UFOs Over Toronto Caught On Tape

Toronto organizes an ET disclosure symposium and then the ships appear. Ask and ye shall receive. They’re heeeeere!

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The Huffington Post  | By Ed Mazza

Something was flying over Toronto on Saturday night, causing residents to contact police and take to social media with images and videos of lights in the sky.

“It was really high up, and was round, bright and shining,” Sarah Chun, who recorded videos of the lights with her iPad and posted them to YouTube, told the Toronto Star. “At first I thought it was stars or something, but it was too bright to be. I didn’t know what it was.”

Chun said the lights lasted for about 25 minutes.

“It kind of flew, and then disappeared,” she was quoted as saying.

Some witnesses posted photos to Twitter, including one taken before sunset that looks more like a bird than a flying saucer. Others posted images of a mysterious light hovering over the city:

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  1. Carlos Pinto says:

    I wonder if the 2 new craters in Russia have something to do with the alterations that are happening on Earth. Gaia is popping blisters.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here we are 7/28/2014 made it past all the numerology of Christine’s Cabal BS. Where does that leave us? Common Law Grand Jury, They are winning against the Vatican in Brussels, We can win here as well. Support Support Support. NLA. Emilio

  3. macdonalddon says:

    That was just Rob Ford abusing helium again.

  4. A really interesting video! The only thing I did see in the Tweet was a Bird. Well, it more of something to hope for.

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