Big Things Happening with National Liberty Alliance: 1850 Judges To Be Indicted

Following is the content of an email shared by my friend who is part of the common law grand jury meetings and keeps up with the National Liberty Alliance.

Apparently, the “something really, really, really big” is…  they are indicting about 1,850 US Judges, although don’t have the money. Jane is trying to raise it from sources purporting to be I/c funds.

So… if you’re tired of being on tenterhooks and feeling unable to do much to change our current situation on Starship Earth and would like to funnel some funds their way so they can move forward with this… you might consider that. Visit the National Liberty Alliance website and you can see that they’ve only raised 40 per cent of the required funds.

You can listen to the recording with John Darash and Rodney Class below or here to learn more. This is exciting stuff.  I haven’t listened yet myself, but look forward to it. [after listening I can say that the interview with Rod Class is not part of this call and will happen probably Wed. Aug. 13.]

Rod Class is the legal eagle who released the shocking information about how the utility companies should actually be PAYING US, and that the utility “bills” are not truly invoices at all, but dividend notices. It’s a huge scam and worth learning about. It’s one more way we were duped into giving the globalists our money. I shared that info in a post a very long time ago. You can read about it here.  ~ BP


Join us on AIB RADIO [Talkshoe] with Rod Class and John Darash on Wednesday 08-06-14 at 9PM EST. Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 48361

Please watch these short instructional videos > they will solve the problems we have been having with infiltrators and/or opportunists. The files will open as a wmv file.

NLA follows process and Procedures, therefore we developed step by step procedures. Any one out of step with these procedures must conform or leave NLA. There can be only one plan!

We are about to do something “really, really, really big” so please everybody start paying attention and support us. If you are not coming to our Monday night meetings you are not plugged in and will not know what to do when we finally get access. If you plan on figuring it out once we are in, you will be holding us back at a time when we “MUST” move with haste. Catch-up go to > and listen to this past Monday night meeting.

Jurist pocket handbooks are in and should be going out this week. To make an order go to >

In His Service


John Darash
(845) 233-6560


PLEASE Support NLA give $5/mo or more


VIRTUE is America’s foundation!
COMMON LAW (GOD) is America’s Heritage!
LIBERTY is America’s inheritance!

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17 thoughts on “Big Things Happening with National Liberty Alliance: 1850 Judges To Be Indicted

  1. I read the comments .. Please look up Navy Ret. LtCommander Walter FitsPatrick in Tennessee what he did to charge obama and what was done to him after he found corruption in the County Grand Jury, I have been working along side him in the State of Tennessee to get documents together to Present to a Federal court by way of the Tennessee Unified Common Law Grand Jury and the United States Unified Common Law Grand Jury … I am one of three State Organizers in the NLA in Tennessee. This case we are helping with will be a foot print in showing the nation the true authority of Common Law and expose the Corrupt in Politics and courts

    • schauminator says:

      I applaud your efforts and hope you can find a way to reach out to CDR Charles Kirchner and Mike Volin. I have made this Common Law Grand Jury suggestion to them several times giving them contacts in Canada working on Cases against the Catholic church, UK Royals and others. They are still doing the same from 2009 trying to expose the discoveries on Obama background to this date while expecting a different result in a rigged legal system.
      If you could share with me your Common Law contacts it is greatly appreciated.

  2. inlakesh says:

    Constitutional classes beginning on 8/12/14 6pm Pacific time. note speaker on this call is Dr. Dale Livingston with 35+ years experience. Classes and calls are free and open to everyone who wants to educate themselves on the Constitution.
    Check it out:

  3. RamonK says:

    Great stuff!! Woohoo 🙂

  4. John Stevens says:

    Cool WHOOPEE! About time, too. Cheers

  5. http://WWW.IFORGEDOBAMASBIRTHCERTIFICATES.COM and Mike Zullo Moore is not a professional investigator by any means.

    • schauminator says:

      Nancy when are you going to testify about your claims to a Common Law Jury? I’ll help you.

  6. […] Well said Ron, you have a lovely heart  … “something really, really, really big” is happening …  they are indicting about 1,850 US Judges, although they don’t have the money … if the Amnassador could funnel some funds their way so they can move forward with this … thanks… […]

  7. Wanderer says:

    They’re aggressive in wanting members to attend the weekly meetings and educate themselves on common law, but not donations. Yes, they ask for them, but not in the way you’re thinking. They want jurrors up to speed and ready to roll. So, if you sign up to be a juror or county organizer expect to get a lot of emails and promptings. That’s understandable though. They’re not screwing out. I got directly asked to be an organizer in my county but I just can’t do it right now. I’m still slogging through the trenches, pay check to paycheck. Pulled all my damn money out of the bank and am just trying to keep my head above water until this nightmare is banished for good. I do resolve to get more involved this winter and help out more in that area. Yes, they’re aggressive and at times, very blunt. But they’re good people and they’re on a mission… gotta give them credit for that.

  8. coreopsis53 says:

    Who wouldn’t want to donate??   I am sure you are aware that many US whatever we are want more than anything to see these things happen. Are all the wealthy people part of the PTB’S. When reading this article it just leaves you with a feeling that if we can’t donate we are the problem and things will not be fixed. Sorry, this just caught me wrong and my income continues to be reduced each month. I would like nothing more than to send a 10K check, and there was a time I could do this. It has been many years since I’ve been able to donate to the causes I stand for. I can barely by food.    JP

  9. schauminator says:

    Liberty alliance needs to give some advise to Cdr. Charles Kirchner and the birther group in their pursuit of exposing Obama for whom he is and isn’t. They can’t find the right judge yet.

    • Schauminator… I don’t understand why some are so intent on going down that road. None of the presidents were legitimate. The Bushes are German… Romney wasn’t an American citizen…I think it’s a distraction.

      • schauminator says:

        I see, if everybody breaks the law – it ok.

      • Schauminator… that’s not what I’m saying. Why is birth place suddenly so important when they have already let unqualified people run the country? It sounds like a major distraction, and the Republicans like to have this threat out there to make the Democrats look bad when they’re all just the same. It makes no sense to direct all that energy to something so trivial when things like the genocide in Gaza and the immigration issue with all the children brought to the US to be tortured and used and now the Ebola false flag. I think there are better places to focus our energy than where Obama was born. But that’s just me.

      • schauminator says:

        Obama’s birth place has absolutely nothing to do with the discoveries that have been found during his background investigations. It is the ID frauds that he has committed. Or that he has everyone play the game of seeking what isn’t and trying to prove a negative. I don’t care where he was born nor does anyone else that has performed a background investigation on Obama. Why is it there are no certified birth records (period), no passport records as a child or during his college years and there are no college transcripts in the name of Barack H. Obama, II either. They don’t exist and never did in the name he was elected by as Senator and President. The CABAL internal and external personnel was and remains his sponsor to be able to pull this fraud off.
        The end game for many of us is to expose Obama and his document writers/forgers and statements pertaining to his life narrative in his published books and we will find his CABAL puppeteers. This is to prove who Obama is and isn’t as well. Not where he was born. in the long run Common Law will assist us.
        Please know, I and hundreds of FSO’s across the country performed mock background investigations on Obama due to the Clinton discoveries of no ID records existing in the name Barack H. Obama, II in 2008. Also, a SSN could not be verified ever being issued to him.

        That’s it, we want to expose the CABAL and Bilderberg folks that directly and indirectly perpetrated this fraud on We The People to usurp the office of POTUS and take them down.
        This includes Mitt Romney and friends. We have known for years the bush family are part of the CABAL.

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