the pope is an actor worshiping satan know as the actor Jonathan Pryes.
    You can check by spell check . . . they want you to capitalize satan while if you type God in lower case it’s not underlined in red ( so who do they worship? ). . . the evil runs deep spell check confirms.

  7. Erissa C. Jooste says:

    What I was saying is, thay if the pope is not observing the commands of Jesus to go into all the world to baptise and make desciples and to feed His sheep! Then who is! We have to prepare this planet for the return of Christ! But look at the shambles its in. With 2 thirds unemployed and unfed – pray, what are you doing reaching for ETs!

    Please get with the program Vatican (Elohim is Gods program 🙂

  8. Erissa C. Jooste says:

    If the ETs have not fallen, then they do not need Christianity because Christ Jesus came to set the fallen (captives) free!

    Please spend available Vatican funds (which btw have been ceded to The Melchizedek Trust Fund) for the redemption of the unemployed and yet unsaved earthlings! Yes, all 8B of them need to be ‘reached’! Because if the POPE is not obeying the comm

  9. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    Well, I wonder what he’s up to…since the Vatican is part of the cabal….perhaps a preemptive Disclosure announcement, before the Light Forces can announce it?

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  11. Spock says:

    One thing here should be clear :

    Does anyone expect that the Vatican introduces the benevolent ET’S to us ?
    They will very likely introduce to us the “Reptilian ET’s” in sheep clothing…
    I wonder if (their) “Jesus” is than suddenly also an extraterrestrial 🙂

  12. sharen brewer says:

    He’s talking down to the world he thinks we don’t know as much or more then he does. People like that , think they know us, but they don’t.

    • Karma007 says:

      Do you know that every time you say AMEN, you are paying homage to Amenhotep, the Pharaoh. Dwell on that for a while.
      No one suspects we know as much as we do Sharen, they are still stuck on 911.

  13. macdonalddon says:

    So…here we have aliens visiting this planet, of whom are far more advanced technologically have obviously been around much longer.

    But the hole in the Vatican position is that it took eons before god got around to creating a race in his own image ???

    Were all the previous creations somehow unworthy ?

    Makes no sense at all.

    I guess that pretty soon we can expected to believe that the Vatican will be unleashing an army of priests to thwart an alien invasion by molesting the invaders off the planet.

  14. Susanne R says:

    This smells very much like a lead-up to Project Blue Beam.

    • schauminator says:

      I think it is just a diversion so he can delay the questions related to, what is the position of the church on the recent discoveries found by the ITTCS and Kevin Annett?
      I think he may be having dreams of, their coming to take you away, ha ha to the funny farm of laughing trees and singing dogs Ha Ha.

  15. Karma007 says:

    Is the Vatican out of touch or what? If they are more evolved than us they won’t NEED Christianity for a crutch to salvation. Maybe we can get the real story of our beginning, not from a bunch of men wearing dresses and professing to save us for our tithing. These Jesuits have the best telescope in Arizona, they know what’s coming and they are scared. This ruins everything they have conspired over 2000 years to keep from us, this is a last ditch effort to save the church.

    • Perhaps, but a lot of people still listen to and believe in the pope. -LW

      • Karma007 says:

        This announcement sounds suspicious at best, church’s are closing left and right. The old guard that used to devoutly follow Christianity is dying off, no more enthusiastic sheeple to fill the pews.

      • Like they want to lead us down a path of their choosing? -LW

      • macdonalddon says:

        ” church’s are closing left and right. ”

        We owe it to the new comers to make sure they don’t get “saved” when they land, and become next on the ‘altered boy’ list.

        Don’t let them get you in the rectory too.

        Euwww…I just got this weird visual of a the “anointing of a “‘grey’ bum boy.

      • Precisely what the rulers of dark matrix are relying on.

    • schauminator says:

      So true are your comments. And I know the Jesuits well being a four year student of their fairy tales and justifications for the bad stuff in the churches history.

      • Karma007 says:

        Does the Inquisition ring a bell? How about the Dark Ages? Hmmm, something stinks in Denmark.

      • schauminator says:

        Evil by stealth manipulation. If they can get to the children when they are young with the catechism of fairy tales they begin to get hooked. their mantra response to questions is “you’ve got to have faith”. Then nobody knows how a given event happen it just did and in a way without any details.

    • schauminator says:

      Karma, in regard to your and Mac’s response to my comment, I thought I would share why this is so damn important for me and my friends to expose the church for its evils and outright fraud.
      I had a Jesuit Theology instructor during the 70s that turned rebel on the church and later he contacted a few of his students that he called his Doubting Thomas’s. It is a long story but the short of it was, at a dinner meeting he told us we had been lied to about almost everything especially the most important part – Genesis.
      He was then 1977/78 working with a gentleman name Daniel Sheehan who was General Council for the Jesuit HQ in Wash. DC and today Daniel is General council for the Disclosure Project. Small World!
      Daniel knew what my instructor did about the Papal Seat knowing all about ETs. He worked with the US Govt. Science and Technology’s Research Council Ms. Marsha Smith. Again in short they discovered in the Library of Congress secret UFO photos and copied portions of them and some type of writing symbols. I believe this was a joint effort by the three of them as they reported these discoveries to the National Council of Churches. Their request for these church leaders 50+ to disclosure these facts to their parishioners in 1979 was turned down. Again it a much longer story. At this dinner meeting the X Priest Instructor was asked many questions and one was, why does the Catholic church allow so many queers and feminine acting men as teachers and priest? We and our friends especially noticed this in catholic high schools. He answered, for many years the Catholic Seminaries and Novitiates have been used by parents as dumping grounds for their queer/homosexual sons and daughters. It was a common practice starting many years ago. It was our understanding many parents were told the church’s spiritual guidance and mentoring would straighten them out and they would be productive members of the church, or something like that. It wasn’t until years later did we meet again and discuss this due to a reporting in the press that it appeared pedophile was on the rise within the church.
      But know the more important part of the meeting was hearing how much we had been lied to about the church’s In The Beginning Story of Genesis and that it was so much BS like a child’s story book. (Catechism) Especially the part about how old the human race is and how Catholicism was high jacked by those in Rome more by the writings we were not to have access to or were forbidden to read like the book of Enoch or the basis that other religions were founded on. Plus, hearing how missionaries traveled the world telling all other cultures that their Genesis accounts were false. It was basically a my way or the highway to hell indoctrination. No one is to know that all cultures and religions have at least this in common, in the beginning all their mentors, angels, watchers and gods came from the heavens and stars. There were good guys and bad guys.

      Again this is a much longer story for why I will do what ever I can to expose the Catholic church and other religions base on their fairy tales.

      • Karma007 says:

        Schauminator, my parents always called me their Doubting Thomas, I questioned everything I heard or saw. My quest began when I questioned Creationisim vs Darwinisim in Catholic school, the head nun told me to ask my parents, they couldn’t answer my most basic questions. I was allowed to watch National Geographic in the 1960’s and 1970’s, I saw a show with Dr. Richard Leaky and his wife Mary, they had found a hominid that was older than what we were taught in school. It seemed to me that we were not being told important and mitigating facts of our heritage as humans.
        I told my parents when I was very young that we came from space, I wanted to be an astronaut to find out what was out there. I made it my mission to go to the library to find everything I could about space. Carl Sagan had a protege that I ended up meeting through my husband at the time who was an Aerospace engineer and astrophysicist. My next boyfriend was the Superintendent of Space Command in the Airforce, another eye opener into what they don’t want us to know.
        I found so many inconsistencies that I stopped believing in religion and began just being spiritual, no guilt involved.
        It’s people like us questing for answers by reading the Book of Enoch, The Emerald Tablets, The Voiynich Manuscripts, The Serephinium Codex and many more ancient tomes.
        If the Vatican has a telescope named Lucifer, they know what’s on the way.
        My synchronicities regarding space are too numerous to mention, I don’t think this is coincidence.

      • schauminator says:

        At the end of our first dinner meeting the X Jesuit said, remember you have never or will meet a Jesuit that doesn’t know what I have shared with you and more. That evening I know of at least 5 Catholics that broke away from the church. Three of us were hard core Doubting Thomas’s that were not really shaken, but the other two we counseled for several months and believe me it was a true epiphany of stress for them. Today all is OK with them as they took different spiritual paths.

    • buholanoit8 says:

      You are on the dot correct. They ARE running scared and this so-called soon-statement is just a smokescreen

  16. vendo4151 says:

    Could it be that the holy father will tell us that the reptilians are the good guys?? … lol

  17. schauminator says:

    OMG! The Pope will do anything to avoid talking about and the charges against the Church & State, Papal Seat and many of their cohorts including him.
    Should he actually perform this discloser, how will he answer the questions for – Who was Jesus? Who was Noah? Who were these Angels and Watchers? etc.
    Can’t wait for the spin of new fairy tales.

    • Talking about the ITCCS would only invite discussion about Common Law, which would reveal a grand deception… -LW

      • schauminator says:

        Light worker here is something you may want to expand on.

      • The topic of pedophilia makes me squeamish. I am familiar with David Icke’s work in this area. In my personal life, I have met more than my share of victims of ritual abuse. It is heart-breaking, to say the least. For my own well-being, it is a topic that I avoid.

      • schauminator says:

        I understand, but it is reality run amuck.

      • macdonalddon says:

        It is my belief that bringing the global network of pedophelia out into the open may be the lynchpin to taking down the whole house of cards.

      • That may very well be. It is definitely an emotionally-charged topic. -LW

      • macdonalddon says:

        Which is why this topic has the highest ‘whistle blower’ body count.

      • karma007 says:

        Mac, it might be the tip of the iceberg, however you have the Penn State/Sandusky scandal, the Franklin scandal, the Jimmy Saville scandal, now a Dutch socialite has come out with allegations of that Royal family.
        How much evidence do we need to convince the public and demand accountability and punishment. It’s a Shakespearian Tradgedy.

      • macdonalddon says:

        K007, its a certainty that what has been revealed to date represents only a tiny glimpse into the enormity of the carnage perpetrated by these deviants of privilege.

        The convictions in the court of common law in Brussels provides me with a clear reference point when I speak to the level of corruption we live under, in various public forums.

        With each finding i am better armed when I present the true state of affairs to sleeping people…who become very uncomfortable when informed.

        I’ve been at it for nearly 25 years now…with great personal and financial sacrifice.

      • karma007 says:

        Mac, I think this calls for torches and pitchforks.
        It’s ruining generations of future progress in getting past the dogma of religion = power.
        Children and Youth Services is also an avenue for them to procure kids, it’s beyond dispicable.

      • macdonalddon says:

        A number of years ago K007, i read where a high up pedophile had a near death conversion and told his son that they had infiltrated and are in control of every group or organization that has any influence in society.

        Scarey thought.

      • schauminator says:

        God bless you sir.
        I’m a four college grad and x student of the Jesuits (1968) and know them all too well and their stealthy deceitful fairy tales. I and about 50 friendlies have been barraging several archdioceses with demands they answer to the discoveries and charges of the ITCCS. A very difficult task and sometimes unrewarding. ie. So far,

      • macdonalddon says:

        What you are doing is commendable and gutsy shaum…perhaps somewhat needlessly brave however.

        You may be placing yourself in jeopardy unnecessarily by trying to preach to the corrupt…after all. they don’t bother trying to sway your opinions and beliefs.

        They work on the masses…thats where the real seat of their power lies.

        We must out maneuver them in the public arena.

        Forget the media…they own all that…we must start with womens groups.

        Once you lite a fire under them, there is no other force in society more formidable and motivated than protective mothers in a united front.

        MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) would be a good place to start…along with churches.

      • karma007 says:

        Schauminator, thank you for your unwavering tenacity to put a thorn in the side of these inhuman bags of flesh.
        The only thing we have going for us in the USA is we still have our guns. Other countries have given them up, not us, we will keep them till this is exposed. However, every time someone gets close to the truth about the Vatican or government they end up suicided or have some ghastly accident.
        I think the infiltration goes both ways.
        Keep digging, we will prevail.

      • karma007 says:

        It’s through forums such as Lightworkers that we are able to connect the dots and spread our knowledge. I was indoctrinated from 1966-1976 my brother also. I won’t stop exposing their atrocities until I can fight no more.
        I find the matter of waking people up to be a hopeless cause. They aren’t ready to hear the awful truth regarding priests and their shenanigans.

      • schauminator says:

        Your belief is shared with many that are actually vested in it as thee solution for full and open disclosure.

    • Karma007 says:

      Ahh, look to Grimms Fairy Tales if you want some obscured truths to our past.

  18. Jimmy says:

    What I am getting sick & tired of is, these people keep saying we are going to do this, & we are going to do that, & we keep waiting & waiting, & nothing ever gets done,… I am just tired of waiting for these people,… When we shouldn’t have to wait any longer.

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