The Elite, Decapitation, and Obamacare, by William Davies . . . this is BIG, very, very BIG!!! and connected to the ebola false flag. . . ~J

If you aren’t sure what the heck is going on in the world, or you THINK you know, but aren’t sure… this is a real eye-opener. It’s not dramatized, it’s not hysteria, it’s not suspicion, it’s not exaggeration. It’s the truth. Better wake up, America. This is YOUR government trying to run the world, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives unless they a FORCED to stop. There is no telling how long until they put the next major phase of their plan into effect.

We’re told that martial law will NOT happen, but they have tricks up their sleeves.

With the amount of effort we’re putting into exposing the Ebola hoax, I don’t think it’s going to go the way the cabal would like. Too bad, so sad. Nice try, though. ~ BP

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Since Alfred is working very hard to identify the ebola pandemic as a false flag event, I sent him Laura Bruno’s article, The Ebola Scare, Global Pandemic, and the 2012 Olympics Ritual. He in turn, shared the one below with me, saying, “I posted it on Facebook and made reference to it in my article and interview because Christopher Story authenticates it in his book, THE NEW UNDERWORLD WORLD ORDER, which you can download (pdf) free

It is clear that decapitation by guillotine is listed as a legal form of execution within Obamacare.  It comes in through the WHO as an agency of the UN and shouldn’t be in a US law.

The UN and the WHO are both controlled by the western global elite, having set them up after WWII as a very disguised method of continuing Nazi power.  This is easily understood simply by knowing…

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12 thoughts on “The Elite, Decapitation, and Obamacare, by William Davies . . . this is BIG, very, very BIG!!! and connected to the ebola false flag. . . ~J

  1. tom sims says:

    i read onThe Extinction Protocol that some were letting wild dogs eat the dead ebola victims the religious aspects aside dogs can not catch the illness meaning they show no symptons and have no over all ill effects from it but they become carriers of the virus and then they can spread it false flag ya i think they new what was going on and i do not buy the idea they did not have a spare dumpster and a few gallons of gasoline even just the gasoline and some scarp wood rather it be from native trees locally or broken or infected future they knew what they what they should have done and we all know they had the resources do it i am pretty sure a neighboring country would be more then happy to donate some oil for this effort considering the stakes but nope tossing infected ebola bodies out like trash ya this goes all the way up and down the chain of command over there the upper part of the command ordered this action and the lower levels followed through with it and a bit surprising is somebody did not shoot these guys on the spot for following through with it but maybe they did that after the fact because we are now hearing about it public vigilantes are very common in these 3rd world countries because the police are the problem not the solution and when the police step over a certain line they get a civil war or at least lose a few of their own i think that should serve as a notice to the police in the states

  2. Captain says:

    US Politicans HAVE to pledge support to Israel to get campaign funds… see below. Meanwhile Israel gets $18.5 Million per ‘DAY in free US Foreign Aid, and $3 Billion per year to their military, and Senate Just approved another half Billion (pushed by Harry Reid of NV)… see Veterans Today for that.

    • Captain… yes, I saw that video with Cynthia McKinney. It’s not really news, but may serve to awaken a few more people.

      We know the American representatives are not free to support their constituencies’ wishes. It’s all control, blackmail, bribe or you’re out.

      That’s why even mentioning Republicans, Democrats or any other party is moot. It makes no difference. They’ve got people so neatly arranged in their little boxes (divided), fighting with each other over who did what, campaign promises, and funding and they don’t even see they’re being manipulated.

      The entire government is controlled and until the cabal is eliminated, there will be no change. They will ignore what is right for The People and find a way to do what serves their greater agenda.

  3. Anold says:

    If I may, could somebody, like one close enough to know (Cobra?), please explain something? Maybe it’s not done that way, or I’m getting it all wrong. The cabal is everybody standing in the way of the “Event” from happening. The “Source” says the “Event” can’t happen until the cabal is removed. They cannot intervene because it is free will/choice. Free will for them standing in our way of having the Event happen? Doesn’t the Source have the power, at least at this point, to pretty much say (pardon the french) “screw you”, move them out of the way, and get on with it? How many innocent people have to get hurt or be killed? Seems to me, so much for free will. And how much of the crime, etc on the local level is cabal/dark related?

    Thank you for turning the comments on. Seems this is the first opportunity to I’ve had to do so. I have a thousand questions to what is going on, and would like to get answers from trusted sources like Cobra, etc. But I also understand and respect there are millions of others looking for the same answers, and the sources are too busy. The answers are going to come in due time, and as much as I crave them, I am okay with waiting.

    • Anold… we are told that the benevolent ETs—although they have wondrous technologies—are not able to work miracles to evict the cabal. Cobra tells us the dark ones have hidden strangelet nuclear bombs in many cities, and they are not easily disarmed like other weapons.

      The cabal is highly volatile at the moment because they know their time is short and they might do something to take out massive numbers of people—probably in the cities with the bombs in them… so, until the allies can neutralize the cabal by removing the archons and the bombs, they have to tread carefully.

      Once it is safe for all concerned, then The Event will be triggered and the mass arrests will take place, the financial system will be reset, and things will improve.

      That is the story, and no one has said it’s a lie. I believe if the allies could remove the cabal safely, they would have already done so. It’s a waiting game now. Hope that helps.

  4. Christine Winnan says:

    excellent article which will be widely distributed on my networks

  5. paul donaldson says:

    the pharmucatical drug companies and there doctors have disciplenary teams that watch out when humans start to slow down and not be part of the movieworld. i myself am out of the spaceprogrammes and the cia and there pyscho drugs, been off them for 4 months, these teams still pester me, hospitals and the end of runways, thats not for me.

  6. Anold says:

    Greetings. Thank you for all you do. For myself, 99% of cabal, etc doesn’t come as any real surprise to me, as I learned it initially through David Icke about 20 years ago. I only learned about the Light work two years ago on a whim Google search, and since then, this site is one of very few I check daily. One question…is Obama himself really behind a lot of what is going on, or does he have his hands tied by the cabal? I read somewhere where Congress intentionally blocked his every move, and whatever did get through, it’s their version, not his, and getting a bad rap for it. Maybe the executive orders are the only other legal way of getting anything done? Like so many, the Event cannot come soon enough. At least on a local level, it seems things are getting more insane. How long before we can actually see it happening?

    • Anold, thank you,and I applaud you for having been awake for so long. I wish I had a definite answer for you, but frankly, I don’t believe anyone knows for certain when our liberation will come. It seems to be contingent on multiple factors. We just keep watching… And waiting… And hoping… And meditating, but feel it is very near.

  7. Jean says:

    I have just updated this post with photos. . . sorry, don’t know how I missed them . . . a first, I think. . . hope you’ll check them out . . . ~J

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