This Just In: Update from Alfred Webre & Kevin Annett on the Satanic Cult Ritual Arrests in Montreal Aug 15 [video]

Update Aug. 16, 6:33 p.m. Pacific: I’m listening… oh, this is good news! Fear not—of course the authorities know what they’re doing and throw false info out there. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Must listen.  ~ BP

I just got the notification. You can read the text on Facebook if you like.

Later I’ll post the text without the Facebook links.  ~ BP

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13 thoughts on “This Just In: Update from Alfred Webre & Kevin Annett on the Satanic Cult Ritual Arrests in Montreal Aug 15 [video]

  1. James Black says:

    Inventions…by the way the “ascension” was in 2012, right?

    • Demitra M. N. says:

      Hey there “James”..
      The old calendar ended in 2012 and a new one began. In the same way that any new year begins (and is ongoing) until it ends (and another begins) the ascension process is ongoing whether it appears that way to you or not. In terms of the new (lengthy) galactic calendar year, we are but 2 mins into it and 2 mins is hardly enough time to determine how a new year is going to pan out.

      Then there are the many different levels of reality which are open to us, and since not everyone is anywhere near ready to ascend much higher than where they are at present, they are likely to interpret any news that describes the changes for the higher levels as being “nonsense, tabloid junk”, because for them, it is. But for the ascenders, these changes being talked about in the alternative news, well they’re DEfinite and they’re REal.

      BTW, for the ascenders to the higher levels, Kevin Annett is the REal DEal and disparaging him doesn’t change this fact one little bit.

      • James Black says:

        How wonderful all this knowledge. Of course you are a “galaxy insider”. However, let me give you this advice…do not ” immanentize the eschaton..!By the way the Society of the Spectacle needs individuals like Kevin…the show must go on.

  2. Bush Administration to be put on trial September 11, 2014? | Exopermaculture says:

    […] story reminds me of Kevin Annett’s taking on the elite pedophiles of the world, using  the “ITCCS,” a not officially recognized justice system and courts, police […]

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  4. James says:

    Just do some “google” and learn who is this Kevin Annett, a recognized con-man and pathological liar

  5. John Stevens says:

    Whoopee It’s long past due, too. TY & cheers

  6. paul donaldson says:

    sent a email to christ forces in the states that there christianity was false and involeves jesus christ the master mason with mason sticks in each hand firing the militry war machine and the troops jumping about in the lower astral realms, but dont worry the fire of sophia will consume this one day.

    Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014

  7. Demitra M. N. says:

    Although this matter is far from over, and perhaps slightly unsafer the closer the front-liners get to cornering the biggest rats, I’m pleased to hear that their efforts have thus far shifted the ground behind the scenes significantly enough so that individual people like myself can more easily take a stand from where we stand.

    Much appreciation to Kevin for his unwavering dedication to this all-important cause, to Alfred for his untiring efforts at getting news-worthy updates out, and to BP for dependably blogging about them. It’s true, UNITED we do stand!

  8. jim davis says:

    god bless men get them stop them if need be kill the evil god is on your side.

  9. kauilapele says:

    Mahalo nui loa (thank you so much) for posting this. I am listening as well, and this is BIG!!

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