Ferguson the Norm, Not an Exception [video]

Our police forces are becoming packs of wild animals… rabid dogs; laughing after shooting peaceful protestors with rubber bullets—in the face.  Your tax dollars at work—for twenty years, and no one has done anything about it. 

The message is, if you protest, this is what will happen to you.  ~ BP


Ferguson protester


From Brasscheck TV…


Surprised by Ferguson? Really?

I’m kind of surprised by otherwise intelligent, informed people I know who are acting like Ferguson, MO is the outrage of the century.

Where have they been?

This brutal, over-the-top, militarized response to lawful protestors is the norm in the US and has been for many, many years now.

I’m a little surprised at the shock some people are expressing about what’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri.

Where there heck have they been the last 20+++ years?

This is exactly how all serious protests involving large numbers of people are handled.

Outrageous? Yes, but it’s business as usual.

It’s a joke to the police involved. They’re getting paid – and paid well – for what they’re doing.

They know that if they injure or even kill someone in these operations, the chances of them ever getting charged are close to zero.

If they are charged, their salaries keep coming in, their pensions are secure and their defense will be paid for by the taxpayers.

This is how America works and has for a long, long time. Welcome to reality.

– Brasscheck TV

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8 thoughts on “Ferguson the Norm, Not an Exception [video]

  1. Kenneth says:

    Well Folks!…The “Illusion” is almost OVER…I’d say this proof that so…the “Cutains” are about to go Up, and the “Act” exposed!

  2. Judi says:

    It is not Ferguson, it is the ” implanted actors” sent to cause big problems, and create followers”..
    How many years have been spent trying to get something like this off of the ground?

    What news are we not paying attention to while this diversion is taking place?
    They have a plan..don’t become a part of it…be part of the solution.

  3. philostahl says:

    Please watch this video

  4. All that is going on has been planned long ago. They are trying to rush in the NWO as you can see. How do you like it so far?

    We can stop these actions. Peaceful non compliance. Justice can be restored. But it will take Mass Law Suits. Sue the Individual not just the Corrupted Corporations.

    Post the addresses and photos if these Criminals all over the Internet, on Bill boards. Call your Representatives daily in mass. Call your Government Officials daily. Attend all Public City Council Meetings. Run for office. Put up wanted posters of the Corrupted Cops.

    Just a start. Most importantly is prayer and Meditation.

    We can change this world together through positive actions.

    Be blessed.

  5. Bad thing about typing on a tiny keyboard, it is easy to hit the wrong key.

    Let us look at what we can do. By purching anything these corrupted Corporations produce, we are being good little slaves and food source. So they continue to poison our bodies to enrich Big Pharma, they continue to poison our minds with propaganda via Hollywood, Music Industry, and MSM. Yes even and especially even Education. Private Schools or Home Schools work best for our children. Read the Communist Manafesto known to us today in America as “The Patriot Act”
    Read Agenda 21, study if you have time the Obamacare. Page 1000 or 1004 stipulates that you have to accept the Chip after a certain period of time. And we are marching through the maze like sheep being led to slaughter. Don’t use their Banks they can keep your money since you gave it to them willingly.

    Stop paying Taxes! The IRS is a Corporation registered in Porta Rico so it is a Foreign Enity extorting money for the Criminal United States Inc which is another Foreign Enity. Who owns these Corrupted Corporations? George Soros (who hunts and kills children) The Pope (who sacrifices and eats babies), Queen Elizabeth (who also sacrifices and eats humans).

    The Cops are members of a Fraternity (a cult) and is owned and run by the Freemasons (satanic). This Corrupted Corporate Business is owned by the Banks who pay them high dollars to Cull the undesirables.

    All Corporations are owned by Banks. If the Corporation did not have their own money to fund the operations, they took money from the devils (just numbers ob a cimputer) thus the Banks own them.

    Our Tax money is pure extortion by these Money Changers. They send that money to the evil Pope. The money that runs the Government comes from Robbery, Extortion, Drugs, War, Gun running and Murder.

  6. Evil Pope. Wake up. When we stop drinking the Floride and see the Truth we will stop feeding the beast. Boycott all their Companies. Grow your own food. Take your children out of their mind control Prisons called Public Schools. Stop buying crap you don’t need just to keep up with the Jones. Be frugal and make or barter for what you need. Always ask yourself “Do I have to have this? What can I create that will do the same? Wi

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