Huge UFO’s Spotted Near The Sun On SOHO

More and more SOHO images of large UFOs around the sun . . .






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5 thoughts on “Huge UFO’s Spotted Near The Sun On SOHO

  1. jeff benning says:

    I used to believe in the 5 d ascension etc. but it is all owned by the covens, in other words managed opposition.

  2. Thanks for stepping up. Yes, indeed, more is being losened daily. Even the cabal is tired of this game. Nothing to fear here. No worries. Just flow.

  3. Charlie says:

    These ships are a part of the gallactic federation
    Here to monitor planet earth as well as battle the dark forces
    In the 3D and above dimensions
    As you may know planet earth has been a prison planet
    For millennia.We are in the process of being freed
    Ships from many galaxies are present for this to assist
    As you may not be aware of, the sun is an energy converter
    In space there is no light it is a black sun
    Light is viewed from our atmosphere
    There are many lies about how things work as time goes on they
    Will be revealed

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