Operation Protective Edge: What they don’t want you to know

Kate takes a look at what’s really been going on in the Gaza/Israel/Hamas saga. These days, it comes as little surprise that it involves fossil fuels. -LW

Discerning Kate

Journalist Kate Johnston shares her experiences from Israel during Operation Protective Edge, discussing the role that the debate, natural gas politics and Israel’s defence system played in this latest Gaza tragedy. 

This article was first published in Independent Australia.

It wasn’t until two weeks into Operation Protective Edge that I started to work out what was really going on here. I had looked into the Terrorism Vs. Genocide dichotomy, discerning the value of each, yet it had failed to satisfy all the questions in my mind despite representing how the majority the world viewed this war.

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As is turned out, the reason behind this latest round in Gaza was much more predictable; natural gas off Gaza’s coast and a lot of it. Yet remarkably, very few Israelis had any idea of its existence.

But what truly shocked me, were the Orwellian style revelations by Israeli whistle blower Dr. Moti Shefer who claimed…

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  4. Gingerman says:

    There is no such thing as fossil fuels. Crude oil is found at depths not penetrable from above and it refills depleted reservoirs regularly; it is abiotic, likely created from deep methane deposits although the exact mechanism is not positively known.

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