Dave Schmidt on How We Can Collectively Make Changes for the Better [video]

By now I think you can see  that for awhile I have not been posting all the usual, highly popular material I used to—because everyone else does, and as my time is limited, I prefer to bring things to light that perhaps don’t have as much of a spotlight on them.

Not that there is anything wrong with Sheldan Nidle updates, or Montague Keen, or Poof—there isn’t—but they get a lot of exposure on so many other blogs and websites you will no doubt run into them somewhere if they’re not already swirling around your inbox.

It’s great to see that Dave Schmidt has more going on than the RV/Global Currency Revaluation. He sounds like a decent leader if he’s coaching people how to co-create the world we desire and deserve.  ~ BP


As a Human Race We Collectively Create Our World. Dave Discusses How We Can Collectively Make Changes for the Better

There is no corresponding radio program this week. I am traveling and preparing for some upcoming events. I encourage you to watch/listen to the weekly video newsletter where I discusses how we can collectively participate in changing our world. The human mind is extremely powerful in the world experiences we create. I discusses how we can participate in bringing about a better world for all of us.

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2 thoughts on “Dave Schmidt on How We Can Collectively Make Changes for the Better [video]

  1. Judi says:

    If we give any of the crap going on in the world today any credence it gives it a chance to grow, however, if we sit on our Bo hinieys and do nothing, the genocide continues…so what the hell do we do?
    I am told to ignore it, I am told to rise above it. How do you do that when you see such wrongs being committed against innocent peoples?
    Hôw do you sit, and do nothing, when you see such abuse?
    Will we ever know the answer to this?
    I sure hope we will!

  2. Tigrr says:

    Youtube: Community Brief. PrepareForChange.net. Banking Reform And The Changeover Period

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