BBC Shows Episode of Family Guy Involving Robin Williams and Failed Suicide Attempt Just Minutes Before his Death was Announced

I don’t have to tell my regular readers, but this is no coincidence. Let’s recall that thirteen years ago, the BBC announced that Building 7 of the World Trade Center collapsed 20 minutes before it did.

The BBC has been caught publishing fake photos and passing them off as something else to suit their needs; to shape public opinion.  They are run by the cabal and not to be trusted.

The Illuminati always drops hints and tells us what they’re going to do before they do it. When we go back and analyze movies like “Dark Knight Rising”, we can see the clever little clues that link to Sandy Hook—and there are far too many for it to be coincidence.

They murdered Marilyn Monroe, the Kennedys, US presidents, John Lennon, Whitney Huston, Princess Di, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, journalist Michael Hastings, whistleblowers Phil Schneider and William Cooper, Dr. Fred Bell, a long list of bankers, and countless named and nameless others. Robin Williams is probably just the latest. When you’ve erased plane loads of people, what’s one more at this stage of the game?

Sheriffs said Williams hanged himself in his apartment with a belt. Why would he commit suicide in this way, if indeed he was going to end his life? Why wouldn’t he simply take a handful of pills? He was bipolar, so I’m sure he had access to plenty of pills. I’m well versed in that area with a family member. I don’t believe he committed suicide.

He was involved in several projects that would take his work into the future. He didn’t show signs of leaving this world any more than Michael Jackson did, in the rehearsals for his “This Is It” tour.  ~ BP

BBC shows episode of Family Guy involving Robin Williams and failed suicide attempt just minutes before his death is announced

  • ‘Viewer Mail #2’ shown on BBC Three from 11.25pm to 11.45pm on Monday
  • Actor’s death in California announced by Reuters minutes later at 11.56pm
  • Sketch sees Peter Griffin able to turn everyone into Williams through touch
  • But he is overwhelmed by clones overtaking town and tries to kill himself
  • BBC spokesman says broadcast of episode was an ‘uncanny coincidence’
  • C4 is under fire for ‘get a rope and hang me’ Good Morning Vietnam clip

The BBC broadcast an episode of Family Guy about Robin Williams and a failed suicide attempt just minutes before it was revealed that the actor had been found hanged.

An extraordinary coincidence saw the ‘Viewer Mail #2’ episode shown on BBC Three between 11.25pm and 11.45pm on Monday – with the death announced by Reuters news agency at 11.56pm.

A sketch in the episode called ‘Fatman and Robin’ sees Peter Griffin, the father in the US comedy, gain the power to turn everyone in his fictional city of Quahog into Williams by touching them.

Peter, whose favourite comedian is Williams, accuses God of hating the actor and wishes that everyone was him. Peter is then struck by lightning and receives the King Midas-like powers.

But he is eventually overwhelmed by clones of Williams overtaking the town and tries to kill himself. Peter then decides to cut off his hands so that he can get rid of his special powers.

A BBC spokesman said yesterday that the broadcast of the episode was an ‘uncanny coincidence’, but confirmed that a scheduled repeat of it for Friday will now not be shown.

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21 thoughts on “BBC Shows Episode of Family Guy Involving Robin Williams and Failed Suicide Attempt Just Minutes Before his Death was Announced

  1. Jimmy says:

    Perhaps when too many minds are concentrated upon a particular occurrence, it affects “their” (dark cabal’s) ability to influence the outcome of that event (because now so much external energy is also influencing) so by diverting the energy focus of the audience, they can regain energy control of whatever event “they” are trying to control the outcome of,…

    • Demitra M. N. says:

      What you say makes a whole lot of sense — it certainly doesn’t help our cause that so many are so easily distracted in their focus. Like babies, their attention effortlessly sidetracked by the latest shiny bauble. Makes me wonder: is there anyone else out there who meditates in reality??? Considering the sheer number of articles that get written and circulated every year on the life-altering wonders of meditation, one would think that if these writers alone were actually meditating themselves, that there would be far more centered and peace-filled people walking around to “model” to the masses, and yet…not so much.

      • Demitra… I’d say the powers-that-were have been extremely successful in keeping Humanity so busy, stressed out and distracted that few—in the big scheme of things—meditate. Most find it frustrating and don’t see any benefits. Wasted time, is what it amounts to.

      • Demitra M. N. says:

        Yes, BP, as far as the general population goes, I totally agree — the stressed out mindset can see no value in meditation if it’s never actually been exposed to a bonafide meditator and the energetic peacefulness that surrounds such a person. However, I was focused on the very many “writers” of meditation articles that circulate out there every day. It seems to me that if EVery writer of a meditation article were themselves actually WALKing that walk rather than just TALKing that talk, then the masses would have more in the way of models to emulate, but we don’t precisely because proselytizing (in this case, meditation) is not about the change itself, it’s only a popular topic to write about, one that promises the writer acknowledgment as someone worthy of the reader’s esteem.

  2. Ryan M. Church says:

    Reblogged this on . . . We All Are The Universe..

  3. Hawkeye says:

    In a shocking development, Oscar-winning actor/comic Robin Williams was found dead in his California home Monday, a possible suicide, according to investigators. He was 63.

    The Marin County Sheriff’s Office said Williams was found unconscious and not breathing inside his home in Tiburon, Calif., around noon local time, and was pronounced dead shortly after.

    This is what it said on the front page of the USA Today. It said “possible” suicide, and later they said he hung himself. Well if he had hung himself, I guess he would have been found with a rope or something around his neck, and there would be some type of marks around his neck. They would know for sure if it were a suicide. In my opinion “they” killed him.

  4. Demitra M. N. says:

    I agree, there’s something completely untrue about the official version of this story. I also agree that our combined energies are most definitely being used against us. At the very least, our collective attention is once again being diverted away from the unfolding bigger picture of global events. My hope, however, is that Robin Williams’ passing will serve to ignite a larger awakening amongst the masses to the truth of what’s really going on around them. (Interestingly, “Awakenings” is the title of yet another movie Robin starred in back in 1990.)

    • Demitra… agreed. No disrespect intended to Robin or his grieving family, but that ‘event’ was created as the need arose for yet another distraction, and as Christopher Greene said, people are so wrapped up in Hollywood drama when they should be paying attention to the drama in the real world, like the massacres in the Middle East, the militant police issues in America, the poisoning of Humanity, the corruption of the government, theft by the banksters… there’s no end to it. But the focus for a week will be Robin Williams and the lies the lamestream media is telling about his death.

  5. Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light and commented:
    Mr Williams did not do himself in. It was a Satanic Ritual: 8-11-14 = 33 there are also 3 days between 8 and 11, and three days between 11 and 14 = 33. It was a Super Full Moon. Robin made fun of the Cabal and the President in the Pink House. He had lots going for him. The truth will come.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Starship Earth, that’s what I was trying to say, but didn’t want to get into the whole of it. I agree. I think they use those energies in some kind of massive ritual. The same way radio transmits information over a carrier wave, they can use that energy as the carrier wave, & superimpose on it the stuff they are to use against us.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know if this is related, would not surprise me if it was, but just saw a story about his daughter deleting her social accounts because of disgusting posts by a few. I don’t blame her one bit. I wish it didn’t take something like this for her to do it. It’s one of the reasons I deleted all of mine, and have no plans of returning.
    I liked Robin Williams, and indeed, he will be missed. My deepest sympathies to his family, including his daughter.

  8. Lisa says:

    Robin Williams did not kill himself, Its a mob hit, like a jail hit… does any one know how Italian mobs work or any crime families.. the way he was killed was to also silence any others from saying anything or it will happen to them..ya he took a belt tied to a door and pushed the door why he sits on a chair? ya thats it.. NOT.., hah, wife conveniently gone and asst finds him.. his stiff body has way long set in and the fake non news phyco entertainment keeps pushing hard about his depression that he killed himself… why are they trying so hard to convince people he killed himself???I dont think so… 95% of people who take their lives OD or shoot themselves.. wake up people…besides keeping your mind off of other things this corrupt gov is doing no one should be watching any tv fake non news entertainment with their subliminal messages your sub conscience picks up without you knowing it..Be carful when you watch any TV, silence commercials and watch old shows that are uplifting when you do..Alternative news is the only thing that has truth to it any more.. the TV is a bunch of droids and clones that are will find out many are not human…

  9. Jill Guldbransen says:

    Thanks BP … for all your research and calm mission to present us with both sides of what we are seeing.

    … much love from Sunshine Coast and your columns are extremely helpful (essential!) in unravelling who is BS and who is not. Well to me. 😉

    You ‘feel’ like the real deal while Shelden Niles seems to be making it up as he goes plus there’s money involved on his website with his books. Not always a clue but trust those with no products to push. Not that that’s a crime, it just clouds the motives of the info.

    Jilly G

  10. I do have to say that I didn’t believe he hung himself. A few of us on Facebook had that discussion. Fighting depression is one thing; but the suspicion will remain till the real truth is out.

    I’ve always enjoyed watching Robin and he’ll be missed. But to end his life in his 60s when he was in much worse shape before makes no sense whatsoever. That and the fact he had a prescription of cocktails to use rather than hanging himself, where he could have just slipped away quietly in his sleep.

  11. Dee says:

    I feel like we’re living in “Bizarro” World.

    I felt utter shock and sadness upon hearing of his death.
    Thank you, Robin for all the Love & Laughter and for sharing yourself.
    Godspeed. xoxo

  12. Edie says:

    Would be interested in hearing if anyone uncovers what he was working on that caused him to be a target. Upon hearing the sad news I simply googled his death,I came one of first rescouces listed . which stated that he was shooting a film in Austria and fell from a mountain , to his death. So, someone had some planned spin story .. later, I hadtime to look over some of his photos,and It did make me cry. Gotta hold these insane controllers accountable for all they have done.

  13. Jimmy says:

    When something like this happens, the energy flow that results from so many people thinking about & connecting w/ one person (such as Robin Williams) can be used perhaps in ways “we” don’t even yet understand,… This has crossed my mind every time something like this happens,… like Whitney Huston, Michael Jackson,… etc.

  14. Spock says:

    I really liked Robin Williams – we have to see what really happened with him… Hanging himself for suicide sounds not plausible to me too.
    I wish him a good journey on the other side – free from evil and in peace and joy. Robin, we miss you !

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