Interview #2 with Capt. Mark Richards on Project Camelot [video]

If you liked the first interview, you’ll like this one, related by Kerry from notes she and Richards’ wife, Jo Ann, made at the prison.

I must say, he shares a lot of bizarre stuff, and much that disagrees with other information we’ve been given, but take it for what it’s worth.  ~ BP

Published on 1 Aug 2014

This is my 2nd interview with CAPTAIN MARK RICHARDS. This contains my recall backed by handwritten notes from on site in Vacaville Prison with the help of his wife, Jo Ann Richards.

I spent nearly 4 hours this time talking with him and have carefully chronicled his testimony to the best of my ability as closely to his own words as possible under the circumstances.

The subject matter covers the Secret Space Program and our relations with various ET races both on and off planet. Our current level of technology and the ET connection between governments around the world and the military.

I will be posting a copy of his recent letter detailing the location of the current INTERSTELLAR SPACE CENTERS on Planet Earth and also the lists of questions along with a copy of our notes taken during the interview.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot

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6 thoughts on “Interview #2 with Capt. Mark Richards on Project Camelot [video]

  1. vendo4151 says:

    I must be getting tired, .. geeez … one more time

  2. vendo4151 says:

    That’s the wrong utube? .. Let’s try this again. It works for me?


  3. vendo4151 says:

    I just listened to that program with James Gilliland interviewing Capt. Kaye with much difficulty. The sound quality was very poor, can’t recommend it. This is Capt. Kaye being interviewed by Michael Salla:

    This is Capt. Kaye”s (not real name) website:

    I see there that he is indorsed by Laura Eisenhower, and James sure does seem to be on board with him. He was invited back to his show asap.

  4. vendo4151 says:

    This seems odd to me. I just got a ECETI news alert in my inbox titled: Tonight on As You Wish talk radio. And inside it mentions another captain:

    Captain Kaye, Mars bases, regeneration technology, counter gravity, reptillian wars.

    Station 1 8pm pst

    • Vendo… sounds so similar to the Camelot material from Richards, doesn’t it?

      • vendo4151 says:

        Ya, .. well, … it stood out to me BP! .. Early next week that program will be available at James’ archives at BBS radio, where it can be easily listened to or downloaded. I know that because I do that often. So when it is available I will post the link here, … or at a current post here at this blog.

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