QEG Project Updates and Transformations

HopeGirl’s latest on the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Project. Very impressive! -LW

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10628571_374107322742342_2749663812167082763_nWe are excited to tell you about the great progress we have been making with the QEG project!  First, we need to express that WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO DO IS NOT EASY!  Between the technical work that James is trying to do, and the intense travel schedule, and providing the most detailed and transparent updates to everyone, we’ve certainly met our share of challenges along the way. But this journey is one that we have chosen to do for the benefit of humanity and we are thrilled and honored to serve in this respect. There is nothing that will stop us from moving forward in positive love for this project and the bright future ahead that it will create for all of us!


What we are doing that others won’t:

We gave away this suppressed technology for free through opensourcing. Now engineers all over the world have…

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  2. Spock says:

    Great to hear something new from “hopegirl”. In my opinion, the QEG is the real start of the free energy movement. When i read these days that millions can be generated for “computer game ideas” with “crowdfunding”, so this should be possible here too ! I would suggest to find a platform for continuous funding for the project. All of us that read this, sould spread the idea of “crowdfunding” for such a project, so it will start to materialize sooner than later 🙂

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