UFO- Up in the Sky – Strange Spiral Phenomenon Caught on Camera

These definitely aren’t meteors in the sky . . . Could these be portals of some kind? We’ve been told that these kind of sighting would only increase until full Disclosure is made. -LW

Somewhere in the sky over BC (Canada) . . .

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17 thoughts on “UFO- Up in the Sky – Strange Spiral Phenomenon Caught on Camera

  1. I have read so many articles regarding the blogger lovers except this post is
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  2. talesfromthelou says:

    Pretty but looks fake.

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    The spiral is suggestive of a portal or black hole, and the oval torus looks like the “Compression Breakthrough” torus that Cobra speaks of on Portal 2012. ~PB

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can’t help but question when a video is overproduced…

  5. Sara Weslow says:

    After following YellowRoseForTexas on you-tube, I think it is God, or the “One” as she addresses it. The earth has moved up into the Tree of Life, out of the abyss, and you can see the light swirling from God, and the sun or Ed is dead. All pics from Nasa are old now and do not show the sun as we know it. Check it out! I have a totally different thought about God and the Ascension now, since following Yellow Rose’s videos

  6. ChristianB says:

    Ever heard of Adobe after effects?

  7. paul says:

    we are living in a dreamworld, disclosure???

  8. Thanks, Light Worker 29501. Amazing stuff happening all over. The real action, of course, is always inside.

    • You’re welcome, Starte Christ. Yes, there is a lot of amazing stuff going on. As for inside action… Last year, my mother moved to a new neighbourhood. For the last two weeks, every time she has taken the trash to the curb, a neighbour magically appears and offers to do it for her, and it’s not always the same one… People are changing. -LW

  9. gee sea says:

    To me that looks totally fake as in computer graphics. The carnival musick in the background is a dead giveaway.

  10. Carlos says:

    It’s incredible, any eye witnesses?

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  12. Interesting, thanks for sharing. I will look more into the sky. I saw something similar to this several years ago, when I asked to see a ship.

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    Might be a ship going through a portal.

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