Some Late-Breaking News for Aug. 14th

First, Alfred Webre from shared the following. It sounds encouraging and very interesting so I’ll be tuning in on the 19th. 


Randy Cramerz is a Capt in the US Marine Corps authorized by his command under Article 21 of the USMC Special Section Special Code, when 50% of the Constitutional Guarantees of the US are not functioning, to speak out publicly and warn against traitors and treasonous behavior against the USA.

This is evidence that White Hats at top levels of the US Government are now acting under power of law to restore lawful constitutional order to the USA. Mars experiencers Capt. Randy, Andrew D. Basiago, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, and myself completed a media panel today with Mark Dr. Dream Peebler hosting covering in part how the secret US mission to Mars has been perverted to attempt to depopulate and destroy Earth civilization, that will be broadcast on Tuesday Aug. 19 on Awakeinthedream radio

Also from Alfred…

The police shooting in Missouri has sparked protests in Times Square, New York City, Union Square and other locations.

Click the link for the story and video.

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  3. paul donaldson says:

    caught up in a jpohn travalto movie staying alive

    From: To: Subject: RE: [New post] Some Late-Breaking News for Aug. 14th Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 09:58:53 +0100

    we ar living in a manufactured society

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  5. paul donaldson says:

    we ar living in a manufactured society

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  6. RamonK says:

    Very incouraging! Alfreds last talk on the Ebola agenda was quite disturbing and sad. I love America. Never been there but I feel for the American people. Been following the Michael Brown situation. It’s just sooo frik’n Bad. Just straight out murder. Geez!! Thank you BP. Namaste.

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