Neil Keenan Update for August 24, 2014

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5 thoughts on “Neil Keenan Update for August 24, 2014

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  2. Mike says:

    The supposed success of this mission would premise a 100 year increase in an already prolonged cycle. I’m wondering if this will end in a partial success for both parties. That would make the increase in time a little more palatable for most, which could result in the overall acceptance by the majority of the idea that this circular system is going to continue all with the promise that an “end” is still near… I can not say that I am losing faith just yet; however, I see no benevolent craft coming to save the innocence being placed in mass graves in Syria and Iraq as we speak.

  3. Donna Baldwin says:

    be interesting to see if anything happens I guess.

  4. Nancy C/Seattle says:

    I regard Neil Keenan as an accurate and spiritual source. I do believe the Clinton Team, Soros, Armitage & the sister to Japanese emperor are currently in Indonesia planning to steal the funds. I do believe it’s serious. But what I heard was, “We’ll be fine. Don’t worry. I like the heat. I’m staying in the kitchen to do my job.” I’m also reassured that Neil stated he is in touch with the Russian & Chinese, Ben Fulford and is putting everyone on alert as to whatever is going on in New York.

    And while I heard the “100 years” delay warning if the Cabal succeeds, I also heard, “We’re gong to to this”. I’m pleased that Neil acknowledged the current attacks on him without letting this distract him.

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