The Facts Behind the Ebola Hoax Pt. 2 from Removing the Shackles

Dani is an ex-army medic, so she knows of what she speaks, and elucidates on the absurdity of the facts streaming from the lamestream media to shape the beliefs and hone the fears of the unsuspecting public.

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When is Ebola not Ebola? … When it walks off an airplane

Aug 4, 2014

As I pressed the “publish” button on yesterdays Ebola article, I knew that there were several more facts and pieces of information to bring to the public’s attention.  Here is part II of

The Ebola Outbreak: The “Pandemic” that isn’t.

The more news articles I read, the more blatant the lies and deception become.  The main stream media seems to of been caught in their tracks with their “Ebola is an airborne (aerosol) virus” lies and are now quickly backtracking and setting the record straight on that fact.  The Associated Press released this article on 5 things you need to know about the Ebola outbreak, and while they are still pushing the make-believe death toll numbers, at least they’ve come clean on the fact that while Ebola is a scary disease, it’s not something you can get while sitting on the subway, or walking around the shopping mall.

Below are a few articles that have been released in the past 24-36 hours.  I have highlighted the the major points in each and I will show you the path to the bigger questions that are begging to be answered.

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One thought on “The Facts Behind the Ebola Hoax Pt. 2 from Removing the Shackles

  1. Well, the one thing we do know is that msm loves to perpetuate ‘fear’, and within that fear people will let down their immune system, or do something about revving it up.

    That said, the article is excellent and certainly shows she’s done her homework. I do know medical terms, and yes, this was really long; however, she did hit the nail on the head. MSM is doing nothing more than fear mongering, and unless it’s hot, muggy and nasty, nothing should come of this.

    What we do not know is if there were ‘actually’ people that died. They could have been putting on just another show; because she’s right about they fact that they just don’t let these infected people board planes unless they fumigate them after they get off. Then it wouldn’t be proof they’d kill any lingering bugs. 🙂

    More proof this is a complete distortion, by media, is that Dr. Mercola has NOT mentioned a word about it. I get his emails daily, and he’s said nothing, yet. There’s always that possibility that he’s being paid to clam up; but then again, he picked up on all the H1N1, and other flu strains as being ‘hoaxy.’ The cabal may have gone in and restricted him from speaking about it. This would be a first, and maybe it’s because he ‘does know better.’…and they know how honest he was before about the ‘hoax’ vaccines for it, as well as the HPV debacle.

    I know one thing…they’ve kept us under ‘thick, and cold cloud cover’ (temps in the 60s here today – August???), to the point that I want to scream, for over a week, and I nearly did last night. The only time there were open spaces is when I was called outside, for the usual; then in the middle of the conversation, and after a few scout planes flew by, were quickly covered.

    ANYWAY, that’s not important; but the message was, “It’s ‘all’ a lie. Your government wants Martial Law.”

    So I can totally agree with all this information. Although, there is the nano-silver (2 tsp. per day) for anyone that feels more comfortable having something on hand. There’s not any virus or bacteria that has a defense for it, unless they’ve found a way to create one with it; and THAT is not even a possibility.

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