ITCCS: Irish Cardinal Sean Brady to step down

The ITCCS published a few announcements, today… LW

Dublin, September 9, 2014

Cardinal Sean Brady offered his resignation today after it was recently revealed that he forced an 11 year old rape victim to sign a statement denying that he was molested and assaulted by catholic priests. This exposure of Brady happened recently on Sean Maguire’s blog radio program featuring ITCCS spokesman Kevin Annett and eyewitnesses to Brady’s action.
In related news, the ITCCS and its common law courts are convening a public inquiry this month into Cardinal Brady’s attempted cover up of the mass killing of newborn babies at a catholic home in Tuam, Ireland. The remains of over 800 babies were discovered months ago in a cistern connected to the catholic home.

Kevin’s Update


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7 thoughts on “ITCCS: Irish Cardinal Sean Brady to step down

  1. Please remove me from your mailing list.

  2. Erissa C. Jooste says:

    South African Organised Crime Prevention has been informed and will relay same to Interpol UK.

    Watch this space!

    BTW This infanticide is rife all over the world! Mostly first borns! Being put througj the fire! Sold as aphrodisiacs to sado masocists who enjoy the suffering of the tiny victim!

    The fact that 800 little corpes were found seems to indicate that they were more than likely satanic sacrifices by their parent(s) to satan at some ritual aimed at mocking the first born status of a possible messianic master as in the case of Moses or/and Jesus!

    Know these things and be on your guard!

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  4. Murdering babies is extremely not acceptable . Most unwed mothers would of did their best to take care of their children God says to forgive .was that God or the church speaking? History of mankind is not what God had in mind I am sure. Love you neighbor . And do good works is god words , Alot of good people in this world are sheep being led by the dark side we must end the evil leadership in power .Peace is possible if we want it to be.

  5. casandra says:

    Vatican motto: do as i say and not as i do???

  6. macdonalddon says:

    Brady is at the very least a pedophile by proxy…and likely a full fledged one as well.

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