NASA’s ‘Flying Saucer’ Takes a Dip in the Pacific—Oooops! [video]

I thought this was exciting when I heard, but the video malfunctioned and I only had audio. Then I got to see some of this craft. Pretty hokey if you ask me. A flying saucer with rockets? This is a joke, right?

I love how they talk like NASA is just in the experimental stages of flying saucers and exploring other planets. 

Wait until the taxpayers learn of the trillions of dollars of their money funneled into black projects involving craft they have no idea are even possible to build, not to mention fly.  ~ BP


Aug. 10, 2014

RT America

Flying saucers are moving from the realm of conspiracy theories to reality. NASA’s Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator successfully flew 120,000 feet over Hawaii at four times the speed of sound, although it did suffer a parachute failure during re-entry and plunged into the Pacific Ocean. The space agency hopes the saucer-like craft will someday make its way to Mars. RT’s Manila Chan takes a look at its flight.

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4 thoughts on “NASA’s ‘Flying Saucer’ Takes a Dip in the Pacific—Oooops! [video]

  1. Spock says:

    Funny how the fish lens camera flips from concave to convex when showing (simulating) earth as a ball 🙂 …

  2. john vallier says:

    I have to call BS on this one Disinfo

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