Updated: David Wilcock Comment (Article) on Ben Fulford’s 8-26-14 Post…

In all fairness to Ben, he just got back from a month-long break from the Internet . . .

UPDATE: More comments from David Wilcock

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David_Wilcock_Search94This is quite a long comment. There are a couple of “add-ons”, which I’ll post separately. David points out several things that Ben did not address in his article, but then again, David likely has different intel sources.

Bottom line, the cabal appears to be on its last legs, and is pulling out the stops before end of September. These false flags are like “carnival” acts, and when one finishes in one place, they pack up and rig and pull off another, in another place.

Indeed, its a grand carnival!

“I now have three independent high-level insiders telling me the same thing about next month… The Cabal has to pay up in September and they don’t have the money. Everyone hates them because of the NSA snooping and the destruction of the world’s economy. The international community has lost its patience. BRICS is accelerating very rapidly as the Cabal is…

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12 thoughts on “Updated: David Wilcock Comment (Article) on Ben Fulford’s 8-26-14 Post…

  1. allura says:

    Even in the Philippines thanks to our present president (benigno aquino) we are experiencing the removal of several powerful dynastic politicians who were almost impossible to remove prior to him because of equally corrupt past presidents in cahoots or just as guilty of corruption to have the mandate to remove them.

    They are hardly cabal material but the changes coincide with all the channelings that I had read since 2011 about pushing all darkness out and their activities hidden for so long will be revealed and it did in our government. HIs term ends in 2016 and the possible winning contender is an extremely corrupt vice president yet had the highest survey rating that might win the seat of president thanks to most of our majority deciding uneducated & bribable (vote buying) poor masses that decides the winner just when we beginning to reform our govt. God save our country.

    I just really hope that whatever divine right timing god had plan better happen this year or its really deflating our hope for a massive change.

  2. Demitra M. N. says:

    Great read! The carnival metaphors describing organized crimes are colourfully fitting. Thanks for sharing, LW. 🙂

  3. vendo4151 says:

    I read this last night at KPs blog. The carnival act analogy he goes into was different and interesting. Haven’t seen that one anywhere before. Gave me a lot of mind images.

  4. Vic says:

    I like what iam reading on the blogs but we keep listening about arrests to take place but no names to talk about .And I just herd about this big weapon that just crashed during launch up in Alaska .I think the cabal is up something big before there toast .Rememder these guys are not them selves any more they have been taken over by the bad Ets.Great job David and will see you up in Vancouver bc one day and great job to Benjamin full ford the inside man be safe all .

  5. TRUTHBETOLD says:

    Absolutely brilliant…I really love David’s research and understanding of our world. He is definitely divinely guided and connected. We all are divinely guided and just need to realize it. What is almost always missing by writers is the understanding that we are very much being assisted by benevolent beings who are cheering right along side of us while doing all they can to guide us safely forward to true freedom. We have never experienced true freedom on this Planet and we are almost there folks! The time has come to realize that we have NEVER BEEN ALONE! I am thankful and grateful to be here in this amazing time! Great job Light Worker 29501…BRAVO!!
    David Allen

  6. Jimmy says:

    Well,… if history repeats itself,… what did Hitler do when his opponents went looking for him? He went into hiding,… which agrees w/ what Fulford is saying,… This is going to be interesting. They have been given the chance to work for humanity, & thus work w/ humanity. Anyone w/ 2 brain-cells should choose that option,… God help US.

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