US Government Owns EBOLA Patent! Smoking Gun!

Thanks, I think there are nearly as many posts about the Ebola false flag than MH17/370.

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8 thoughts on “US Government Owns EBOLA Patent! Smoking Gun!

  1. Kenneth says:

    That WHOLE ebola crap is nothing more FEAR porn…Plus “Informed” people already know that all you new to stay protected from ANY infection (Includinng AID’s; Cancer; Diabetes;) is Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol…I’ve been using it for 8 years and have NOT seen a sick day since then…not even headaches…Silver is a “Cure-All”, Period!

  2. Isn’t Monsanto the ‘sickest agency’ the in the U.S.? And, just as an interview I saw yesterday, with controlled by Jesuits, regarding the MH17 and others; who are, btw, the controllers of “everything.” This is a GREAT example of what they’re doing.

  3. Wow BP! This goes without saying, and is probably why Mike Adams reported the INTERESTED party, with investments in the VACCINE for Ebola…MONSANTO!! Heyyyyy, makes sense, eh? LOL How else could Monsanto KILL, without GMO? And I’ll bet anything you’d like, they THEY created that for Patent. The inventor is never seen, but is in the ‘blackness’ behind the curtains. What else is new? :/

  4. L:andofmind says:

    For a long time it was Bush’s fault and now it seems to be our Government’s fault or has a hand in it. Toledo, Ohio has a major water desease in thier Water Treatment Center that boiling won’t even help. If swallowed could lead to liver malfunction. 200 thousand plus are effected by this including Arm Force bases. Thousands woke up and drinked thier morning coffee and brushed before the Emergency came out. Thousands are ill but not seriously according to the local news that we all can trust! Strange things are purposley happening within the Governments Authority.

    • LandofMind, just saw that news this aft. Interesting. I also recall when several people died north of Toronto 12 years or so ago, supposedly when two brothers who worked at the water treatment plant were negligent and fecal matter from neighboring farms washed into the water table and runoff and then the town water supply after heavy rains. What caused this issue in Ohio? Could be similar, or not, but we’ll see. Heads up everyone.

  5. macdonalddon says:

    The US gov = Zionist Tyrants (ZT’s, the i is silent)

    Dig a little more and you will find their AIDA patent also.

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