Child Sacrificial Cult Disrupted, Arrests made in Montreal Aug. 15

They did it!  (Unless there was more than one ritual arranged as a decoy to fool the officials.)

Thank you, Alfred for this update. 

I hope those adamant, abusive doubters can now see that this practice is indeed part of church life on this planet in some circles (no pun intended) and that The People are going to end it and expose the Ninth Circle animals for what they are. 

Alfred and Kevin Annett will be taping an interview today and releasing the video ASAP to bring us more information.  ~ BP


Public Announcement of the Central Command of the Direct Action Units established by the International Common Law Court of Justice

Global Communique No. 2: August 16, 2014 – Brussels

Striking in the early hours of Friday, August 15, one of our trained Direct Action Units (DAU) in Montreal, Canada successfully disrupted the preparations for a child sacrificial cult ritual at a private residence in the fashionable Outremont district.
In the course of the action and under the authority of warrants issued by the Court, the DAU arrested two cult members who are being held in protective custody prior to their questioning and possible indictment before the Court.

The DAU Commander who headed the action has issued the following report to our Central Office:
“At 0700 hours EST

Yesterday , 15 August, our Alpha team moved into action against the private residence in Outremont , Quebec that has been under surveillance by us since 4 August. We met no opposition or resistance from the single armed security guard at the said residence, who was immediately detained along with a male cult employee engaged in preparations for the upcoming midnight ritual.
“Under questioning, the private security guard identified the location of the ritual as within a small sub-basement chamber that was reconnoitered and filmed by our team. The chamber included two small prison cells with wall shackles, and a central sound proof chamber containing a stone altar awash with apparent blood stains that were sampled and bagged for analysis. An adjoining room held locked cabinets containing considerable child pornographic material, articles of children’s clothing that was bagged for analysis, metallic torture devices, ceremonial swords, and sophisticated film equipment.

“The male cult employee in our custody refused to answer any of our questions, but in the course of our action a second cult member arrived at the residence and was detained. This member, an older woman, was very unnerved by our presence and combat attire. She therefore admitted to the upcoming ritual that evening and identified three of its participants: a ‘local catholic bishop’ whom she refused to name, a Cargill corporation executive named Kerry Brick, and an American named Stephen Holding from Sun Valley, Idaho, apparently with Sinclair Oil, Ltd.

“This informant also claimed that the two children to be used at the midnight ritual were being held at a separate facility at McGill University, but she claimed not to know where. She said that the normal procedure was to deliver them in a drugged condition just before the ritual began, for security reasons. Finally, she confirmed that the cult members describe themselves as part of the Ninth Circle society and claim they all carry tattoos with a cult insignia of the said Ninth Circle.

“Our team restrained all three prisoners and locked down the premises, while taking more videos and samples from the underground chamber. We then secured a

covert perimeter in the neighbourhood in anticipation of the arrival of the cult participants and their victims. Unfortunately , although we maintained our vigil until well after midnight, no-one else arrived at the premises for the rest of that day and evening. We must assume that the participants were somehow alerted to our presence and aborted the ritual.

“The security guard in our custody was released by us after he proved that he had been retained in a private commercial capacity. The two cult members are being held in our DAU prison facility in Montreal prior to their questioning by the Court Prosecutor and his Canadian affiliates. All samples and film we obtained are in transit to Brussels headquarters for analysis.

“We are maintaining our covert surveillance on these cult premises in Outremont until further orders are received from Central Command.

DAU Alpha Team Commander, Montreal 1

6 /08/20 14”
Supplementary Report of the Action at Pro Cathedral, Ireland by DAU Beta Team:

Our DAU Beta Team in Dublin, Ireland encountered no ritualistic activity at the Cathedral at the time and date reported by our two Diocese informants. The latter claim that the ritual was either cancelled or moved to another location, but could not confirm anything more. However, the identity of a Ninth Circle adherent in Dublin was shared by one of the Diocese informants: a priest named Damien

O’Reilly who is an assistant to the acting head of the catholic church in Ireland, Dublin Archbishop Dermot Martin.
DAU Beta Team is continuing its surveillance procedures at the Pro Cathedral and other reported cult centres in Ireland, and is assisting the Common Law Court being established in Galway to investigate the apparent ritual slaying of babies at the catholic facility in Tuam.


The Court is proceeding to authorize further follow up actions by our DAU’s at other child sacrificial centres in Rome, Canada, the United States, Ireland, England, Belgium and Holland.

Updates are forthcoming.
CC-DAU Communique No. 2

Issued 16/08/2014


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17 thoughts on “Child Sacrificial Cult Disrupted, Arrests made in Montreal Aug. 15

  1. macdonalddon says:

    Thanks for that link vendo…excellent ET info.

  2. Graham says:

    If the police get involved in these type of stings, it will always end as this one did. The people placed at the top of these organisations are 33rd degree and above masons and the head of police would probably have been the one who tipped the others off. Just look at the Jimmy Saville case, he was doing the exact same thing under the noses of the BBC and the UK police forces, as well as certain hospitals and mental hospitals, he was also involved with what happened at the childrens home in Jersey and was a friend of the royals. The only way you’ll ever catch them all at it is to wait until it has started like someone else mentioned and then surround the building with local people before telling the police to get there asap.

  3. spacenergymass says:

    Historians know the truth. “God Against the Gods:
    The History of the War Between Monotheism and Polytheism” By Jonathan Kirsch Viking, 2004
    After the defeat of the Hebrews by the Canaanites and Babylonians, the Hebrews were pressured into exclusively worshiping the pantheon god of war, known as Yahweh or Jehovah. Prior to their repeated defeat, the Hebrews, like all the groups of humans in that era, worshiped numerous gods and goddesses. Yahweh, himself, had at one time a female counterpart, named Asherah.
    The Gnostics, warned about the archontic god Yahweh. The Coptic codices, discovered in earthen jars, buried for 2000 years, were discovered in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in 1945, and released to general public in 1976 The brilliant scholar, John Lamb Lash, reconstructed the ancestral wisdom of the Gnostics, in his ground-breaking book, “Not In His Image, Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief” 2006. Many on the internet bandy the term “archon”, but do not site the knowledge of SophiaGaia history, from which it originates.
    Please listen to the following interview on Red Ice Radio, with John Lamb Lash. It is a 2 hour listen, but is a gift from our Mother.
    Wisdom. Love. and Truth. (much gratitude for all your work).

    • spacenergymass… I posted that interview yesterday.

      • spacenergymass says:

        Minds are attuning, and we are finding each other.I can not emphasize the importance of reading, “Not In His Image” strongly enough. Many unanswered questions I carried all of my life, suddenly were answered. The book is 430 pages long, and explains the total Abrahamic-archon psy-op. Why are Christians sitting back, while civilians are being so brutalized and murdered on their own land? Because they worship a psychopathic war god, and believe in and support the end times mentality. I appreciate the syncronycities that occur faster each day as people awaken. Observe how much emphasis is placed in the Old Testament
        on sacrifices. Abraham being told by the psychopath Yahweh, to sacrifice his sun, to “prove” his loyalty. Apparently, even the “only sun” of yahweh war god himself, is sacrificed on an implement of torture, for our collective “sins”. Here is a 26 minute video on child sacrifice.

        Thanks for your work.

  4. Terrific!

    Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to the International Common Law Court of Justice.

    • spacenergymass says:

      Jesus, also worshiped Yahweh, the pantheon god of WAR. As long as people pray to the Yahweh War god, (ironically, the true devil) we shall remain divided. Could very well be, our former “controllers”, who wiped out the Gnostics (who were not Christians) and our Pagan
      indigenous ancestors, (it took 600 years to subdue Europe and culminated in burning people alive and torture implementing the infamous Malleus Maleficarum (hammer of witches) fabricated the Jesus story) If one wants to dish out truth, one must be willing to accept incoming truth.
      Our ancestors knew the inroad to truth was through Gaea herself, not some off-planet man-war-god-victim-abuser archontic mind-control religion.The pantheon WAR god of the Old Testament, is clearly a psychopath. How can people rail against the psychopaths of the world, and still believe in yahweh war god? We can now observe the 3 branches of Abraham being played out on a global stage. Yet, still many cling to their mind control programming. It is sick, plain and simple. It is past time for calling this evil out.

      • spacenergymass… is it fair to state that Jesus worshipped Yahweh? I wasn’t there, so I don’t know. We can’t believe what we’re told, so we’ll just have to wait until this whole mess is resolved to know the truth about anything for certain. It’s all hearsay at this point.

  5. vendo4151 says:

    It is interesting that for centuries and to the present day there have been relative whispers of the kinds of practices in unseen realms that are often referred to as unspeakable, by high and divine sources. The degree of influence from such realms in this realm is relative of course to the level of commitment of groups and individuals, and probably other factors.

    BTW, .. on Alfred, … have you guys seen his latest about the generational ET contactee. It is out there pretty far, and I would say the preparedness of the elderly gentleman interviewed is a bit disappointing, and the audio is a little annoying but still very clear, but it is a stimulating and interesting story and worth the time in my opinion. .. Recommended.

  6. June Taylor says:

    That was great news thanks again😋

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Leosunstar says:

    Yes, it seems very odd indeed that the ritual information is being freely shared before the stings. Obviously there’s a reason, but what? to prevent the killing? as said above the killers simply relocated and nothing is prevented, plus everyone except a couple of peons are still free to continue their practices of killing even more children. This makes no sense at all to me. DAU just HAS to have a plan we (and ‘they’ aren’t aware of yet). Either that or the Cabal are right, we people are too stupid to catch them. I do appreciate DAUs efforts though and believe they will win out in the end.

    • Leosunstar…I posted a question regarding this on the Facebook page and someone else had the same thoughts. This is the response from one of the members:

      Mat 3:04pm Aug 16
      Maureen; a crime had already taken place – holding two children captive with a clear intention to rape/murder them. Premeditating a crime is a crime in itself. Not catching them performing their ritual doesn’t mean they can’t be tried for a crime. There’s plenty of criminal activity surrounding the whole event.

  8. spacenergymass says:

    We only need 10% true awareness within global consciousness regarding those who archontic, and then the entire mass of humanity shall shift.
    On a natural cellular level, representing the global organism, We can do the following meditation, using the brilliance of our minds and spirit.
    1. identify the virus
    2. isolate the virus
    3. surround the virus
    4. Dissolve the virus
    5. Give thanks to the Earth herself, for healing ALL of nature, and removing the virus.
    Peace, Wisdom, Love, and Divine Imagination, to ALL those who stand strong in TRUTH. My heart is filled with gratitude and admiration for heroic efforts for the freedom of nature.

  9. Demitra M. N. says:

    Ugh…their ways and their activities…TOtally repugnant. Their ritual dates are too important to them and they are far too cunning to not be ready for the unexpected. Because these types are still at the level of animal in their way of thinking, just like any wild animal would do and does do, they would be very much prepared with a back-up nest to retreat to if their primary nest was obstructed or inaccessible.

    I don’t know, it seems to me like the whole thing came down too easily and with too little in the way of any real conclusion. The fact is there was too much open discussion within the alternative media about this upcoming ritual of theirs prior to the Aug 15th date, so when their primary base of operation was compromised in the earlier part of the month, they simply redirected their efforts to another location, although the Outremont house could ALways have been the decoy location all along. And as far as those who were detained last night go, they would have given out just enough detailed information as they were instructed to give, to satisfy the authorities and any other interested parties from looking beyond the boundaries of the information they’ve been given.

    This is precisely the reason why the underground resistence movement is so secretive and doles out relevant information only AFter things take place and not a moment sooner. It needs to be said: people must become aware that we’re not dealing with ordinary people in possession of a conscience but with ultra dangerous beings who only LOOK like regular people but are most definitely VOID of conscience. The truth is, if they were just wild animals in search of their next meal, we would fare much better in our struggle to survive on this planet. The fact is our survival efforts are seriously compromised precisely because we’ve been taught to believe that Mankind dominates all species but we’ve never been taught that psychopaths, many many of them, walk amongst us and are by far more dangerous to us than just mere hungry animals in search of their next meal.

  10. macdonalddon says:

    That Montreal residence should be razed to the ground, the basement completely excavated, and a 2 story memorial monument erected to honor the anonymous children who died there.

    Paid for with the confiscated assets of the perpetrators…with any remaining monies used to put up appropriate highway billboards public Notices publicizing this activity.

  11. casandra says:

    It is a great pity to have interfere with the preparations of a sacrifice. It was preferable to wait until the children arrived and the people involved were ready to start the sacrifice.
    It is the same as when police apprehend the little drug dealers and never arrive to find who is on top.
    Same here…one can find out a couple of minimal non important people instead of finding the cult masters.
    It would have been fantastic to have been able to prove the guilt of one of the VIP of society/church/crown /government etc.
    It also would have been better to try and enter the premises and place some recorders and follow proceedings from the street.
    I know it is easier said than done, yet i am frustrated as not to find the real deal here.
    Thank you to Mr Annett and the team for all their affords and thank you to inform us as what is happening in this corrupt world..

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