David Icke: The Photos from Gaza that People Don’t Want to See—and Why [video]

David Icke posted a photo of a child wounded in the horrific war zone in Gaza and shared on the Internet by Palestinians to alert the world as to what is truly transpiring, and there were mixed reactions to that image. People fell into three camps, he explains.

Interesting… but perhaps not surprising.

Many people would STILL rather hide their heads in the sand than DO anything about the deplorable situation on this planet. What will it take to route them out?  ~ BP

The David Icke Videocast: So Where From Here?

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7 thoughts on “David Icke: The Photos from Gaza that People Don’t Want to See—and Why [video]

  1. Eckeagled@aol.com says:

    Tell David Icke to keep sending the information also ask him what he thinks of the following book which gives an interesting picture of planet Earth. The book—Through Alien Eyes by Bateman. Thanks Larry

  2. There’s a couple of things here that I find interesting. First, David has in the past made it quite clear that they, the cabal, created this reality, that does not truly exist except via ‘mind control.’ We know this from his ‘years upon years’ of him saying this is a reality that has been forced on us, and to wake up to the truth.

    Enter, ‘endless wars,’ a declining money system, a cabal that’s going broke, sacrificing continually for the elite, and what’s more their profitable ventures of yet one more senseless war on a people, who are totally defenseless, in a place ‘far, far away’ from the U.S., which ‘we’ as a people, especially here in America, have no control over. What we do have is a prez cabal, Bush family, egotistical fool who is playing the game, and looking for a 3rd term…a way to yet more money from any source they’ve have sufficient funds, to keep him in office during a National Emergency, using every signatory bill, and disease that’s ever been created, passed off on their behalf.

    This begs the questions…whose reality is this? Do we as bystanders of their reality, created or assumed, have enough power within ourselves ‘to take away their power of creating Illusions?’ We have to ask, ‘what can we do about it?’

    I don’t believe that everyone has their head buried in the sand. I do, however, believe there’s enough people awake that even ‘they’, the ‘we,’ the ‘us’ have all we can do to change our own realities, without shifting our consciousness back and forth, day in and day out, on all the evil things being done, only to promote more. I believe that all those responsible for this genocide will have to pay a price for what they do. But for what’s being brought into our reality, by those who’ve insisted and be damned that we listen, and watch these destructive activities WILL in effect make ‘their illusions’ that have been crafted, with real people creating them, more ‘real and affirmed by us/we’ who watch, for as long as we pay attention. Where will the shift in focus come from?

    If watching someone else’s reality, or watching ‘for their reality’ combines it with ours, then this is the point we must make a total ‘break off point’ where we will ‘no longer accept’ what they have. There’s nothing we can do physically to change this. To put out compassion to people in trouble is simple, and sending love to ALL is difficult at best; but that’s what we must do. We only need ‘know’ that what they are all presenting is the reality of a serious-minded, win for themselves, illusion. And if we don’t take it that way…then ‘we are in their clutches’ exactly where they want us. And I won’t do that, and I’ll tell you why…and this is serious.

    What has been going on ‘outside’ in my world here, is either the greatest illusion I’ve created, or a military ‘brainwashing,’ ‘hallucinogenic’ experiment, the likes of which I’ve never witnessed in my entire life. It’s been sucking up my time, my energy, my emotions the likes of which there is ‘no’ description. This is my reason for not being around very much.

    It wasn’t until this morning that I finally ‘shook myself out of it.’ However, I still am unaware of what is truth, and what is fiction. Clear skies, with -0- stars visible. A MASSIVE triangle, with lit points only, and another craft that follows me back and forth as I walk. Voices asking me questions, giving me answers…the Insanity that I’ve felt from within, enough to bring me to tears. Mind control experiment? This is what I feel this is…and I won’t have it. This is why I’ve shaking myself out of this…God knows what, forcing now with the ‘left brain logic’ to take control of my true reality. I will ‘not’ have people from the military or elsewhere controlling my mind and emotions any longer, and creating a reality that doesn’t exist. I’m finished with it because it’s been nothing more than a distraction from my work, and I cannot afford to take on their games. I’m done with it all.

    Pictures, motives, illusions, delusions, creations and heartache are what these cabal members, every last one of them, are expert at. Delusions of grandeur, and someone else’s illusions are just not my cup of tea, nor my idea of having a ‘swell time.’ When we see the final outcome of ‘true love’ for our fellow humans, ‘that’ and only that will be the truth. We can makes mental notes of anything we choose, then send the love…and let it go, because if we don’t, we’re going to embed ourselves in their deceptive web to the point that we’ve become their prey for good. And I won’t have that either.

  3. casandra says:

    Dear David: your video is good BUT it does not give the world any idea as what to do. it is exposing yet it does not advise people as what has to be done !!!
    It is good that people demonstrate against the JEWISH holocaust against the Palestinians…but there are also other venues we can all be part of and i MEAN really be together in this.
    Hurt the jews where it hurts most….IN THEIR POCKETS !!! STOP BUYING from JEWISH shops, STOP SUPORTING JEWISH BUSINESSES , RESTAURANTS…ETC.Also stop buying USA goods…support adverts and their economy…they support Israel to continue with this massacre.
    Every cent they earn from us is used to go AGAINST innocent people.
    I also find out that for many years it was (and maybe still is) PROHIBITED to ask for donations and help for Palestinians.!!!
    Food for thought: if this genocide is allowed by USA /UK etc then why was HITLER so criticize? It put ISRAEL on the same page as HITLER’S

    • Casandra… this video, David says, is a “trailer” for his full length discussion coming soon. Perhaps he will offer options that people can “do”.

      The Neo-Nazis are every bit as bad as Hitler and his SS. They’re just taking it a step further.

      Since the cabal are Zionists—not Jews—and Jewish people are not to blame for the heinous crimes on this planet, any more than the American people, or the Australian people are… and the cabal controls the economy, I think it might serve us better to simply stop being the ‘useless eaters’ they have created and cease to line their pockets by purchasing ANYTHING that isn’t an absolute requirement.

      Many people are now living off the grid, growing some of their own food or trading for what they don’t produce themselves, walking or riding bicycles so they can avoid the gas pumps… but how long will it take to shift more people to this way of thinking? Quite some time, I’d say.

      Most are ensconced in their daily routines and don’t want anyone upsetting the apple cart. They think they’re happy and that life is working fine for them. It will take something colossal to break through the the carefully scripted performance they have been living; something so threatening to their very livelihood and existence that they cannot ignore it. But what will that something be? That’s what I want to know. I don’t think anything apart from war on US soil will jar the automatons awake unless they hear the call of Source.

      If we stopped buying products unless they’re mandatory to keep our home, transport and bodies running, there would be a significant hit to the globalist bank accounts. I just don’t know how much of an impact the few awakened ones can make. It would be an interesting experiment though, wouldn’t it?

      Who REALLY needs a new car, a TV, a book, a pair of shoes, a bracelet, dinner out, a night at the bar? We have come to expect so much, yet NEED so little.

      We’ve had organized events where many of us decided we would not shop, or do banking or pay electric bills or buy gasoline for an entire weekend, but I’ve never heard what impact that had. I’d like to see it happen for 7 days straight and then get some feedback.

      If nothing happens beforehand, then The Event is gonna kick some butt. That is for sure. There are going to be a whole mess of angry people on this planet, but most particularly in the US of A.

      • casandra says:

        It is right to say that not all Jews are Zionists yet the majority are.
        I have dealt with Jews on business for years they were not all Zionists yet they were unethical, unscrupulous,and totally devoid of principles. So David must not create the idea that all Jewish people are the victims of what is happening in this world.Or that they are the escape goats of the anti antisemitism.sentiment created by the Zionists.
        If Zionism is about 100 years old, history tells us that USURY was part of the Jewish business who created it for centuries before Zionism.
        At the end of the rope in most businesses one ends up with a Jewish “boss”. ..even if you have your own business !
        One thing has to be admired of the Jewish people: they are UNITED in all fronts and they HELP and SUPPORT each other…this is something that the rest of the world does not do and maybe….just maybe we DESERVE what is happening for not being all with one.

      • casandra…you make an excellent point about being united on all fronts. That is what the cabal is. They have a single focus. Since Humanity doesn’t even know they have such an enemy, they are divided and have been losing the battle they didn’t know was underway.

  4. Demitra M. N. says:

    Anyone who gets personally offended and angered that others would dare show them actual images depicting atrocities taking place somehwere in the world is very much like the person who is being forced awake from sleep only an hour after they’ve turned out the light. Those people will likely be super annoyed and even angry at the person who disturbs them in this way. While I certainly can empathize a little bit (i’m not exactly the happiest camper myself when woken up before i’ve had my beauty sleep 😉 ) these people MUst realize that the HOUSE IS ON FIRE! and the number of wake-up calls they’re going to get before they themselves are toast, are now severely limited. The awakened ones are merely trying to save their butts …they just don’t get it!

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