Pope Francis’ Relatives Killed in Argentina Car Crash

Thank you for the heads up, Alfred.

I think this definitely sends a message, don’t you? There are no accidents… except this kind.  ~ BP

A still TV image shows a firefighter standing next to a car, trapped underneath a truck, in which three relatives of Pope Francis were killed on Tuesday. Reuters

Relatives, Including Nephews Aged 2 and 8-Months, Killed in Accident

August 19, 2014


VATICAN CITY—A road accident in Argentina has killed two young great-nephews of Pope Francis as well as their mother, the wife of the pope’s nephew, the Vatican said Tuesday.

Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said the accident occurred Tuesday morning in the area of Cordoba, a major Argentine city. One nephew was 2, the other was 8 months. The age of their mother wasn’t immediately available. Lombardi said the nephew survived; local news reports said he was injured. Lombardi didn’t have the victims’ names.

Lombardi said “the pope was informed about the tragic accident. He is deeply pained.” He added the pope asks “all who share in his grief to unite with him in prayer.

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14 thoughts on “Pope Francis’ Relatives Killed in Argentina Car Crash

  1. […] Pope Francis’ Relatives Killed in Argentina Car Crash. […]

  2. Misha says:

    He’s being pressured, threatened, probably doing something elites dont want him too, like saying we should defend persecuted Christians (which he said recently) -even in Syria, even if its not convenient for those who want a thesis antithesis proxy war. Maybe he’ll reveal the 3rd secret of Fatima? Consecration of Russia? Why are all the Orthodox Christian lands under attack? Could it be because they’re not on board with global elite war, eugenics and one world government agenda?

  3. Fil says:

    I don’t believe it was the light forces, quite the opposite. But yes, that’s what I understood from the piece. My bad

  4. Fil says:

    And who would that be? Just for clarification?

    • It sounds like you believe it was the Light forces, whereas I think the suggestion was that the cabal was issuing a warning to Bergoglio not to talk. Isn’t that what they do? It wouldn’t be a reflection on Humanity. Isn’t that where you were going?

  5. Fil says:

    If they’re killing his family members… they are as bad as he is… this much seems to be obvious and logic.
    If this is the way to do it… we’ve already lost.

  6. vendo4151 says:

    I don’t know about anyone else here, but if this is in fact murder which does in fact have something to do with the pope, I am extremely unclear as to why and who. Elsewhere some are suggesting it is an act of murder that comes from the relatives of victims of this man. If so what is the message, if you retire don’t come home to Argentina? …. And on the other side of it, there is no indication that this pope is going to talk and spill the beans, … so what gives with murdering his relatives, looking at it from that side of the equation? … And if this man is a psychopath would he necessarily care about what happens to his relatives? … Could be I’m missing something here. And could be this was just a senseless act. And maybe none of the above. But so far none of the speculation I’ve read makes any sense to me.

  7. Paul says:

    Ya know, The more and more I see of this stuff, the more I know that I made the right choice to walk away from all this sillyness. Claiming you’re sovereignty although a complete pain in the ass that took almost two years is something everyone should at least look at. Yes, I understand all of the side effects that it may cause, But… I was looking to get out of the illusional matrix of giving my power away, time after time, day after day. No more taxes, draconian law, T.V. ect.ect. What say you? Are you going to bitch and complain about whats going on, or are you going to do something about that which disturbs you so much that you feel compeled to write in about it? Violence is not the way forward for this planet, do not fall for the same old trap that they are setting up for all of us. Good luck dark ones, Divine decree dictates otherwise. LOL! No wonder they are kicking and stomping their feet so loudly, Have you ever thought that of why they are
    so overly concerned about what you see and think? It’s because they know for fact that if you know what the real truth is, they no longer have the control factor. Fear, control, deception, are how they like to play, Are you still willing to play along with them? Or… Are you ready to move forward with all the rest of the awakened souls? just the fact that even I write this is still playing along in the game. But… i do so for the hope that just maybe i’ll help someone out there who may not get it yet, to jog something loose. I’m being as truthful about this as I can be. This is a big part of YOU moving forward. But then again, who am I to tell any of you that, You,and You alone, will be the “judge of that”. Peace Love and Light to all of you Angels out there who read this. And yes I meant ANGELS.

  8. Ron Townson says:

    Perhaps he’ll be next.

  9. Ines says:

    I agree, I don’t think this was an accident, it was a warning to let him know he’s not going to get away it that easy. I’m sure we won’t be told about any threats he has received, but he’s obviously leaving due to criminal charges and convictions through the ITCC. Kevin Annett is going a great job of exposing these animals, and lets just hope more people wake up and realize what is going on.

  10. a440ent says:


                  Veteran Cop: ‘If You Don’t Want To Get Shot,’ Shut Up –… Sunil Dutta, a 17-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department and professor of homeland security at Colorado Tech University, has a suggestion for … View on http://www.huffingtonpost... Preview by Yahoo    

  11. Twyla says:

    sad situation for the ones involved….. 😦

  12. Kenneth says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…I believe was a “Message” to the Pope…We know he created a LOT of enemies since he took office.

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