ZNN: ET Contact is Closer Than You Think

Yes, please, let’s speed up the process. Enough with the lies and absurd coverups.

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Watergate Lawyer and Washington DC Activist Talk ET Contact at Toronto Conference

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UFO_EarthToronto [ZNN] The ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork has learned that a Toronto based group has managed to obtain the legal services of a US Watergate-Pentagon Papers lawyer and a Washington DC lobbyist to promote their cause to convince the general public that UFOs are real and that ET contact is imminent.

In this extraordinary Canadian news development, the Toronto group has informed ZNN that it will present unassailable evidence that not only is the phenomenon of UFOs real – but governments around the planet have sequestered this information from the public.

To prove their point this Toronto based group is set to hold what is being promoted as an Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Consciousness Connection Retreat north of Toronto Ontario from August 28th to August 31st.

In speaking with representatives from this one-of-a-kind retreat, it has emerged the…

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14 thoughts on “ZNN: ET Contact is Closer Than You Think

  1. Demitra M. N. says:

    There must be a marked difference between how we perceive the passage of time compared to those who are above 3D and experiencing life from a more expanded consciousness perception level. I image it must be as different between us and them as it is between us and life-forms still resonating at 2D. We probably have to experience the difference first hand to fully appreciate that time is not as rigid and inflexible for them as it is for us at our level of reality. Hence, we want a date and a time and they just can’t give it.

    I saw the movie “Lucy” yesterday and while I would probably not recommend it to the average person for it’s underlying hidden message which, in my opinion, has nothing to do with a drug high and everything to do with the natural evolution of consciousness, I do recommend it to those who are on the “ascension train” and who are feeling their own consciousness breaking out of the constraints and limits of the 3D box.


  2. Demitra M. N. says:

    A trillion years to heal, you say? No more patience, you say?

    What if time doesn’t work the way we imagine it does and it can be compressed and/or expanded with the right technology or right state of mind?

    What if more advanced civilizations know this science and are more than willing to share it with us when the time is right (or maybe they already have and this is what we’re tripping on right now)?

    What if time travel IS possible and we can jump ahead trillions of years when we decide to?

    What if, because we know all these things are possible and because we’ve “been there and done that” all before, we decided THis time we wanted to take in every last ray of light from the Last Days’ sunset, and follow it up with the first rays of light from the New Days’ sunrise?

    And what IF we are the ‘One’ sitting in the darkened movie-theatre mulling over the many scenes, watching the credits roll? — there sure were many people involved in the making of this particular production; we could be here a while longer..

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never left a movie theatre until the lights came back on. Often the theatre attendents are sweeping up the floors around me. Why do I do this? — once in a while the film editors slip in a short scene right at the end and I want to catch it. Sometimes the scene is relevant to the movie, and sometimes it’s just a humourous outtake (a blooper) but sometimes I catch a fleeting message or a name on the screen that is meaningful only to me. So… me, I wouldn’t want to have stayed through an epic production such as this one, and then miss out on those last few minutes just before the lights come on.

    • Demitra…I’m with you. I believe anything is possible, and if we try to plan our future using our current understanding of how things work, we’re wasting our time. I say wait and see. All will be repaired and new again. I think we place too much attention on the physical. 3D density and physical is not where it’s at. We’re leaving this behind for a new realm of possibilities.

  3. macdonalddon says:

    Personally, I get bad vibes from Greer.

  4. I can hear that, BP!! I know we that have accepted the truth are faring far better than those who cannot, or will not because it upsets their reality. That being said, I also know what I saw in the skies, as when I was told to go out there, spotted the ship, then saw the circle of ‘one’, and ‘wow’ at the event there. It was amazing..but ‘who’ is it; why the continued information ‘and’ disinformation?

    You’re right…people such as we are tired of the experiment on HUmanity, and I for one want to go ‘home’ – to the New Earth that is waiting for us. And as an aside, from the information I received it will take ‘no less’ than 1 trillion years for this planet to heal itself; to take back into ‘its-self’ all that has been withdrawn from it, and put into it by those who are ‘insane’ with control. Just the radiation alone will take some 500 thousand years to clear naturally.

    ET’s or not, they cannot ‘do’ everything, this included.

  5. Demitra M. N. says:

    What with all the attempts made to date, I fully understand how doubt can creep in, Lea, but we do have to remember that there’s something to be said for “when all else fails, try, try again” AND “practice makes perfect”.
    Forgive the cliches — I know sometimes everything just stinks and doesn’t look like it will ever get any better but I really do believe that the Light now has the upper-hand and we are on an upswing. Every day, month, year that passes, our power is indeed increasing and edging the old paradigm right out the door (or right off the edge, if our world is Flat after all 😉 ).

  6. All of the things the article speaks of, Dr. Stephen Greer has been attempting to accomplish for ‘years’ now, and it was HE that had that press conference, first. Even with his movie out, does anyone ‘truly believe’ the Watergate attorney will fare any different? I didn’t know the guy was still alive, with everyone from else dead at this point, including Nixon. I recall seeing Nixon at the high school when I was still at home, and 17 years old, and I’m 64 now. The attorney had to be in his late 20’s or early 30’s at that time. That’s 47 years ago, folks! Do you really want to believe that guy is still kicking and can ‘remember everything?’ Wow – go for it. 🙂

    Seems a bit far fetched to me…Sorry – but what I’m continuing to see are a plethora of ‘mixed messages’ to keep the population very confused; some to the point of dismay, and others ‘staggering’ for more truth in hopes of the ET saviors coming along, without their own, agreed to agenda.

    So in essence I guess my questions are how many more ‘decades’ does humanity have within the Matrix I call near impossible to break through? We’ve gone through this long enough, and I distinctly remember Dr. Dan Burish stating that, “The ETs said we have to save ourselves.”…and ‘that’ I do believe. And with over half the population still with their heads in the sand…it could be LONG after our demise these things come to pass. Never forget…the Pleiadians believe in population control, AND told Billy Meier that the planet was only engineered for 500,000 million people. Sound pretty cabal to me. Just sayin’.

  7. Laura Legere says:

    About time. There is also a Mt Shasta ET retreat September 12 – 14th with James Gilliland and company. http://michaelellegion.com/internet/Mt_Shasta_Retreat.html

  8. Nick says:

    “Both Sheldan Nidle and Tolec have spoken of severe Earth changes to come, and she mentions Yellowstone.”,,,,and then we take another look at “The Galactic Federation of Light,,, and the Andromeda Council;” as Being ‘”In the Dark” themselves as to the Demiurge” controller,,, Thankfully we have only a a year or so to go before One puts It’s foot down,,,

    • Nick… another year or so? I’m done. I’m not doing this for another year or so. I believe The Event will happen much sooner than 2016. Hear that, “One”?!! Just do it! We are sick to death of this waiting for the games to be over. We are no longer willing to be part of any experiment. We want the dark gone, once and for all—NOW!!!!!

  9. Nick says:


    I think I sent some of Sophia’s links earlier,,sorry ,,long day, but so much of this ties into The Lie NASA Told that I had to re-send that you might take time to read more,,,unless of course you’re way ahead of me,,, All comes when required!

    Love, Nick

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