(Ret.) Lt. General Thomas McInerney and (Ret.) Major General Paul Vallely Call for DEFCON 1

The main debate here is why President Obama doesn’t feel the need to “Always be Prepared,” unless he is working against America. Areas of concern include Wares, Texas, next week (September 11th, 2014). There is much concern expressed about why Americans are not OUTRAGED that Obama has pledged American support of those deemed as being responsible for 9/11.
Topics include:

  1. Impending Constitutional Crisis
  2. Obama’s Treason
  3. Obama’s support of Jihaddists
  4. PsyOps
  5. Complicity of the media
  6. Naievity of the American People


(Ret.) Lt. General Thomas McInerney & (Ret.) Major General Paul Vallely
Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney tells Rick why America must go to DEFCON 1 immediately. Retired U.S. Army General Paul Vallely tells Rick that a constitutional crisis is quickly approaching which may require the U.S. military to take action domestically to save the Republic.

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15 thoughts on “(Ret.) Lt. General Thomas McInerney and (Ret.) Major General Paul Vallely Call for DEFCON 1

  1. vendo4151 says:

    The new darling of the Tea Party? … I do get the impression that some, even in the spiritual side of the truth movement, tend to find the right-wing types to be allies in the movement. Sort of the old fashioned “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” mentality. … Personally, I tend to find them on the scary side. The primary reason being an aggressive attitude about military and/or armed engagement or force. Although I do suspect much of it is just blusterous fluff absent of any substantial backbone. … But it still turns me off big-time.

  2. TRUTHBETOLD says:

    All the talk about tanks and war and fear sure do sound familiar…
    How do we know these radicals aren’t trying to create more chaos and ultimately cause a bloody revolution just so Marshall law will be completed ultimately leading to the NWO and total cabal takeover?
    No way do I trust these guys…

  3. Athena says:

    Reblogged this on Ascension Project 2012 and commented:
    This information is quite scary, but we have talked about this before. It seems plausible that on the 13th anniversary of 9/11/01 that the cabal and their minions would plan a bigger and badder attack on America.

    Preston James indicated in his article Alien Agenda V: World Zionists Play Russian Roulette with Alien ETs, that the cabal thought 9/11 was a failure because it didn’t get the outcome of Martial Law and the implementation of the NWO that they wanted. Being insane it makes sense that they would try again.

    I believe that through the awakening in the Mass Consciousness that these plans will be thwarted. I believe that as we as individuals can stay cool, calm and collected and have faith that love and light will prevail all will be well. Also, we have be told that the benevolent ETs wont allow nuclear bombs to detonate on Mother Earth in answer to her request for assistance.

    I share this for information purposes only and not to spread fear. Knowledge is power and your prayers will go a long way in bringing about peace and a permanent removal of the darkness that has occupied Earth for millennia.

    We are winning and they are losing. This is their last ditch effort to put forward their dark agenda and it will fail miserably.

    In love, light, and peace for All, Athena

    • dwr3333333333 says:

      No one wins without turning to Jesus Christ the son of God, No one!

      • spacenergymass says:

        dwr- The Abrahamic religions have caused so much grief on our planet. If you recall the Crusades, the torture, confiscation of land and property, and literal burning of the stake, of millions of people during the inquisition, the genocide of indigenous people of the Americas, and now the slaughter of the middle eastern people have all been done with the aide and even under the banner of Christianity. So please, for goodness sake, can you just lay off, for 5 freaking minutes, how only the “saved by Jesus” crowd are going to heaven, while everybody else, not indoctrinated in religious mind control from the Roman Empire, are going to go to hell. It has gotten so old, so very, very old.

  4. Rich Buckley says:

    A quick double check on Maj. Gen. Vallely’s current, cleaned up bio on Wikipedia, has him clean as a whistle and part of the “The Center For Security Policy”.

    The Center For Security Policy is a CIA Asset that has put together the movie production called “Fmr. CIA Dir. Jim Woolsey warns of existential EMP threat to America”, a 1 hr 14 min. round table discussion lead by the ever redoubtable Jim Woolsey, pointing out to the terrorists all of America’s Electric Grid weak points:

    … and of course educating Americans too.

    Can anyone find Maj. Gen Vallely in the room at the round table? Why would Gen Vallely, so closely associated with NSA, acting like a right-wing neo-con extreme right-wing rabble rouser seemingly serving the interests of chaos (reference his speech mentions above in the first post) now be holding the spear for Jim Woolsey. These guys are funded by who? Is this all volunteered time in the service of the greater good of their country?

    As this build up for the Grid Protection is being brought to everyone’s attention there is a mass production movement not being talked about happening here in Silicon Valley which indicates a very high likely hood that over the next 10 years, the grid will become a back-up power source for neighborhood grids:

    Softball size fuel cells that power the entire house are now being produced here in Silicon Valley:


    A stack the size of a loaf of French Bread can run the entire farm, the well pumps, the heaters in the chicken coops, the machinery for the dairy farm, and the lighting and airconditioning system for the warehouse and production facility. The so-called “grid” as we know it, is going to be neighborhood-centric not national. And there are over 100 developers in the Thrive Movement, working on zero-point-energy devices in addition to the fuel cells.

    Even Lockheed Martin Skunk Works wants to get in on the neighborhood centric power distribution market ( http://tinyurl.com/b5ctqgo ). The gate is wide open for new energy sources; it’s becoming mainstream and the Center for Security Policy is fighting the wrong war. Close, but off target. Just enough off target to appear to be playing the roll of duping the American public. Oh not because there won’t be more attacks on our grid, there will be, you can count on that. But because instead of emphasizing what we can do right now for total energy security they want to focus on protecting oil, gas, and carbon based energy grids just as serious alternatives for disbursement into neighborhood centric power distribution is available.

    You can buy this stuff right now in California. But hey let’s not talk about that, it doesn’t fit our narrative.

  5. Landofmind says:

    First of all Rich Buckley, General Valley and Colonel Riley said NO Arms at Operation American Spring of which you referred to. Secondly, The General requested millions to join this D.C Emergency march in hopes to prevent what is taking place today. This march was against all Individuals in Congress that would not retaliate against the Presidents abuse of power and Constitution and of the Military Rights of America. Not enough people showed up. If the overwheming amount of supporters had came then Lawyers and Judges with Authority would have acted on behalf of America. They we’re there in silence awaiting but did not have the back up promised by people from the Tea Party, Facebook,Twitter,ect that promised to show in huge numbers. Respect,learn and honor. I was there and I talked to General Riley more then five times and the bottom line is, (Stand Up or Shut Up)

  6. Rich Buckley says:

    IMHO Major General Paul Vallely (Ret) has proven himself to me to be an extreme right-wing rabble rouser, being part of the problem, not part of the solution. I caught one of his on line speeches which has been removed off the internet (at least I can’t find it) and had formerly been posted on Col. Riley’s (Ret.) Operation American Spring website where they eventually pulled it. Vallely is heard (I heard him myself) offering to command 100,000 armed troops on Washington if they were only available. This sort of posturing by the good General seems to me to be a bit over-the-top and more like the tip-of-the-spear in service to the forces of chaos. Other than that, I’m sure his career is exemplary. The only thing I want to hear from (Retired) General Vallely is whether we should be fishing the Snake River with a spinners, salmon eggs, or custom flys. Now I could be wrong on this next point, but I notice all these Generals these days, for some strange reason have cleaned up their Resume’s slightly and removed any mention of “NSA”. I wonder why?

  7. spacenergymass says:

    LW, I watched the first video. It was on Fox, so I was automatically on alert for propaganda and disinfo when watching any TV media. It appears as if retired Lt. General Mcinerney believes that 9/11 was done by Muslims, and Israel is only defending against the evil Hamas. He does mention the possibility of an attack on our electrical grid. Something that is floating about now, specific alarms from the establishment have been made recently regarding attacks on the grid.. He also spoke about Putin as if he were the aggressor in Ukraine! Either the retired general is asleep, or he is working to pump up fear in the already fearful “Fox” watching crowd, who still sees everyone else as the aggressor, against the USA. and unwilling to see the truth.
    I prefer getting information from veterans by reading Veterans Today.
    We do have a constitutional crisis, but not for the reasons the Lt. General mentioned. It is odd how the truth is so often highjacked and manipulated.
    Thanks. love your site.

  8. spacenergymass says:

    I just want to express gratitude LW, for all of your, old fashioned “hard work” in bringing such a wide variety of leading edge information to community. It is endeavors such as yours, based on sincere love,wisdom and respect for nature and humanity that will lift us all into our new state of beingness. I look forward to hearing this interview. I have thought for awhile now, there must be “white hats” at work in the upper levels of power. I appreciate this web site so much.

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