UFO Fires Energy Beam Into Sun – Aug 27, 2014

There are more and more of this kind of thing being noticed on NASA’s SOHO camera footage. I remember one in 2012 that looked like a vehicle refueling at the sun. What do you think? -LW

Mission Galactic Freedom

ufo sun anomaly

Interesting object caught by Helioviewer, (AIA 304 – Time: 2014/08/26) which appears to show a huge object firing or possibly drawing energy from the Suns corona.

Is it a UFO? Or something else.

One day later, (Time: 2014/08/27) another unknown object caught by SOHO, Lasco C2.


Furthermore, Lasco C2 and Lasco C3 show several unknown large white cigar-shaped objects and one angelic shaped object.

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2 thoughts on “UFO Fires Energy Beam Into Sun – Aug 27, 2014

  1. macdonalddon says:

    Probably just a booster shot…either that or we’re all dooooomed.

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