Demilitarization of the Police Requires Demilitarization of Civilians

It amazes me how the gun debate never examines the root cause(s) of crime. I find it hard to believe that anyone can suggest that the government will give up their guns if and when the people give up their’s. Did we just uncover another “Problem, Reaction, Solution” scenario? If so, I’ve already seen this movie. The politicians declare the only way for peace is for the citizens to destroy their weapons as a show of good faith. Guess what happens, next? The opposing force lied, and starts killing people en masse. Check-out Battlestar Galactica. The series began when the politicians disarmed their people to bring in a new era of peace with the Cylons. Then the Cylons destroyed the planet. It’s a recurring plot throughout the series. -LW

Benjamin Studebaker

The recent clashes between demonstrators and police forces in Ferguson, Missouri over the death of Michael Brown at the hands of police forces has many calling into question the slow, steady rate at which police forces in the United States have become militarized. If we want to stop and potentially reverse this trend, we need to understand its underlying cause–the simultaneous militarization of the civilian population.

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One thought on “Demilitarization of the Police Requires Demilitarization of Civilians

  1. ejohnsonrn says:

    On the surface this sounds reasonable. I think we may service a morbidly obese Military Industrial Complex and potentially add to the low vibration of fear mongering even when we purchase shotgun shells to protect our home. However, do I harm the noosphere when I anticipate accidents and purchase a first aid kit or prepare for possible food shortages by stocking my pantry or gardening? If done with correct intention, with love, then No. If we are destined to perish due to pre-birth contracts, then all the preparation will do nothing. Yet we can lovingly honor ourselves and teach healthy behavior with boundary-setting and reasonable preparation. Learning and practicing self defense is reasonable given the shift from this Kali Yuga to the Golden Age prophesied by dozens of indigenous and other cultures throughout time is still in progress. Some police chiefs advise law-abiding people living in high crime areas to have a gun and to train on how to use it, because they may have to wait for 911 help to arrive.

    An extraordinary difference exists between basic self defense preparations and local police departments accepting riot gear or wartime armaments and training from the corrupt corporate US Federal Government led by unelected, so-called elites, which includes plans for firing upon unarmed protesters exercising their constitutional liberties. This isn’t an apples and oranges difference. This is flour and fillet minion.

    I envision a world that needs no guns, no consumption of meat, etc, but this ship doesn’t turn on a dime. We have to steer it with love.

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