Thousands hit streets worldwide to demand end to Gaza violence (PHOTOS)

While I never know when to trust all the tragic news and photos, the fact that people are waking up and taking time out of their schedules to take a stand against the violence in Gaza is a GOOD thing. ~ BP

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Published time: August 03, 2014 12:03

Thousands of people have taken to the streets around the world over the weekend to protest Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip. The largest demonstrations were held in Australia, France and Chile.

New Israeli airstrike hits Gaza UN school, kills at least 10

Thousands of people gathered for a pro-Palestinian rally in Sydney, Australia on Sunday, calling for an immediate end to the Israeli military operation, which has so far cost the lives of over 1,700 Palestinians and 60 Israelis. They were chanting “Free, free Palestine.”

Many Jewish people around the world don’t support the Israeli crackdown on Gaza, Peter Slezak from Independent Australian Jewish Voices told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“The state of Israel does not represent all Jews,” Slezak said. “I am one of very many Jews who is horrified and deeply ashamed by what the Jewish state is doing in…

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  1. casandra says:

    it is all very well to demonstrate against ISRAEL but we have to include also USA that is helping the Jews to kill the palestinians so there are two countries involved.
    The best way to “hurt” USA and ISRAEL is BOYCOTTING their products !!! do NOT buy anything from a Jewish origin be that fruits…diamonds…gold…dresses educate yourself and learn about their products, think that every penny earned is OUR money supporting their evil ways.

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