Crop Circle ☼ Ark Lane, Nr Stroud Green, Essex UK – Reported 8/29/14 – 3 September 2014

I have been wondering where the prediction that NESARA would be announced on September 9th originated. So far, this is the only correlation that I have found. Did you know that we have satellites that can burn crop circles? The edges are burnt, if they are man-made. -LW

Lucas 2012 Infos

Uploaded 2 September 2014 by Joan Wheaton SOUNDTRACK ‘Subtle Library’ by Fabian Measures PHOTOS Crop Circle Connector …more info at… INTERPRETIVE FRAMES Red Collie – Rose Red – Marina Sassi – Robert Meireles – Trevor J. Ward Alessandra Nassuato

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4 thoughts on “Crop Circle ☼ Ark Lane, Nr Stroud Green, Essex UK – Reported 8/29/14 – 3 September 2014

  1. Jimmy says:

    I have commented before in blogs (w/o much feedback) that I think that if crop circles are not made by ETs, they could (otherwise) easily be made w/ our own laser technology from our own man-made satellites. I think the same technology can also be used to start fires anywhere (i.e., California fires),… & most likely many other applications. For example, check out the 007 James Bond movie “Die Another Day”,…

    • There is Canadian defense contractor that built at least one of such satellites. The documentation was removed from the Internet, years ago . . . -LW

      • Jimmy says:

        I first thought of this possibility at around the year 2000. I noticed then that the fires that they claimed were going on in California, when viewed from satellite pictures you could clearly see that the smoke was emanating from a perfectly straight line across hugely large sections of land, which in my opinion wouldn’t happen naturally.

  2. macdonalddon says:

    Looks kike the clock has struck midnight.

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