The Shifting Energies and a Pictorial from a Storm

As the astrologers and intuitives have attested, the energies have been very intense lately, but the full moon probably brought respite to some degree.

incoming stormI liken it to a gathering and passing storm. Here in the desert we had a lovely one last evening, and today I feel shiny and upbeat. I haven’t slept well for a few nights, so I know the energies are heavy, chaotic and acute.

Believe me, it hasn’t been all wine and roses around here lately. Hubby’s been away, and we had a leak in the irrigation system in the back yard. I had to dig to find where. I attempted to do the temporary repair he suggested but with 40 pounds of water pressure running through, it didn’t hold.

Of course, the roots underneath the leaky hose and the fact that the waterproof tape had a layer of plastic and kept falling off the spool, dragging in the wet mud as I was passing it through the small space under the hose didn’t help. I ultimately had to shut off the watering system entirely for now. Whatever. Small potatoes.

On Friday evening one of our smoke detectors started beeping so I had to get the ladder and replace the battery on the 10-foot ceiling. That’s when you really miss your 6’5″ husband, LOL. Something told me to leave the ladder there, and sure enough, a few minutes later the beeping resumed and I replaced the battery again. Success! I was particularly appreciative that it happened before bed because it usually starts beeping around 3 a.m.

obscuring the sunThen… on Saturday morning neighbours advised we had a leak near the water main at the street, so between we three women, we got the water turned off. For some reason it wasn’t as easy as the last time.

Yes, we’ve had lots of water problems and it just so happened the guy who put in our new water line last year was out of town all weekend.

So, other than drinking water, I had none for two days and just turned it on at the street for a few minutes each morning so I could get what I needed and then used pitchers and bowls to water the birdies, do dishes, etc. and had a dip in the pool in lieu of a shower. Kind of like camping!

Luckily, the repair was done—free of charge—by 7:30 this morning, and all is well. (Except the other leak)  ;0)

There has been more going on that I won’t get into, but the point is, we need to exercise our free will and direct our energies in positive, uplifting ways. If we don’t we’ll be bobbing wildly like a cork on the sea, at the mercy of the wind and currents and possibly wind up shark bait. It’s a choice. Guard your thoughts.

Unfortunately, there are many negative people out there, feeling the pressure and fluctuations of the energies, but we mustn’t let them smother our good energies with theirs. Let them wallow in their negativity.

The cabal is doing its best to create as much chaos and confusion as possible, and there are those who seek to attack and discredit those who are taking them to task. Sometimes it’s trolls.

rainscupperSometimes, it’s just paranoia seeping in. The smear campaigns are rampant, and no matter who you ‘Google’, you will find websites, blogs and forums that trash them. If you believe everything you read—you need to grow some discernment. Otherwise, you’ll go quite mad!

I am continually surprised by the fact that so many apparently believe that the army of souls engaged in the war for the Light have a duty to tell us all about what they’re doing; when, why, how, with whom, answer phone calls, emails…  and if they don’t get the response they expect and believe they deserve, they label them a fraud, duplicitous, you name it. A few blog comments (some of which I delete) are indicative of a gross misunderstanding of the scope of this mission—that and their egoic place in it.

Does it not occur to these accusers that deception and secrecy are required to play this lethal game? That the warriors must keep their cards close to their chests? Can they not imagine themselves in the positions of those who seek to free us? Can they not conceptualize the strategy involved? It seems like common sense to me. They don’t know who the queries come from! They could be from the cabal’s minions! They are not obligated to tell us anything.

right rainbowTransparency is one thing. Compromising the operation is quite another. This is above top secret and we are in no position to judge.

This is about the liberation of an entire planet! It’s about the evolution of 7 BILLION people! It’s not about these self-appointed, self-aggrandizing judges, so they need to get over themselves. As they say, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

Anyone who is deceiving and conspiring against The People will find their demise imminent. Of that we can be assured. And if this is the way people treat their troops, I pity the dark cabal.

If you’re succumbing to the pressure, open the curtains. The sun is breaking through the storm clouds. The collective energies of Humanity, Gaia and millions of other freedom fighters banishing the darkness that has pervaded Starship Earth for so long are yielding tangible results—if you have eyes to see them. The shadows are disintegrating and falling away. It’s time to get the broom and begin to clean up the mess.

left double rainbowMany initiatives are underway to do just that and to move us forward. Hopefully you have found one that suits you, your talents, and resources.

Even gratitude has it’s place in the energetic field. It costs nothing, and it’s far more potent than ridicule. Apply liberally.  ~ BP




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I'm a Canadian freelance writer living near Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the 2012 phenomenon, spirituality, and wellness & nutrition. Over the past 8 years I've learned what our spiritual upgrade is REALLY all about and have access to insider information not shared in the mainstream media. I aim to dispel the myths and disinformation around The Shift and Ascension and help bring the world Truth. It is time. Welcome... and I hope this blog makes a difference in your spiritual liberation. ~ Molly A. Chapman

11 thoughts on “The Shifting Energies and a Pictorial from a Storm

  1. demetrius13 says:

    Thanks for reminding us all how important it is to be patient and realistic re: updates , etc

  2. Photos are crazy beautiful.

  3. krusht2 says:

    You speak ‘discernment’ – it seems to fit with ‘calm’, with ‘zen’, ‘comfort’, ‘peace of mind’, ‘balance’; it seems to fit with all that we need and deserve – but without discernment there exists only chaos.

    Thank you darling sister for exposing clarity! You have been a calm port in my stormy adventures asea!

  4. Demitra M. N. says:

    This was lovely reading, BP… much gratitude!!

  5. Natalie says:

    OMG sounds like my house… No hot water for the past week, mushrooms growing on the wall because of leaky roof (it’s been raining non-stop for at least 5 days). Our water pressure tank broke down. Found an ant nest in the wall, WHAT NEXT??? BRING IT ON, I’m still spending time every day relaxing with my kids and my husband. The important things in life are still the MOST important.

  6. vendo4151 says:

    I know someone who has an air sign. I seem to have an earth sign. You must have a water sign BP … 🙂

  7. Diane Vildosola says:

    I personally want to thank you for all the wonderful and hard work you are doing in getting the messages “out there” to all. It’s a pleasure to read your posts and I feel blessed to have found your site to stay “in the know” with your excellent and transparent information.  Thank you!   In love and light, Diana

  8. spacenergymass says:

    That was fierce BP. Oh yes indeed, we need the wisdom of our innermost epinoia for discernment. (The peeps b sqeakin)
    Humanity is in the process of leaving adolescence and becoming true adults.
    I was raised in the Judeo-Christian religion. When I questioned why so many wars werein the Old Testament, I was told that it was a sin to question
    “God”. Further pressed, I was told that God was mean until Jesus came along.
    I entered the New Age religion with a fervor. But I gradually became disheartened as so many seemed to be only interested in “manifesting” materialistic ideals. I was also disturbed at the trend on blaming people who were suffering, which was on account of their “negative thinking”.
    If you were a person who was aware of current events, you were labeled as “negative”, and “feeding into” the negative energies. There seemed to be a great deal of emphasis on forgiveness. too much emphasis, this just feeds the victim-abuser system.
    Gradually I just looked for and found Creator in nature. Then I discovered the work of our ancient ancestors, the Gnostics. (who were not Christians).
    Now when I pray, I pray to Gaea herself, and ask for guidance on how I can best serve her correction.
    This is a subtle difference, praying “upward, out there” as compared to inward and down deep into the Earth, through one’s own body.
    I feel her connection, bask in that feeling, and then I send all the love my heart can hold to every entity that is of truth in her original design, through Gaea.
    The number is so great I can barely type this keyboard, but she feels this I know.
    You Rock!

  9. marplescope says:

    Very thought provoking – I really enjoyed this.

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