Cobra Interview with Rob Potter, 8-1-14… Transcript and Audio

Update: Aug 10th a.m. – Rob Potter’s website came down with an error message so I’ve posted a good chunk of the interview transcript and you can read it here.

Thank you for this, KP. Much appreciated, and may your energy be replenished very soon. ~ BP

For those of you who can’t find it within you to trust Cobra, perhaps you should listen to this, or read the transcript—right at the beginning. This dialogue is SO NEEDED right now.

While Cobra has never said or done anything that would sound the major alarm bells and place him on the dark side, people are so fearful to trust anyone.

Many try to read far too much into Cobra’s words and then attempt to spread their fear to others.

A couple of people who comment on this blog have met Cobra and so have other Lightworkers and there is nothing to fear from him.  The fear is within those who mistrust and sling arrows. May you find peace.


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portal2012_logo_vertical76the_promise_revealed_header_A_2This interview was carried out on 8-1-14. I have posted a few paragraphs of the transcript, the rest may be viewed at The Promise Revealed.

Audio may be listened to at The Promise Revealed. There was much information presented here, as well as answers to questions, which many may find helpful.


[Rob Potter] The audio files are not downloadable you must listen to them here on this site [The Promise Revealed]. If you try to listen on an IPad or mobile phone these are big files and you may have problems. You may download the transcript or the youtube videos of this interview as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

August Interview 2014

August 1, 2014 – Interview with COBRA by Rob Potter

(audio transcript by DaNell Glade)

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Victory of the Light radio show. I’m your…

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16 thoughts on “Cobra Interview with Rob Potter, 8-1-14… Transcript and Audio

  1. macdonalddon says:

    Its back on my end also.

    I’ve listened to it again and ‘Cobra’ has not said anything that raises my BS alert…which is unusual.

    If this turns out to be correct info, we can all look forward to a positive future ahead.

  2. Spock says:

    Had no problems with the website at all, but my opinion is minor…

  3. Demitra M. N. says:

    I just tried the page link for again and it opened finally. However, the audio isn’t working for me but I have access to the full transcript.

  4. I found an error to the transcript link. Couldn’t get to it.

  5. ANN says:

    cannot access the audio, sorry…… Ann

  6. Celeste says:

    It appears that rob Potters web site has been hijacked!

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  7. Natalie McCarvill says:

    Eek ~ I can’t pull this Cobra interview up! The website seems to have been taken back by the host? Anyone else having a problem?

  8. says:

    The audio link is incorrect.


  9. Gaye Estey says:

    I listened to most of the first version but then it stopped so I tried to get back into it and I couldn’t.  Very frustrating.

    Thank you for your work. 

    Gaye Estey

  10. Anonymous says:

    None of the links work. They go to a page with an alligator on it saying internal server error.

  11. linda gaylord says:

    Unable to read transcript or listen to audio.all links ending in 504 &500 error messages.

  12. Jimmy says:

    FYI, It looks like all of the links for the “promiserevealed” are bad, including in the source article.

  13. Robs website is down. So noone got the interview? Been trying the links all night nothing is there.

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