Cobra Update 9-8-14… “Planetary Situation Update”

The latest from the Cobra and the Resistance Movement… (Thanks, KP)

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portal2012_logo_vertical81Sounds like things are progressing.

However, he does mention that one of the most important thing we can do to assist the process is to participate in the Planetary meditation initiative. This occurs at 1500 (3PM) GMT every Sunday. Cobra states:

“If a critical mass of people would meditate even for 5 minutes at the same moment every Sunday, great coherence could be achieved.”

Since I am now feeling strongly that this is extremely helpful for the planet at this time, I’m putting a reminder link at the top of the right-hand column, just above the Kingdom of Hawai’i shield. Looks like this: Planetary Meditation Initiative.


“Clearing of the Chimera group is proceeding according to the plan… Negative scenarios of the strangelet explosion… have mostly been removed… Most of Chimera entry/exit locations have been cleared, with two remaining Chimera strongholds being Long Island and a classified…

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2 thoughts on “Cobra Update 9-8-14… “Planetary Situation Update”

  1. Spock says:

    Yes – but some things about “Cobra” are still very suspicious in my point of view :

    1. He was/is a big supporter of this “Isis” hallowing. When you look what “Yellow Rose” is offering to us with her detailed explanation of those “heroe figures/gods and goddesses” in ancient times all over the planet, that are one and the same “anunnaki persons” under different names, it gets really weird.
    Those anunnakis have life spans that reach from acient times into the future and are still manipulating mankind on all levels.
    When you read the “wingmakers” stuff (that i can really recommend here), many points of “yellow roses” findings are there verified.

    2. He is a supporter of the “ascended masters”, that after all i could research, are also nothing else than “anunnaki” or “archon” figures, keeping us enslaved with believe systems in this matrix that supports their religions and their own agenda and use us as “energy generators” (look also after the most important writings of Cameron Day where he discloses the reincarantion traps of our “heavenly” system…).

    3. He also mentions those “ascension chambers”, that Sheldan Nidle is promoting for more than a decade now. Whatever those “ascension chambers” are (i can only guess that those will be electronic mind manipulators that make us “happy” and transfer us from this to the next hologram and than into remotely controlled robots) i don’t see any plausible and positive effect that those “chambers” could have !?
    If you know that there is no “ascension”- but only a leaving behind of our earthly flesh-suits (our bodies) to escape this matrix (those bodies are an entrapment of the anunnaki, that -according to the wingmakers material- the atlanteans (our earthly forefathers) were tricked into (by the same anunnaki) this “ascension scenario” makes no sense at all !
    In the film avatar you have a very good example what the wingmakers mean when they speak of this “flesh suits”. The “external spirit” of a person is put into those “flesh vehicles” to operate in a special surrounding – so our bodies are nothing else than a prison for the spirit to limitate us in any form possible. This truth has been hidden for a long, long time… Our true nature is spirit and no flesh and bones !

    4. The “event” he refers to is seemingly very “flexible”. One time he is explaining that this event is a natural process that noone can influence – the next time he says that the event will be triggered artificially because of the hardship earth people have to bear.. what is true now – and who triggers it then ?

    So, you see that there are some points in “Cobras” statements that are at least suspicious in my opinion and i would really not recommend to ignore those facts and applaud on everythinng “Cobra” is saying or doing !

    I have nothing against meditations, so in this case i agree and see no entrapment when we focus on positive things (that will not have a bad influence on us in the end) !

    Take care and keep an open mind.

  2. macdonalddon says:

    “If a critical mass of people would meditate even for 5 minutes at the same moment every Sunday, great coherence could be achieved.”

    If Cobra was a cabal plant, he would not be giving such a directive…because that is precisely how to bring about positive change.

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