Office of Poofness 8-17-14… “Sing, Dance and Clap your Hands”… “WE ARE IN THE IMPLEMENTATION PHASE OF THE DIVINE PLAN”

Could it be? Well, could it? We’ll see. ~ BP

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poofness_office_of_64This is a fairly long read this week. As always, I’ve placed the lyrics and video at the end. This Poof indicates we are apparently at the “end of the (old) road”.

Oh, I’m going to stop highlighting and read it all later… I need to post this NOW!!

“[Poof] The final preparations are being done or are close to being finished… Pay little attention to all the drama and a lot of attention to the details of how you are going to shift your life. For indeed it will shift…

“The point is to be ready for wise words, objective thinking and forward-thinking coaches or counseling or creditable types. You know what will appeal to you. Rest assured you don’t know enough to make this a DIY project. Nor do you want to be part of a con job.


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8 thoughts on “Office of Poofness 8-17-14… “Sing, Dance and Clap your Hands”… “WE ARE IN THE IMPLEMENTATION PHASE OF THE DIVINE PLAN”

  1. Somebody says:

    Next week: “Next week”

    Next next week: “Last week, but also next week.”

    Next next next week: “This week, but also last last week.”

    Repeat repeat repeat repeat

    • Somebody, if you look at the situation… we have to continually react, respond and regroup as the cabal continually throws wrenches into things. They are not sitting on the sidelines nodding and acquiescing. They are fighting, and the Light forces must keep their plans fluid. That’s the way war is.

  2. …Why does PT. Barnum quickly come to mind when reading this post…
    I do have a sense of humor and plan on keeping it, one can only laugh when deadlines come and go… I do believe this event will occur, but not before a thorough house cleaning has been completed.

    • Neighbour… it sounds like Zap/Poof are in a very good mood. The Light forces don’t tell us what they are GOING to do, or what WILL happen, the tell us once it already has. Either these guys ARE clowns sent to entertain and manipulate, or the gig is pretty much up for the cabal. We’ll see.

  3. Edie says:

    Yep, signs say we are close. I am simply coming from the combined viewpoint of separate website sources. And now, Cobra’s blog has a unifying mediation http://www.sandrawalter.comthat would seem in line with it all, for us to share our light, regardless of belief systems or paradigm. May this meditation go VIRAL!!!

  4. Someone is being “sent upstairs,” meaning, they’re going to be assassinated. Anything happens to me like that you can see the person involved here writing in a predictive sense about it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well, it actually seems like, someone is being sent “upstairs,” in essence, is going to be killed perhaps, and thanks to the agencies and armed services, their death warrant is signed, and from the other side of the veil they will run the show. That’s my take. I didn’t consent to it, but who listens to me? The whole internet is nonstop crap, you can’t trust a word or a person on it. I do not seek martyrdom, I am here to live for some time, if anything happens to me, you can see the person who signaled it “poof” and trace the trail back to her people for info on the killer. Just sayin’.

  6. Gaye Estey says:

    This does not seem to go along with the Lie NASA Told…..does not fit with the Seal of One crop circle.  I don’t buy this.  Gaye Estey

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