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PALO ALTO, CA -JULY 12: Power line towers are shown July 12, 2002 in Palo Alto, California. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission boosted the maximum price of electricity from $55.26 per megawatt hour to $91.87 in the wake of record-breaking temperatures for the week, including 112 degrees in Redding, California today. One megawatt is enough to power about 750 homes. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Congress is looking at legislation to protect the grid via the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act

Paul Bedard reports: Former top government officials who have been warning Washington about the vulnerability of the nation’s largely unprotected electric grid are raising new fears that troops from the jihadist Islamic State are poised to attack the system, leading to a power crisis that could kill millions.

ISIS, ISIL, whatever

“By one estimate, should the power go out and stay out for over a year, nine out of 10 Americans would likely perish.”

— Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy in Washington

“Inadequate grid security, a porous U.S.-Mexico border, and fragile transmission systems make the electric grid a target for ISIS,” said Peter Pry, one of the nation’s leading experts on the grid.

“At the afternoon press conference, Gaffney dubbed the potential crisis the ‘grid jihad.'”

Others joining Pry at a press…

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3 thoughts on “New ISIS Threat: GRID JIHAD

  1. JillyG says:

    Really? Power grids down for a year? Perfect time to installing some solar / wind and don’t go back at all. All speculation so Congress passes another law to ‘contain’ threats. Laugh it off America and vote out these global energy vampires and adapt. Here’s a unique ‘energy simulator device’ program (member’s club) to work out what you need in Kw plus extrapolate costs / savings over 25 years. Treat it as an investment, not a consumer product as these power-cowboys want you to.

    • macdonalddon says:

      It matters not who’s driving the getaway car as long as the same crooks a\re in the back seat.

      The ultimate betrayal of self is to cast a ballot in rigged election schemes…and in so doing validating a corrupt process.

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