Mexico’s judge turns Monsanto’s dream into nightmare

Last year I was told that Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Carlos Slim went to Mexico with $20 million in hand to bribe Mexico’s lawmakers into allowing Monsanto to bring GMO seeds to Mexico. Then the president of Mexico discovered that a major university in Mexico had been developing a much better way to feed the world with old-world seeds, including corn that would produce up to 13 ears of corn per stalk. (Normal production is just 2 ears.)

I have seen the pictures of this super-corn having 10 ears on one stalk. DNA tests show that under the right conditions, God created it to produce up to 13 ears of corn. They are using frequency technology to energize the water and seeds so that it will outproduce anything on earth today. The University plans to make Mexico the breadbasket of the world–that is, unless the GMO’s spoil the environment and the big seed companies succeed in their plan to take control of the world’s food supply.

By the way, 44 of the top experts on corn seeds are in Mexico and are grads from this university. None of them want GMO seed corn in their country.

It was reported to me by a faculty member of this same major university that after the distribution of the bribe money, the Mexican president could not stop the lawmakers from passing the law to allow GMO’s, but he instructed his good friend, the judge, to block the law on constitutional grounds. Monsanto now has to conduct years of tests to prove that it’s GMO’s are safe to the environment. It is doubtful that they will be able to prove this.

That is the story as I heard it from my faculty friend from the agricultural department of the university.

It appears that the following news article is about this situation.

The latest country to put a spanner in the works is Mexico. This past week the country’s Federal Court voted to uphold Judge Marroquín Zaleta’s 2013 ruling to suspend the granting of licenses for GMO field trials sought by Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, Pionner-Dupont and Mexico’s SEMARNAT (Environment and Natural Resources Ministry). Zaleta’s ruling was in response to a suit brought by a collective of 53 scientists and 22 civil rights organizations and NGOs.

In defending his ruling, Zaleta cited the potential risks to the environment posed by GMO corn. If the biotech industry got its way, he argued, more than 7000 years of indigenous maize cultivation in Mexico would be endangered, with the country’s 60 varieties of corn directly threatened by cross-pollination from transgenic strands. Monsanto’s response was as swift as it was brutal: not only did it – and its lackeys in the Mexican government – appeal Zaleta’s ruling, it also demanded his removal from the bench on the grounds that he had already stated his opinion on the case before sentencing.

However, Monsanto’s bullying tactics failed to impress the Mexican judges. On August 15, the court convened to review Zaleta’s alleged bias ruled against the U.S. corporation’s legal suit. Also spurned by the Mexican courts was the world’s third largest GMO seed manufacturer, Syngenta, whose reapplication for a license to run test trials of its maize crops was rejected this week by the Federal Court.

The full article is worth reading. Perhaps we might have a mystery guest speaker at our conference in October to tell you more about what is going in Mexico’s fight against GMO’s.


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11 thoughts on “Mexico’s judge turns Monsanto’s dream into nightmare

  1. Jimmy says:

    Mexico, a 2nd world country, & thus not one of the poorest nations in the world (by definition), has obviously some serious economic divide going on, between the haves & the (majority of the) have-nots. Let’s not forget that Mexico & Brazil have the most billionaires in Latin America. This somehow ties into all of the corruption in their government as well as in their political & judicial systems, military & police, & let’s not forget drugs & their cartels. It’s almost hell down there. Ok,… so they are doing something good w/ these high-yield seeds research & fighting Monsanto & their Franken GMO stuff. How is that going to help the Mexican have-nots, & keep them at home instead of crossing the border into the US or is it NOT ???

  2. Erissa C. Jooste says:

    You are clearly a large part of the Abomination which causes desolation standing in the holy place! Why do you need to reinvent the wheel!

    Robotics is another joke techies are fiddling with! We have 5 billion unemployed humans on this planet….whydo you chaps (Ford) see a need for robots? Let people be employed on large scale kibbutzim as subsistance and capitalist solution.

    Please stop wasting money trying to replace humans. In essence you are witholding Gods blessings from the people!

    If its power you are looking for, I am able to show you the ‘how’. It is not in hurting the greatest good!

    • Jimmy says:

      Erisa,… I couldn’t agree w/ you more. I have for the longest time thought about the same thing. Why are these Japanese aristocrats spending billions of dollars trying to make robots that could play the violin, or even kick a soccer ball (to president Obama), when in fact we have live human beings that can do it better. Give the people those billions of dollars instead,… I we would have a better world,… rather than a world of machines void of love, emotion, & the ability to make love & create other human beings. What is wrong w/ these people,… ???

  3. Erissa C. Jooste says:

    Bill Gates, Stop messing with the Quantum Science of Gods already perfect creation. Frequency treatment throws all, including humans off balance. The ELF and HAARP are as stupid ss Frankensteins Zombie! God created all 100% perfect and you are told in Revelation of The Good Book to not harm nature nor those bearing the seal/mark of The Most High!

    Computer voodoo sex/assault which seems to be a genocide, also finds its roots in your labs!

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    Wow! Excellent news, but the battle is not over yet! -PB

  5. John Stevens says:

    COOL Great info, and I TY. Cheers I just wish someone in the corrupt USA had the balls to do the same thing.

  6. reneamex says:

    Hola,I am a Canadian citizen living in Mexico for 18 years. In 1997 I found a pack of corn seed named “ten shooters” because the stalk was producing 10 ears. I planted the thing on my land and they were coming pretty good till one day I had to absent myself to go to USA for a month.At my return the land were I planted these was bare ??? I found out that someone left a gate open and about 70 goats took care of cleaning the place. I try to get some more from that company in New Mexico USA but they told me that somebody or organisation had bought all the stock and that they would never have any in the future.Imagine my joy reading your article, the truth will always surface..Good day

  7. summitflyer says:

    Such good news.Finally some legal experts with some gonads.It looks like the tide of criminal agricultural activities might be turning.

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    I love it when the ‘Good Guys’ stand up to ‘Big Bully’s’ and make a difference. Vivi La Mexico!

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