More on Flight MH17 / MH370, Cleansing and Possible Events to Come [audio]

Thanks, Nick. Some interesting stuff here from Sophia, particularly with respect to MH17 and MH370.

While I don’t personally take biblical prophecy terribly seriously, some do.

Both Sheldan Nidle and Tolec have spoken of severe Earth changes to come, and she mentions Yellowstone.

I guess being on Starship Earth at this time is a roll of the dice. I heard tell there would be thousands of people leaving the planet prior to Ascension in various ways of their souls’ choosing. That, at least, has been and continues to be true.

I prefer to maintain a positive outlook and see the multitude of developments in favour of The People as testament to our awakening and reaffirmation of our personal power.

We have Jews in New York protesting the merciless terrorism in Gaza and I hope it works because when I visited BPEarthwatch and saw the videos there of what’s happening to the Palestinians I had to leave. 

I continue to expect the best, because in each moment we are co-creators of our future, and I abhor spreading doom and gloom, but awareness is important. Besides, inquiring minds want to know!

To that end, I share this audio of a Hagmann and Hagmann interview from July 26th with Dave Hodges.

It’s three hours long, but loaded with intriguing information, analyses and opinion.  They discuss interesting aspects of military personnel movements, the Navy, sonar, deployment of ships, China, the grid, and more from inside sources.

They discuss the UN at the southern US border, agents put on desk duty to make room for the UN personnel to man the entry points… I recall Drake mentioning that if you see blue uniforms, it’s the UN and that’s when it’s time to get worried. He said Americans have nothing to fear from their own military.

These three put a LOT of puzzle pieces in place in short order. Time will tell if they’ve arranged them correctly or not.

Interesting that they have this opinion on the Navy sonar weapons because a petition submitted to stop the sonar testing, and a demand from California and other states to cease this activity was refused and the Navy said they would do whatever they wanted. This might explain their heavy-handed stance on such an important issue.

I only got 30 minutes into the interview so far but it’s fascinating grist for the mill.  ~ BP


July 24th update

from Sophia…

I will add another set of information which I received from One, when I asked about number 7.

“This plane crash is a very complicated event, it could have been avoided, but because many here still prefer to understand Creation through violence, this event took place.”

The big play on numbers was done by freemasons of “grand masonic lodge of Washington”, unfortunately People would not find it out for now.

As One told this event was in preparation for a long time and this MH17 and MH370 were meant to start a world war 3.

I was shown information that indeed such preparation is from a long ago as first flight of this plane was made also on 17th of july and in 1997, that is 17 solar cycles ago! Here is a link to this article
Click here.

And like it is said there, TWA Flight 800 crashed as well on 17th july 1996.

And more to this One told me that number 17, repeated several times points to Revelation 17 of the bible, and that is the judgement of a “woman” that is known as “Mystery – Babylon the Great”.

I understand what One meant, as I knew this story and I knew that this “woman” is America.

This prophecy was made long ago and it was not meant as something “unavoidable”, this was meant as a warning to Humanity, that all of this: beast system, mark of the beast, and whole this judgement could be avoided, yet because Humanity chose a path of fulfilling this prophecy through many generations, this is how it will happen partially (not completely).

Not completely, meant that Apocalypse will not take place and United States will not be “destroyed” as it is said there, but whole system and industry of U.S. might be severely damaged, so that illuminati order could be stopped.

Yellowstone awakening would be the first of such strikes to the infrastructure of this government. As well possible is small conflict within U.S. both by People of U.S. and foreign armies. All of this would be meant to liberate this country and stop the plan of illuminati (they were given many chances to surrender, yet they refused).

This warning in Revelation was given by demiurge as I know (as a part of this whole experiment), but One played part in this as well. Demiurge knew that Humanity would choose this path, but One intended Humanity to choose it’s own path and count this only as a possibility. Due to huge influence and fear of these biggest religions the thinking of big judgement and coming “savior” had encoded itself in whole Human Society.

We are awaiting for Moment of Justice or this Judgement of Revelation, what I can say for sure, is that with this plane tragedy, it is now even closer. Illuminati families are responsible for all People from plane that passed away. The whole plane scenario is now playing negatively on illuminati and U.S. government, People around the world are losing trust in these entities and so they are falling apart. Their allies are abandoning them and their lies are becoming more obvious with each passing moment of time.

As You remember after this Judgement will come “Savior”, this is meant here that a New World will be born.


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I'm a Canadian freelance writer living near Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the 2012 phenomenon, spirituality, and wellness & nutrition. Over the past 8 years I've learned what our spiritual upgrade is REALLY all about and have access to insider information not shared in the mainstream media. I aim to dispel the myths and disinformation around The Shift and Ascension and help bring the world Truth. It is time. Welcome... and I hope this blog makes a difference in your spiritual liberation. ~ Molly A. Chapman

10 thoughts on “More on Flight MH17 / MH370, Cleansing and Possible Events to Come [audio]

  1. Demitra M. N. says:

    Hi Bernard.. would you be able to name the specific teachings you are refering to? Are they the organized teachings of a particular group or are you talking about ancient ideas and principles in general. Thanks.

  2. Bernard R. Hall says:

    The teachings of the ancients are still here, being taught to those who are ready and prepared for those teachings. I served as an infantryman in the Korean war starting at the age of 17. Because of the experiences had (UFOs-seeing so much death, etc.) I started my research to gain an understanding of those experiences in 1955. In 1961 I was introduced to those teachings of the ancient mystery schools of the ancients. I have been a student for 53 years, and the things that I experienced has enriched my life more than words can express.

  3. Spock says:

    @Leahanna – i can understand what you are saying !
    I guess that we all, that run this information “pipeline” today, came here to right the wrongs of this world. I experience the same from time to time, but in looking back i am happy that there is / was the one and the other that listened and are now able to find the truth by themselves. The seeds we sowed don’t grow all at once, but some do and it is a constant process that could not be stopped anymore. Ignorant people are often fearful people – deep inside they know something is totally wrong with this reality and they try to close their eyes in front of the truth – but they also will come to a point when they have to decide if they live a lie or live the truth, believe me !
    We have walked a long way – now we are close to the finishing line. Never give up, because only the truth will set us free !

  4. “This plane crash is a very complicated event, it could have been avoided, but because many here still prefer to understand Creation through violence, this event took place.” Sophia

    This IS one of the major issues that’s continues to lurk throughout the planet. The cabal has the people so hypnotized into believing that the ‘only way’ to stop violence is with more violence, which includes the ‘must war for no reason, to create ‘hate’ and separation.’

    I do believe we’ve all had enough of those days, and need the truth. But the strangest thing last night when I was at my nephews 60th birthday bash. When talking with my niece, and her neighbor it’s impossible to convince them that all these events are nothing more than ‘planned events’. One of them said, “It’s nothing but propaganda.” My response was…yes, but you’ve just chosen the wrong side. The other said, “Look, I’m here to live my life, to do the best I can and sometimes, ignorance is bliss.” So, I left it at that.

    I’m tired of trying to wake people up, especially when they’ll look no further than the MSM for their information…and you know that has to be true when they still believe they have their votes counted. Maybe that’s when I should have told them I found out my deceased parents also voted…democrat (that they never did). But they wouldn’t have believed that either.

    Stressing that people really need to wake up, my elder sister (76 y.o.) is reading about ‘what else is out there.’ I’d sent her “The Enlightenment” plus she bought a book by a neurosurgeon, the topic being about people who have died while in surgery, and have come back with ‘astounding information’ that has come to pass.

    With my own experiences I’ve found that some of the information is accurate, and other stuff ‘not so much, if at all.’ Granted, I’m really tired of hearing what ‘dead guys’ are saying, ‘what this angel or that saint,’ or the this and that of the ‘ETs’ are saying because even with my own communication that is supposed to be unique to me…in all honesty, I don’t have a clue as to WHOM is speaking from within anymore…nor their agenda. All I know is I’ve about had it with believing one thing or another, either way.

    With so many out there not accepting the truth, it makes me just wanna give it all up.

    Everyone ‘has to know’ that if the teachings of the ancients would have been in our hands, and not that of the cabal or the vatican, of which I consider it a major part of their control grid, then we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  5. macdonalddon says:

    ” We have Jews in New York protesting the merciless terrorism in Gaza… ”

    This really exposes all those Hollywood pseudo jews for what they really are – zionists.

    Else, they would be using their platform and “celebrity” to the protest the genocide in Palastine.

  6. Spock says:

    Hi Molly !

    Yes, that is true.
    it is the basis of their sick agenda – when that ground breaks, they fall deep into the pit – no way out for them…

  7. Ines Radman says:

    This confirms what I have been feeling lately. I can’t say I am looking forward to it, but I know we have to go through this and let’s just hope it’s not Yellowstone, it will affect the whole planet, cause a nuclear winter and food shortages. Maybe a huge sink hole will appear under Israel.

  8. Spock says:

    This is not different than all the other deceits and lies of these madmen have been. Today i found a posting from “kauilapele” that was removed some hours after it appeared – telling the true history of the 2nd world war…very disturbing and totally different than we have been told by the brainwashers !
    I will not post the original link from those films he gave us (about 6 hours of detailed material) because “kauliapele” was obviously forced to remove the post after he shared it with the world – but i can tell you that the history of the 2nd world war was very different than what we have been brainwashed to believe…
    So it is no wonder what One explained here, that the flight MH17- MH370 was an attempt to start another world war, that the “prophecy managers” so desperately want and have worked for since centuries…

    • Spock…I heard several years ago that the holocaust didn’t happen and as you can imagine, that was very upsetting to some people. Just as it is upsetting when we say Flight 17 was a staged event, Sandy Hook never saw the death of anyone, the Boston Bombing was a hoax… they won’t believe until they’re ready to believe, and there will be nothing stopping the truth at some point.

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