Astrological Energy Reading for August 12 to September 11, 2014

This reading is from Crystal, friend of Julien Wells. Thank you, Crystal.

I find this span of time particularly interesting as it takes us from the Super Moon of last weekend and some wild events, all the way to the thirteen-year anniversary of 911, which is bound to carry its own energies based on the emotions and hence the vibrations of Humanity that will no doubt surface as a result of that highly charged date. 

Crystal explains, “…we always have choice as to what we wish to focus on at any given time.  Astrology simply tells us where there’s a little more energy on tap for our purposes should we CHOOSE to use it.”

It sounds as though we can now expect the chaotic and draining energies to simmer down somewhat as our attention shifts to the front burner so we can execute those plans and move in our chosen directions. Use that free will, baby!  ~ BP

4:44 and the Knight of Disks: Energy Reading for August 12 to September 11, 2014

August 13, 2014

I just burst out laughing as I pull yet another perfect card!!  I felt like today there was a palpable shift and upliftment of the energy, and I literally just wanted to see what card came out and then decide if I wanted to write something or not.  I pulled the Knight of Disks of course, and immediately smiled as this is the card which spans the dates of August 12 to September 11.  And it was 4:44 when I pulled the card, so make of that what you will.  I actually thought to myself that it was kind of late in the day to do a reading, but I “happened” to pull a card that governs a span.  This is the Leo transition into Virgo, the Fire into the Earth.  And as we know, the Knights are embodiments of Fire and the Disks are the Earth suit.  This energy is all about grounding. Leo energy is VERY expansive and explosive, and when lots of planets are in Leo, as is the case now (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus) we start thinking, talking, dreaming, loving, big! Everything with Leo is big big big!  So, as you might expect, Virgo comes in naturally afterwards to sort everything out with unrivaled keenness and detail-oriented manner.  It is certainly no coincidence that we tend to take our vacations during “Leo Season” and then towards the end of August, Virgo comes along and sends us all back to school and work.  Out of the partying of the 5th house and back into the day-to-day routine of the 6th house.

When Venus showed up in Leo yesterday the energy was able to shift a bit out of the weirdness of the Aquarius Super Moon over the weekend, but much more today when the moon went into Aries.  This Full Moon carried much Saturn energy with it, and so always thanks to Leo for shining the bright light of hope into dense, dark places, and Aries for that spark of motivation.  On August 15 Mercury moves into Virgo and begins the grounded shift, and the Sun follows on August 23.  The Virgo New Moon is on August 25, which I will also do a reading for.  Venus won’t arrive until September 5.

So, as we can see, this is wind-down time, in a way.  We have launched many new projects all of which have been more heart-centered than ever before.  We have reveled in the limitless possibilities, and now the practical steps will begin showing up in earnest.  Virgo can plot out the logistical protocol to make Leo’s big dreams actually happen.  This is the inevitable and very vital part in the manifestation process, but it is still important to have FUN while we do it.  I love how on the card there is a horse that is looking straight at us while the Knight is looking off into the distance.  This is the year of the Horse in Chinese Astrology, and this seems to say, “Ok, folks, this is what 2014 is for.  Let’s make something real and change 5D and Ascension from “concepts” into tangible life styles”.

Even though the Mercury, the Sun, the Moon, and Venus will move through Virgo between now and September 5, we still have Jupiter in Leo until August of NEXT SUMMER.  This means that expansion of that loving heart center and honest self-expression remain the focus and the place where much of one’s “energetic funding” will come from.  I say it that way because we always have choice as to what we wish to focus on at any given time.  Astrology simply tells us where there’s a little more energy on tap for our purposes should we CHOOSE to use it.

Now, anybody who knows me knows that I certainly love Virgos, but as I am a Leo, (and I happen to be with someone who’s birthday falls on this card), I am uniquely qualified to extrapolate on the dampening affect Virgo energy can sometimes have on Leo energy.  You can also call it grounding, of course a Leo WOULD call it “dampening” lol.  What I am saying here, is sometimes during this transition of energies from Leo into Virgo people can get more caught up in logistical details and forget that joy and fun are just as important to getting things done, which we are learning in 5th dimensional awareness. These two energies can almost stand as a perfect metaphor for that balance we have been talking about here for a while.  The balance between Thinking and Feeling, Doing and Dreaming, Physical and Nonphysical energetic contributions is what we’re looking for.  Balance.

Now, notice this is not just a Virgo card.  It is a card which holds both the energies of Leo and Virgo.  It is easy to read as the transition card for the astrological activity, but as tarot cards tend to do, this seems to be sending a message.  As many planets move into an Earth sign, we still have have the Fire in the background (Jupiter in Leo), and this card appears to be pulling it more to the front.  I feel this is also saying that it is a good idea to not get lost in Earthy, physical, 3D concerns, all the while forgetting about the expansive fiery dreaming, and buoyant exuberance that Leo energy brings- play energy.  Virgo is co-ruled by Saturn, so it is important, in my opinion, to keep the light shining through Saturn’s wet blanket.  Archonic energy can be very murky and difficult to see through, so it requires Leo’s light, and we will be fresh out of practicing that energy.  Just keep it up!
Crystal Walker
That’s all for today, guys.  I love you all so much, and of course if you’d like a personal reading or to find out how this energy might be lighting up your personal chart, just book a session with me ❤



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