Much to the Terrorists Surprise . . .


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I am a Canadian Indigo adult, Reiki Master, and Bitcoin enthusiast. My background is in IT and fixing broken hearts. Since 2012, I have been investigating and debunking (where necessary) much of "truther" movement, particularly in the areas of banking and government. These days, I survive mostly on blog donations and non-corporate IT work. If you find value in my work, please consider making a small donation to patrick29501 [at] at (

7 thoughts on “Much to the Terrorists Surprise . . .

  1. vendo4151 says:

    Anyone who went to a catholic school decades ago knows that this picture is only mildly exaggerated … lol

  2. Gerry says:

    Does Anyone really believe the lies of the cabal being arrested. Please…Stop the fantasy talk and get to it.We will live out the all mighty and his words.All this fake distraction talk is all to keep us misinformed and at bay. There will never be arrests and as it may be published. The ones who make claims are all falling apart.Watch it live as it all unfolds ladies and gentleman.

    • Here’s the thing with conspiracy theories–they are unfalsifiable, meaning they can never be proven to not exist or be false. The masterminds behind the evil are behind the curtain, with names and faces unknown to us. What evidence do you have to back up your statements? Peace. -LW

      • Dezynerdave says:

        Well said LW…
        Love IS the most powerful energy that exists. The cabal cannot handle the light we are creating and they are being exposed. It is our time to reign in the light of freedom. We are one.

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  4. robert says:

    Hahahahahahhaha…..that a good catholic joke!

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