Aurora Ray ~E.T.=ANGEL=YOU! You must wake up! Excerpts from ‘I AM God ♥’

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Published on Aug 7, 2014

excerpts from the
‘I AM God ♥ Ascension Guide’ by Aurora Ray.
Copyright © 2014. All rights reserved.
The ‘I AM God ‘ e.Book is available here:

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Excerpt from ‘I AM God’:

You are multidimensional beings, sovereign inhabitants of a multidimensional universe.
This means that there are many YOUs existing in different dimensions. Additionally we simultaneously incarnate in the physical realm of the lower 3rd dimension on planet earth. Gaia.

Your spirit and every single cell of your body has always been multidimensional, only your conscious awareness is trained to live in the limitations and restrictions of the 3rd dimensional power struggle matrix system, which is merely an illusion created by the human ego mind.

am a cosmic human now

We have entered the Age of Light and a new dawn is upon humanity. Our planet is shifted in vibrational…

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4 thoughts on “Aurora Ray ~E.T.=ANGEL=YOU! You must wake up! Excerpts from ‘I AM God ♥’

  1. sawyer says:

    It’s so apparant that many of the religious are taught to worship the very opposite of what they think, while many atheists moreorless agree with the new age spiritualist in this way – both groups, which includes many buddhists believe we all got to be living creatures by some automatic process that in this report is referred to as “light” or energy and thus since even microbes have degrees of it, they must be that light thus are themselves creators. It’s as fanciful as saying an automobile or computer is a manifestation of light, so they too are Gods while the huge myriad of evidence shows in no uncertain terms that everything, not only has that light component but absolutely requires DIRECTION from an intelligence that has to be many times greater than that which is directed to come have the option of coming into being. The clearest example of the straight forward truth about who is behind that direction came from Ti and Do, the most hated of all by most all because they demonstrated 24 years of their unique perspective of reality where they said that direction came from living physical beings who were ABOVE HUMAN EVOLUTIONARILY, BIOLOGICALLY AND MENTAL/SPIRITUALLY in ALL ways and that we are all their possession from which they provide an avenue to have what they have instead of smothering in the same old religio-spiritual-atheistic generalizations that are geared to make us feel like we are enlightened beings for allowing ourselves to be, not needing to nothing to prove ourselves worthwhile to their organizations and experiments on Earth’s to provide the option to become members of their society. Of course to those who don’t have any of their mind in them, what I am saying seems like mambo jumbo which is all part of the design to choose where the greatest truths can be found.

  2. John Stevens says:

    So true! TY Cheers

  3. Spock says:

    How the planet shifts in vibration could be seen in this graph :

    So, you see this is no longer a secret – russia makes it possible 🙂

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