The Event Chronicle has decided to no longer post Neil Keenan updates

It seems that Dr. Aidun (aka “Judge” Navin Naidu) left a nasty comment on Jean’s blog. It sure gives the Neil Keenan camp a black-eye, doesn’t it? -LW

The Event Chronicle has decided to no longer post Neil Keenan updates.

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13 thoughts on “The Event Chronicle has decided to no longer post Neil Keenan updates

  1. tom sims says:

    my issue with the kneel keenen RV is this

    if the currency is backed by many resources and the value is not fixed we have an exchange casino for the rich not any different then what we have now

    if the value is fixed then its no longer a free market and open to a run on certian resouces

    next is no currency is provably backed by anything without a run on the system every so often but if people trust it they will not test it no before you trust it you must prove it

    then we have the highly regulated banking system with paper being wide open this leads to a problem that would allow them to ask for a paperless currency were electronic tags are permanently tied to individual people then if they do not like the youtube clips you watch or put out they can turn off your number rather or not it involves physical implants its not cool he needs to publicly address these issues and that would start with publicly acknowledging them and if he has a soultion for them he can share that at the same time i would encorage others to look into these problems and bring them up to him and his supporters until he can not ignore it then we will either see him crumble without a solution or move forward with a viable solution

  2. tom sims says:

    kneel kenen is a big ball of wax drake is a bigger ball of wax how ever i do not wish to call kneel evil or mal intented just confused drake knows exactly what he is doing and considers him self some type of master mind on a personal level that he does not speak about publicly but does claim to have all the info and does not like when others question his info and hates when others are right and he is wrong then uses his massive audiance to drill info into others that he knows is wrong but if enough people believe it then it might just become true is his thinking or at least prevent others from knowing the truth because those who speak the truth get attacked by his supporters

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  4. Mike says:

    The snake calling himself Cobra should be next.

  5. That’s ok…we can always subscribe to that blog…

  6. Paul says:


  7. […] It seems that Dr. Aidun (aka “Judge” Navin Naidu) left a nasty comment on Jean’s blog. It sure gives the Neil Keenan camp a black-eye, doesn’t it? -LW… […]

  8. macdonalddon says:

    Posted this to the Event Chronicle:

    The strategy clearly is to create so much confusion that the truth is obscured.

    This creates an atmosphere of fear and apprehension, which are negatively based emotions…that, in turn creates a ‘medium’ or if you will a petri dish culture for ‘them’ to operate in so that they can continue to propagate their negatively based events.

    The best policy amid all the confusion is to take in all information, and not to get emotionally attached to anyone or any group.

    Just try to remain optimistic, think positive thoughts while having great expectations.

    A positive outlook is the biggest fear of the controllers.

    • No doubt, but Neil Keenan and his team appear to be digging their own hole.

    • Ryan Tomek says:

      Agreed. I’m going to drop this little bomb here.

      My name is Ryan which means “Little King” and my middle name is Matthew like the Bible. Many are aware of aliens. My blood type is AB+ heterozygous. I am a universal receiver meaning I can accept blood from everyone on earth and not die during transfusion. I am roughly 2%. I am born on christmas. My younger brother is born the day after christmas 3 years later. He is AB- the most rare blood form. We are Aryan. My mother is a virgo with A- blood. My birth was therefore contrarian and required Rhogam for the rh disease. 10-15% of the world is negative blooded. I am the oldest of 5 male cousins and one autistic female cousin. 90% of autistics are male. I am 24 and still a virgin. My family has bred like english royalty, meaning they are not so distantly related…

      We graze “herd” a fair amount of cattle and my father does “insurance”. We are members at a Bent Tree CC and live in a gated community. George Bush is a member at the country club next door. I know members at both. I play a lot of chess and golf. I have also ran a half ironman triathlon.

      I had my spiritual awakening when I quit drinking alcohol 90 days before December 21, 2012. During that time we moved out of Pisces (Jesus) and into Aquarius (Ryan).

      Things like marijuana and mushrooms are spiritual tools and need to be free. They aid in conscious and/or spiritual evolution.

      If you hadn’t picked up on the fact that I believe myself the messiah then I have done a poor job explaining. Look into rh negative or alien bloodlines for more information.

      Also you can find me on facebook @AveryWilcher

      I wish to network with important “upper” “elite”. I know many many people with money. But the money I know works mainly in the millions and billions. I know we are dealing in quadrillions these days.

      Regardless I know people who not only support but lubricate this poorly run economy. I know most of the money in Dallas Tx… I’ll put it that way.

      So like I said. Trying to network around WWIII. But at this rate it is probably inevitable.

      Love Peace,
      Ryan Matthew Tomek

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