Fulford Digs Hole Deeper – Has He Revealed Himself?

Although I do have some questions about Kevin Annett, I thought Ben Fulford’s comments a bit odd. Deus Nexus offers an interesting perspective. -LW

Deus Nexus

fulford_b&wDeus Nexus: In the continuing soap opera that is Benjamin Fulford’s posted spat with some of his readers, Fulford continues to stretch his credibility and what’s left of his readership by demonstrating his unwavering support for the Vatican and the British monarchy, digging the hole even deeper.

Fulford continues to attack Kevin Annet without provocation. His argument is ludicrous, as the below-the-line exchange demonstrates. Why would Kevin Annet, who is a Canadian minister, take on the American political power structure?

Reverend Kevin Annett is the author of two books and numerous articles on the genocide of aboriginal peoples in Canada. He is a regular columnist for the Republic of East Vancouver and The Radical, and hosts a bi-weekly public affairs program on Vancouver Co-op Radio. His writings have appeared in such international publications as The New Internationalist, Nexus, Against The Current and Canadian Dimension. Kevin is a recipient of the Canada Trust Writers’ Achievement Award…

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8 thoughts on “Fulford Digs Hole Deeper – Has He Revealed Himself?

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  2. vendo4151 says:

    This struck me as a noticeable little timing synchronicity, so I thought I might pass this along. It just came out from one of my personal most trusted sources for a good long while now. From James Gilliland’s ECETI news: http://www.personalgrowthcourses.net/stories/hendricks.chemistryofblame1

    Near the beginning of the piece I’ll quote this part that fits all this backbiting thing so well: “That’s the fundamental developmental task we face at this stage of our evolution: opening up the wiring that allows us to feel organic ecstasy for longer and longer periods of time.
    At present, most people can’t sustain the feelings that arise with this opening, so they slip into a dangerous addiction to blame with its corresponding feeling of a gleeful gotcha! “

  3. allura says:

    For me if fulford wishes to concentrate only on the nazi cabal then its fine because he does give great intel for all of us and let some other teams like annet who had a grudge on the evil vaticanians concentrate the other half of this demonic empire.

  4. allura says:

    I don’t think fulford would had sided with those Satanic child raping Vaticanians at a time when even he knows that both side of the cabal will be purge by a very angry world mob when these are revealed.

    I just think that he hated the nazi half of the cabal far more than the other evil half because it was this group who tried hard to kill him and ruin his career so this made it his mission in life to wipe them out. Weren’t they who create fulford a crusading vigilante against them.

  5. vendo4151 says:

    Upon reading this article, what is presented is a perspective that slams every major source just about, all except Annet apparently. What I see from this the writer of this piece is someone who takes a little comment and blows it way out of proportion. Or a little idiosyncrasy and finds grave fault with it. Over the years I’ve seen so many in the area of the truth movement who are so very holier than thou, and full of judgment like a loaded gun always ready to fire. It’s as if somehow on their spiritual path they managed to miss grade school, that is if they even acknowledge they have any such a path. …. Speaking for myself, I am turned off big time by harsh judgments and the proclivity to assume the worst in people. I could say a lot more about that but since this does annoy me I realize that I could overstate this whole thing very easily. So I better stop now.

    • Which makes this seem odd, to me. Kevin Annett has been demonized by some and characterized as a con man, by others. The truth is buried somewhere in all of this…

      • vendo4151 says:

        Ya, … well that’s the thing about harsh judgment, it will always require that someone is anointed for sainthood. That is until their turn comes for the axe.

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