The MH370 / MH17 Connection Explained?

A reader (thank you Wolfgang) left this comment last night and I found it particularly interesting since on July 18 I shared my own opinion on this scenario, saying the false flag was staged with a ‘dummy’ aircraft—probably Flight 370. Why else would they have commandeered MH370? They plan everything well in advance and leave little to chance.

As for all the channels who said MH370 had been popped into another dimension and were safe and sound? How about mind control? It occurred to me that that information was planted in the minds of the channels, since so many told us the same thing. Some day we’ll know.

If you chew on this info below, perhaps it will resonate with you, as well.

And then you may want to read this update from HumansAreFree , entitled, “Busted! MH17 Was in Fact the “lost” flight MH370—Updates”.   ~ BP


“Some anonymous but reliable source wants us to know that the aircraft that was recently shot down near the Russian Boarder was actually the original Boing 777 (Fight MH 370) that so miraculously disappeared in March of this year.

According to the source this is what actually happened: The entire scheme was a combined initiative by the “Reptilians” and the “Cabal.” The “Reptilians” were in need of more abductees and the “Cabal” was in need of eliminating some key figures interfering in their efforts to own some very important patent rights.

After the legendary aircraft MH 370 vanished from the Radar Screens, it was commanded to fly to the US military base known as “Diego Garcia.” Most “Youtubers” may remember the secret cell phone message from one of the 239 passengers (Phillip Woods) which experts were able to trace as having originated from that base.

From there, apparently with some altered paint scheme, the same plane with all its passengers was flown to Kyrgyzstan, a country near, but southwest of Russia. All the passengers were than transported into underground tunnel systems and handed over to the “Reptilians.” What the fate of those passengers is I don’t dare speculate.

The “Cabal” having accomplished its most sinister mission, was now faced with the problem of how to get rid of the plane.

Remember the “Cabal’s” saying: “Never let a crisis go to waste”. So, by modifying the flight controls of the MH 370 so it could be flown by
“wire,” i.e. with no pilot on board, and then staging a shoot-down by a surface-to-air missile they accomplished two things.

Number one, they got rid of the MH 370 aircraft once for all; and number two they could blame Russia for the evil deed, and hopefully, who knows, get some war activity out of this. That is their evil thinking.

The peculiar situation about this shoot-down is that the flight data recorders from the engines and cockpit were immediately confiscated.
Plenty of pictures of aircraft debris was shown but no dead bodies.

Also, there were no multitudes of people protesting at the MA-OFFICE. [Malaysian Airlines]

While I cannot verify the absolute truth of the shared information, but it certainly makes lot of sense.”

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18 thoughts on “The MH370 / MH17 Connection Explained?

  1. Mike says:

    Lmao thanks everyone. I’ll get my anchorman outfit ready to go next time.

  2. Demitra M. N. says:

    ..hahah.. thanks, Mike!.. thing’s have gotten so twisted-up these days that only a cockamamie belly-laugh can instantly unravel and soothe. 😉

  3. deb says:

    You are now my new favorite news anchor person, Mike! A perfect summarization.

  4. Mike says:

    Ok I need to recap here… Flight 370 was diverted to Diego Garcia which was proven by a man who hid his iPhone in his rectum. Later on that man was shown to be an actor who has played roles in other “conspiracies.” Flight 370 was then shown to have crashed in the Indian ocean by a private company later on, though there were claims that it was in a terrorist base in Afghanistan and now is said to have been flown to Kyrgyzstan to be used as a decoy for the flight 17 crash. Oh, lets not forget the claims by people like Sheldan Nidle that the plane was actually abducted to keep it from being shot down by experimental military weaponry. Flight 17 was an aircraft that was shot down by the, as the claims go, Russians, Ukrainians, US, and other random NATO members who have capable fighter aircraft or SAM’s. There were 283 people on board who were all victims but they weren’t actually people because they were bodies from the morgue, wait no, they are now people again and we should mourn their loss. The passports found were all fake because the bodies were fake but wait, they must be real now because the bodies are real. The plane was real, I mean fake, because it was remotely flown to the crash site. Hold on, the people were actually real, the plane was just rigged to fly to FL400 and slowly decompress the cabin to starve its occupants of oxygen. Scratch that, they were real again. The plane is actually flight 370 that was flown to a remote location. The passengers were then unloaded and given to the evil underground hybrid snake people while the plane was rigged to be flown remotely and filled with cadavers only this all never happened and the plane was really flight 17 that had live persons on board and we should mourn their loss. Got it.

  5. ulpu says:

    And where did all the bodies raining down come from… Thin air?

  6. deb says:

    Bingo! …on your mind control realization. Throw in their dream control, walking, talking, driving, daydreaming and GOD KNOWS what else, and you now enter the world “they” subject me to. And I’m not the only one. Wanderer is right, absolutely, on one thing-a “higher than all this” is why I, personally, am still alive. If my microcosm experience equates to earth macrocosm…Always, always, be on alert to this influence, and a part of my “message” will have been understood. Pure, Holy, DiviineSupreme Creator of all that is, in Jesus’ name, provide us with EVERY resource, seen and unseen, known and unknown, we need to overcome. Thank you for your time in keeping ius up on all this.

  7. macdonalddon says:

    “And then you may want to read this update from Pakalert, if your PC will cooperate. I have to use my iPad to go to Pakalert. ~ BP”

    BP, every time I enter that site my pc is shut down.

    Ant chance of copying the relevant text here ?


  8. Kenneth says:

    WHY??? Is somebody on this site still trying to sell us this story that there was an actual shoot down and crash of this flight (MH17)?
    The flight manefest in the airport clearly showed there was NO such flight…It was “Cancelled”! If there was NO Flight, HOW do you have a crash??? OBVIOUSLY, this whole story is BS…and YES, I do believe that the old flight 370 was highjacked…torn into pieces and strewn along a road with efforts to try and prove it was Flight 17…Only they screwed up when they showed a supposed shoot down and crash with all those FAKE videos they showed…the one with a plane going down with one engine on fire (which wasn’t a boeing 777 at all) about to hit the ground at jet speed, straight down was an obvious fake…You don’t see a smoke trail on the way down just before the it crashes into a Fireball.
    High Impact air crashes ALWAYS discentigrate when hitting the ground at that speed (So do the bodies!) with VERY little debrease left more than the size tiny and very small pieces (NO Whole sections left)!
    A JET plane weighing over 300 tons slams into the ground at a probable 400 to 600 mph, or even more is NOT going to stay whole at all…plus the fire would burnt EVERYTHING into blacken scraps!
    Yet we see so many videos of this obviously FAKED crash site as showing as if the plane either blew up BEFORE hitting the ground, or just crash landed!…Folks that’s THREE different scenarios being shown here…THAT MAKES THE WHOLE SCAM IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE HAPPENED AT ALL!
    ALL, that body shots were Faked…some Not even real people at all…the “Cadavers” could have been picked from various morges all around the globe…Hollywood type crash scenes!
    So WHY is someone still trying to sell this CRAP to US???

  9. Edie Wall says:

    FYI: Resource

    Re: channelers messages being created/dictated or intercepted by Cabal or CIA , there is a book ( he is also on You Tube) by Robert Duncan, “Project Soul Catcher” in which he gives info on this and types of psychic and high tech stalking and intercepting of information and much on mind control. This author appears to be very well informed and he has a background to support his knowledge.

    With gratitude


    Love , feed, and appreciate your relationship with the Universe and IT will reciprocate.


  10. urantia55 says:

    Yep, makes sense..heard reports though that there were bodies found but they were decomposed..not freshly dead.

  11. Anonymous says:

    There are no more Reptilians on this planet.

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