Did the CFR Just Tell us About the RV?

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6 thoughts on “Did the CFR Just Tell us About the RV?

  1. I AM Ready for Anything.
    I Expect Nothing.
    I Have Everything Already.

    Just handing out a lot of money has it drawbacks. I can imagine a lot of people rushing out to buy stuff just because they can Now afford it. This could crash an already “screaming” Earth. A better plan is simply to stop blocking people from reaching their greatest potential.

    • This RV isn’t simply handing out a lot of money. Actually, many of the dinar “gurus” advise people on how NOT to be like a lot of lottery winners who end up broke in five years. Many Dinarians have already talked to trust attorneys about setting up charitable organizations/foundations. There are angel-gifting sites that will be funded by a good number of Dinarians, to “Pay it Forward” by helping their fellow man and woman.

      For many, this RV is a blessing that will release them from the daily struggle to survive and enable them to thrive. -LW

  2. summitflyer says:

    Would it not be better to spend the money on infrastructure ,which is much needed.At least the funds could be earned and something would be left in return.

  3. NunnaDee says:

    Perhaps it may be decentralization of the banking system or the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) which were just used in Ukraine’s next billion+ installment?

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