Tolec Update on Current Events, ET Intervention, and an Update from The Andromeda Council

Here’s a comprehensive and fascinating update from the perspective of the Andromedans and their spokesman, Tolec.  Much appreciated, Tolec. This is exactly what the awakened community—particularly the RECENTLY awakened community—needs to hear.

I think this further underscores the fact that we must soldier on in our efforts to awaken people to the point that they will recognize there is a problem, and that we must take whatever steps we are personally able to move this awakening forward, and stop the oppressors.

Whether that involves getting someone to sign a petition or volunteer to be trained as a member of the Common Law Grand Jury, or call their senator—we needn’t burden the sleeping ones with the entire sordid and difficult-to-believe story to get them to take action in one area where they feel guided to go.

Unloading on them will only work against us—and them—but once they get started they may learn more from others which will lead them down their path of awakening to other aspects of the planetary situation. I don’t believe everyone is a lost cause in this regard. Those who choose to remain in dreamland will do so.

While our galactic brethren are NOT going to step in and fix everything for us, they have done much already as Tolec recaps here, that we are technologically incapable of tackling which paves the way for us to do what we can. The Star Nations are here to help us help ourselves.  ~ BP


Tolec concurs & comments on David Wilcock’s 07.22.14 thoughts re: Benjamin Fulford, the failing Cabal, and benevolent ET assistance.

Note: Part II of this paper is a contemporary, current summary update by Nahiska, Head of Defense, for the Andromeda Council. [See link below Part 1 to that portion.]

​by Tolec, Andromeda Council

Thursday, August 24, 2014

Part I. Tolec concurs & comments on David Wilcock’s 07.22.14 thoughts.

Part II. A contemporary summary update by Nahiska, Head of Defense, for the Andromeda Council.

With great conscience – I concur regarding David Wilcock’s dream interpretations & assessment of these current times, as well as acknowledgement of some of what Preston James & Gordon Duff are saying. It is with great personal experience & insight into the ‘inner workings’ of the global financial ‘world’, and very recent meetings I’ve had on the Andromeda Council primary biosphere, I can tell you that change is happening, more changes are coming… and benevolent ET assistance, on the part of many people who hold a variety of roles including within the security & defense structure of the Andromeda Council… continues to happen.

Ridding the Earth of some really bad human ‘lieutenants’ at the top of the power structure [of a Reptilian ruled & operated “Cabal”] is a top priority. It is also part of the higher frequency decision making & evolvement of Earth’s people. For why this information is all relevant, please see the web link – “The Hard Reality & A Difficult Truth”… especially the part of this white paper titled – “The complete infiltration, infestation, corruption & control of our global society” – to learn about the global Reptilian infestation, manipulation, power control and abuse of the people of this planet.

Because of my own professional work in the 2000’s, I learned first hand about the kind of gross misconduct, lies, fraud, deceit, outright manipulation & theft of clients’ money by top global banking institutions [where Reptilian dominance of money, power & greed has had what is likely the worst effect among all top global industries] that has existed at the top levels of the global banking industry for years. You’ve likely read about this kind of malevolent behavior verified over the past couple of years, including very recently, on the part of the top global banks with them incurring hundreds of millions & billions of dollars in fines due to their extensive, pervasive, corrupt business practices… practices that are mostly hidden in multiple layers of bureaucracy, foolhardy massive leveraging, highly complex trading algorithms, programs & schemes, “dark pools”, toxic securities… and the list goes on. And, because of my personal career exposure to this corrupt mess, and my own ‘high level’ contacts… I have some considerable amount of insight into what is happening right now.

With the coordinated efforts of some aligned, very smart people in developing countries… people who want to help their own people & change the way things are done around the planet… people who are in positions of power around the globe who also recognize the need for change at the top of the power structure of the financial world; because of these people & their commitment – these changes are happening at a incredible pace… faster than can be imagined in the past… as evidenced by the recent founding of the BRICS Development Bank, now formally named the: “New Development Bank”. This new bank is an alternative to the World Bank / IMF / BIS ‘system’ whose obstructionist policies & protocols have dominated international banking for years… giving the U.S dollar a preeminent role, a hegemony, in monopolizing global money supply, oil & natural gas transactions… creating interest [profit] for & lining the pockets of people at the very top of the global power structure… when money could have & should have been used to help people in developing countries where money is so desperately needed for infrastructure development [ie. new electric/power sources & grids, clean alternative fuels, clean water, sanitation, roads, housing, schools, etc.]

It is believed that the organization of this alternative development bank is in fact a step forward in creating far greater balance in global finance… in saying ‘no more’ to the corrupt ‘powers that be/were’… who have so dominated global banking for years… where they actually restricted & retarded the growth of the very people they are supposed to serve. The creation of this development bank is just one more step marking the decline of the power of… the Cabal… who was not able to stop the establishment of this new bank… an alternative to the corrupt World Bank / IMF / BIS system.

As David Wilcock said, “…I do believe some form of divine intervention is required to actually clean up this mess due to how entrenched the power structure truly is. …The Cabal banked for a long time (literally and figuratively) on the idea that ETs will only watch what happens but are forbidden to intervene. That may have been true in the past, but the rules changed as of late 2011 when the ETs started portaling out a total of 28 underground facilities that we know of.”

David also said, “…So according to [Preston] James and [Gordon] Duffs’ [of Veteran’s Today] sources, the ETs have given the Cabal a final ultimatum. On the physical level I believe the creation of the BRICS bank not only creates an alternative infrastructure if the Cabal tries to torch the financial system — it also creates consent, on a spiritual level, for the ETs to intervene much more.”

“The ETs need our free-will permission to act. Until we were brave enough as a planet to step up and fight, and do something as tangible as to create this alternative financial infrastructure, the ETs couldn’t intervene as strongly as they can now that we’ve done the work. …It may still be some time before we understand the degree to which our extended family has assisted us through this whole process.”

Based on my own prior, very detailed reports beginning in the late summer of 2011 –

I first reported the destruction of a lattice networked underground base in the greater Washington D.C area [recorded as an earthquake on August 23, 2011] where the people of the Procyon star system, a senior member of the Andromeda Council, used highly focused, low frequency, sonic compression wave technology to collapse and destroy this underground base networked facility.

Further, I also reported in great detail direct efforts by the people of the Andromeda Council [each time, days ahead of when each action took place] to clear out, shutter, seal &/or destroy, at minimum fifteen (15) major facilities, large scale, Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea bases. There were other minor ones included in these 15 that were shut down as well. As a result – specifically with the last base that was destroyed, tens of thousands of Draco soldiers, and over 2,000 high ranking military officers & officials were captured & sent off planet to face an intergalactic Criminal Tribunal on the primary Andromeda Council biosphere for crimes against humanity of Earth… crimes for which they were found guilty, and punished.

So has there already been on-going benevolent ET ‘intervention’… directly addressing the problem at the very top of the “Cabal” hierarchy. But those actions were specifically directed at the Reptilian’s communications, operations & infrastructure… undersea bases with a military hierarchy & high level officials. Not human, Reptilian. And the good news is – it had the net effect of ‘cutting off of the head of the snake’… which created a power vacuum, loss of leadership and extensive in-fighting. This was the beginning of the Cabal’s collapse.

These actions on the part of the people of the Andromeda Council were allowable because it was a direct effort to remove an alien species [Reptilian] – its intrusion, interference, manipulation, control & abuse of the human race on planet Earth… which is a clear violation of all universal spiritual laws. The Reptilian actions are especially heinous because they have repeatedly, going back thousands of years, interfered with the natural evolution of humanity on this planet.

The remaining problem now is with certain ‘lieutenants’ for the Reptilians – Humans, and/or human/reptilian hybrids who for all purposes look human, who have globally held positions of great power in all major sectors of our society, especially in finance, government & media… for years… likely hundreds &/or thousands of years.

However, now in 2014, things are changing. Finally. Brave humans, employing their own free will, have decided that the long standing corruption of the Cabal run global banking system & the infrastructure that has supported it, needs change, an alternative, as evidenced by the establishment of this new development bank.

Yes, David Wilcock is correct in his assessment & dream interpretations. And, it is likely we will need continued help [intervention] from a benevolent, higher, “divine power”… to rid ourselves, to clean our global society, from years of an entrenched, malevolent power structure.

Even so, much is still yet to be accomplished. We as a society must continue to push forward. We must do more. We must take added responsibility, initiative & actions to reclaim our freedom, our lives & our planet… for our people, our children & our future. We must do these things if we are to evolve in a healthy balanced manner in all areas of our lives. And we must do these things… so that we may from a perspective of maturity & responsibly… be able to join a greater, intergalactic community of brothers & sisters across the cosmos. Ultimately, it is up to us. It is our choice, each & every one of us. What will you do?

So, for now, please pay close attention to many other aspects of our global society… as major changes continue to happen across our world, our home planet. Earth.

Andromeda Council

Read part 2 of Tolec’s post from The Andromeda Council…

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34 thoughts on “Tolec Update on Current Events, ET Intervention, and an Update from The Andromeda Council

  1. vendo4151 says:

    Sometimes spelling check works against me because if I don’t see any red then I think it’s all good. I meant Whoa, … as in trying to slow the horse down, that kind of thing. … Ya, .. I guess I am Mary Poppins now because I’ve been blasted so many times online, sometimes even people I thought were my friends. … So I just don’t really want to mess with anybody anymore on forums and comment sections. So if I smell conflict I exit stage left. And I’m from New England, you know how we are here mostly. Don’t think it’s like those stupid movies and TV they make in Southie, that’s not New England. People are expected to be reasonably nice even if they hate each other, .. lol

  2. Lenore says:

    Did I spell it wrong somewhere, whom… whom..? (for whom the bells toll, were you going there?)
    I was looking into spell check last night, I suck at spelling, worse at grammar, what can I say, 10th grade drop out, booya!
    That dumps “pure accuracy” right in the toilet…I’m dancing in the dark, Vendo.
    Lucked out, my father pulled me from all life formats, cause he knew about the lie early on.
    To my dismay at the time, didn’t fit in anywhere with that life style.
    But now, lucky me, the lights got turned on, cause he gave me the blue pill 🙂
    Speaking of blue pills….You all should go see LUCY(new movie)…..It’s an anthem to future consciousness and what it means to “Be everywhere at once” using full brain compacity….
    The wonderfully aware Luc Besson wrote and directed…..
    And Hey there, Cool Hand Luke Mr. Failure to communicate, I thought we were having fun here, didn’t expect you to turn into Mary Poppin’s. There’s nothing to excuse, and you didn’t bother anyone…
    You drove the car forward, now your backing up 🙂
    LET’S HAVE FUN….. K?

  3. Demitra M. N. says:

    Hey James.. you say it’s not possible for EVeryone to be right, but I’m inclined to disagree with you whole-heartedly.

    I believe our whole story is vast and complex, unfolding over thousands of years and involving a myriad of peoples, all arriving at different times and for different purposes. And so, depending on who you speak with, you’re going to get only one small telling to a much larger happening, at that given time.

    Essentially, it would be quite impossible for any one us to have the type of over-arching perspective required to describe the whole “Elephant” given the fact that even the most psychically sensitive and astute amongst us is hampered by the modicum of DNA strands we are each operating from. As a result, our individual perception is so narrow and restricted by our present “operating system’s” deficiency, we are necessarily dependant on each other’s perceptions and findings for seeing the greater bigger picture.

    Therefore, we are going to HAve to recognize at some point that every messenger IS very much delivering a piece of the overall puzzle. In this sense, should we find that we cannot fit a piece of the puzzle into place at a given time, it’s not because it is wrong and doesn’t belong, but rather, there are other still missing pieces waiting to be discovered and fitted in place FIRst before this one piece can claim it’s rightful spot.

    • Demitra… thank you. Well said.

      James, however, will not be here to rebut in his usual manner as I have decided he is not an asset to this blog and have grown weary of his personal attacks on me and his relentless smear campaigns of anyone he decides is not to be trusted.

      Farewell, James, and one day when you grow up and expand your mind rather than your ego, you will have something worthwhile to contribute. Until then, as soon as I see your name on a comment, I will delete it—unread. I wish it hadn’t come to this, but the rules are clear and you chose to ignore them, preferring, instead, that the spotlight shine on you and your grandiose ideas of who is the most discerning; who is wrong and who is right.

  4. Lenore says:

    Which percentage would you like to hold me to? Most all of life is subjectively experienced. How would I find the “pure accuracy” in that?
    Does that required pictures, witnesses and book deals?
    And Cobra is guarded for what I’ve been told are very good reasons.
    Hey, not everyone can be David Icke with a giant New Age powerpoint presentation, you can’t shut that guy up.
    Others, live their commitment, share a bit of it, and keep the rest to themselves. And people give them shit for it. Go figure….

    • vendo4151 says:

      Whom, whom, .. Lenore, .. I just said that it wouldn’t even dawn on me to do that. I’m sorry you are reacting this way, .. really. .. We seem to have a failure to communicate here. I only said that because you implied that people may not believe you. …….. So I guess I will have to try to explain myself, although it seems it will be too little too late now. … But OK, .. I myself have had a number a very vivid spiritual experiences of various kinds in my life. And I would not want to be held to anything or cross examined about it. If I relate it to someone, it is as I remember it, in the way that I remember it, and as I perceive it. It is the story that I am telling, and I wouldn’t claim more than that. …… I will not bother again, .. please excuse me.

  5. Lenore says:

    I just read a headline yesterday that said, “Scientists are baffled that the Sun is completely quite. And they don’t know what that means”.
    I had a chuckle over that, saying to myself, “what sun”….
    Real headline in some science on line journal…
    OK, I come in peace 🙂 and retract my comment of Tolec regurgitating..or any derogatory reference. Seems I had a visit last night from him and a very wise women he was with and they were letting me know their mission is on the up and up. Not that I’m so special, but I have been pretty darn astral as of late.
    I think it’s a jigsaw puzzle. And there are many pieces to the whole. And each piece is bringing it’s special effort, and each piece looks similar but is different, Including all of you.
    We do know there are disinformation artists out there so we always have to be on the lookout.
    Karen Hudes two days ago outed Ben Fulford as a Jesuit, when she felt under attack from him and others. Who knows, right, but he is soft of the Pope and the jubilee idea.
    “Things are getting hot in here!”
    But as BP and others have said, we are so much closer than we’ve ever been. And I’ve been waiting since the 70’s. It’s funny, a lot of my kind, the spiritual hippie type of the 70’s have actually given up, because the proverbial “It” never happened.
    But, won’t they be in for a glorious surprise. They’ll be able to shed their Yuppie cloths and apple products, and put back on their cotton gauze dresses, shirts and flowers in their hair!

    I tend to always be up all night, ever since I saw a huge ball of light in my back yard around 3:45 in the morning drop out of the sky and into the mountain side across the valley where I live. That did it. Since 2011 I’m a serious night owl walking my back yard a few times a night, sometimes with success 🙂 And last night in a sub sleep, I was talking to different people astrally just before dawn. That’s when Tolec stopped by. ( I know it sounds crazy, so you can disregard me if you want)
    And from what I was privileged to see last night, Yellow Rose is right on the money when she said, all the families are coming back together to find one another. It reminded me of Zion in the Matrix. There were several different races present. In the same gathering, all of like mind, getting ready.

    As far as Cobra goes, I’ve met him and know the command a bit. They are doing a very specific work. They are knights…warriors….guided by an extremely advanced loving being.
    They are mission oriented, and when the task is done, they will lay down their swords. Till then, they are one pointed. That’s why you don’t hear the whole story from him. That’s not his piece of the puzzle.
    Again, my 5 cents… it’s going up… :))

    • vendo4151 says:

      That’s a good story! I love a good story, and it wouldn’t even dawn on me to hold you to some percentage of pure accuracy. Some people can get so much out of 5 cents! .. I wonder what you could get out of a whole dollar! … You’ve met Cobra. I know a couple of people who know him, one knows him well. They are new agers and ET experiencers from way back, and serious people with a pedigree. Your opinion of Cobra dovetails well with theirs. One thing they would add is that even when the coast is clear you may have the wring the last of it out of him, … lol.

  6. James says:

    I just watched the BP Earthwatch video and he is saying that a large object was removed from above the image of the sun. This also corresponds with what Cobra has said that ET forces are keeping the sun calm right now. That video doesn’t say anything about a war in space or support the idea of there being a war in space.

    • James…in the video The Lie NASA Told, there is a clip from BPEarthwatch that shows weapons firing at the sun and he said that after he recorded it, NASA removed it from their footage, and he said, what the hell is going on around our sun? Why would they remove that?

      Don’t be too sure that Cobra tells the whole truth. He is protecting the operation and tells us what the Resistance Movement clears him to tell us. He is first a soldier, and second, a messenger. We have in no way, shape or form been told the truth about everything, and this is not a black and white world, as much as you might want it to be. It is mostly grey, and we have to accept that we will be told what the allies deem appropriate to tell us.

      • vendo4151 says:

        You are so right BP, and the grey is full of paradox. I always bare in mind the we are all to some degree tasty morsels in an energetic food chain on a wounded planet. Only the perfect are completely immune. And I remember compassion. I light a white candle. I think in terms of minding my own business. I think in terms of serving any way I am able to. I think in terms of bringing a lighter side where possible because there is so much that is heavy. …. I think you do a fine job here BP. So many moderators on blogs and yahoo groups are like tinfoil tyrants in their little kingdoms. But I see nor sense any of that whatsoever in you. You handle it very well .. 🙂 .. It is very difficult to be well understood through a few disconnected comments on a computer screen. Many will be very much misunderstood here.

  7. James says:

    BP, I also believe that YellowRose is mistaken (but at least she doesn’t pretend to represent space people like Tolec). Unlike you, I don’t believe that they can all be right since they are obviously saying different things. I know it is very new age to say that “everyone has their own truth”, but I don’t believe that. There can only be ONE objective Truth. And if YellowRose is right, then the others are wrong (practically everybody). If Cobra is right, then Tolec and YellowRose are wrong. You can’t have it all ways.
    But, of course, I am only giving my opinion. You don’t have to agree with me. At least I appreciate that you post my contradictory opinion. Recently, Neil Keenan made a video where he attacked Cobra and said Cobra is a fake. I wrote an opinion that Neil Keenan is the fake one, to Jean’s site “2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth”, and she refused to post it.

    • James…I am not going to publish any more comments that attack messengers. Period. That is not the purpose of this blog, or in allowing comments. It is a privilege to be able to comment, not a right, and I reserve the right to allow or disallow comments that I deem unproductive for the collective.

  8. Spock says:

    Wonderful !
    I think we are heading in the right direction – and “Yellow Rose” gives us the info, that starship earth has now reached the “Oort Cloud” – reuniting there with the “tree of life”.
    We live in very exciting times !

    • Spock… thank you for that uplifting comment. Yes, the allies are in the Oort cloud, as Cobra said, the Light has won the war and soon we shall be going home.

      Deb… I agree that we will all be surprised at the outcome. It can be no other way when we don’t and CAN’T understand what has happened and the nature of our reality and Truth.

      As Tolec has said, there simply aren’t words in the English language to describe everything that has been hidden. We will have to experience it for ourselves on the other side of the veil.

      If YellowRose is correct, then Earth is at the end of her mast and “tee’d” for flight. To use the golf analogy, we don’t know when the swing is coming that will put us on the green but it’s coming soon and it IS very exciting for those of us who know about it. Very exciting indeed, and thank you for the reminder, Spock.

      While things look dire in our reality, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Someone on a blog said that this week and it’s true. We’re nearly there. Staying out of fear keeps our vibrations high, visualizing our liberated Earth keeps our vibrations high, and sending love to all situations does as well.

  9. Wanderer says:

    Oh for crying out loud, vendo! Are you that fragile? I’m not insulting you. Take responsibility for your life. We all have to. Things are on far better ground now than they were 10 years ago. Me thinks you don’t really grasp what I’m talking about, but the intent was certainly not to insult you, but rather to empower. Lower vibrational energy can only affect lower vibrational energy. Rais your vibration. You are God in the flesh… we all are…. we just can’t remember. We’re not helpless and we outnumber the Cabal by leaps and bounds. Change your thinking, because that is the key to changing reality.

    • Wanderer…down boy. Some people are more “sensitive” than others. I am one. I know you don’t mean to offend, but I have to say that one or two of your past comments got my hackles up, too.

      Also, guys, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but talking to guys is a little different than talking to girls. We ARE the more gentle sex, in some ways, and generally prefer to speak more gently.

      Let’s not let the pressure drive us to each others’ throats. We all have our challenges to deal with and things are getting pretty volatile on this planet.

      Now, can we have a group hug and put this behind us, please? I love you all.

  10. deb says:

    Lenore, a friend and I have been saying for years that the end of thestory will surprise everyone. Don’t you hate predictability? The dream gives me pause, to wonder, can’t imagine how I’d feel if it were my own dream. That’s a bit mind blowing, particularly after all these years of reptile bashing. It is best to have love for all things, great and small. Ego gets in the way and messes with earth mind.

  11. James says:

    My instinct has always told me that Tolec is fake and Cobra is the real deal. This update is no different. Tolec says nothing new (riding on Wilcock’s coat tails), tries to take credit for past intel about destruction of underground bases (really necessary?), and claims that there is still a galactic war being fought (fear mongering). And the most important thing he fails to mention, that both Fulford/Wilcock/Cobra mention all the time, is the NECESSARY arrest of the cabal! It doesn’t matter how much we “wake up” or “raise our frequencies”, if the cabal isn’t arrested and removed from power, nothing is going to change. If Tolec was the real deal, he would say this.

    • James… we have many messengers, and just because Cobra rings true for you, doesn’t mean Tolec or anyone else is “fake”.

      I think YellowRose has amply demonstrated that there are indeed space wars going on RIGHT NOW. So has VT. It’s on the NASA cameras, and BP Earthwatch corroborated her story this past week.

      Remaining positive and seeing the cabal as already arrested without bloodshed AS IN COBRA’S MEDITATIONS is raising our frequencies, is it not?

      Why do we expend so much energy on infighting? Why not channel those energies in positive ways?

  12. Lenore says:

    So, we have Tolec regurgitating pretty much what we already know, and fronting for the Andromedans. And we have Cobra, outing the small group that came from Andromeda, eons ago, fought with the reptiles that co-existed with what ever level of human race was living on the surface of earth, not unlike any other lizard or creature here.
    The Reptiles lost. And the Giza Intelligence won, which is what Billy Meier’s calls this group that came.
    As I mentioned in a previous post, they have attempted world control thru many movements, time periods and people who have lived on the surface of earth, from a secret vantage point in the earth.
    It is interesting to see some of the reptilian sculptures from past time periods. Two legged loving, with their babies suckling, holding them dearly to their breast.
    I wonder….we’re they genetically re-engineered, just like the human race, and sent out eventually as lieutenants, for this group?
    It is interest to realized the reports on how big these recent reptilians have been clocked as. Over 10 ft and counting….
    Now if it’s true, we lost 10 of our 12 strands of DNA, and WE were once the giants, that lived for hundreds of years, (just check the bible and sumerian records for that, WE were indeed).
    Then who got our other 10 strands? Was it given somewhere, say possibly to the reptiles, so we could be controlled by our own original superior consciousness. What an incredible joke on us, the original GOD HEAD, gifted in the Garden….
    This very powerful group that came here with an indisputable power, that they brought from their galaxy. Refer to Cobra info for what it is. As I read Tolec fingering the Reptiles or anyone else for that matter(Icke), I couldn’t help thinking about the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, etc and all the publicly known families.
    And that they are really cut out place holders for a much greater unknown power, that is still not curtailed. People point to the Vatican as the end of the line, but what if the Vatican is also submissive to this power? What if the real problem is still unapproachable, and beyond the Black Nobility?…And that’s why we don’t see the end of killings, starvation, chemtrails, children dying in Gaza and the destruction of our Earth and all her creation here…? Can’t wait to hear those questions answered… 🙂
    And one more thing I have to mention….many many years ago in a very lucid dream, I met a very specific reptilian being. He was clear as a bell, down to every detail. I remember him to this day.
    Thing is….he had, as they say, “Nothing but love for me”….it was the kind of love that brings you to tears…….
    So, I find all this to be still inconclusive….we have yet to see the final act, no matter what Tolec, Wilcox, Fulford or Cobra is saying …..
    My three cents….

  13. Wanderer says:

    It’s called truth and I am not the one spreading doom and gloom. If the truth hurts, that’s too bad. Physical reality is created throught thought/belief, and it is created on both and individual and collective basis. Do you see where I’m going with this? There are infinite probable realities, or time lines, if you like…. so, if you don’t get what you want, look no further than the mirror, pal. Do you realize how severely we outnumber the Cabal? I’m sorry if you feel I’m severe, but from my perspective it’s simply the truth. Thought/belief creates reality.

    • vendo4151 says:

      Ohhh, … I get it wanderer, .. you are sort of like the Joan Crawford of the new age world. .. 🙂 … “yes mommie dearest, I’ll be good” .. lol

      Sorry if this has gone too far BP, .. I’m done, .. nite all

  14. deb says:

    I’ve been around the block a time or two with these abominations. 16 years ago “the spirits”picked me to be a shaman. I am non native and believe in the power of Jesus, (called on Jesus and a dying person was miraculously healed before my eyes, and I believe that was when my complete arthritic crunch neck was healed), so why me for that? I discovered just how unspiritual that particular group of people are. I’ve been to Mars. (!). Imagine that technology. I never gave my consent for that, and those are humana doing this, no doubt our black ops space program. I’m a targeted individual, google that one, it’s all true. A white beam came thru a bedroom window directed at where my daughter was sleeping. She’s in a mental health facility forhearing voices. Manipulated? She went over the edge after taking chantix, to quit smoking. This has been a movie, horror at that. I want the end result you do, more than you- look at the “experience”. But I know how these DARK freaks work. I’ve learned to be discerning, we ALL must be. My point was, why downplay one absolute fact we ALL can verify-chemtrails? So much of this stuff is unverifiable. My dreams have been controlled, and I know one of these sites was involved with that. Most people have no idea how bad it really is. I’m saying, BEWARE. Look, actively, for the deception. These people are evil psychopaths and do not believe in an “accounting”. I’ll share aprayer – Pure, Holy Divine and Supreme Creator of all that is, in Jesus’ name, I ask for Your intervention in transmuting, transforming, and placing all who come against this planet and her lifeforms with evil agenda, deeds technology and their devices, including chips and implants, also all principalities, powers and strongholds, and all electromagnetism, frequency, vibration, power and forces, all abominations, tyranny and manipulation and control over us, seen and unseen, known and unknown. We exercise our right to refuse this evil. Return to us what is ours, take from us what is not ours, including entity/human/demonic control and influence- I change and add as my fried brain from the elf remembers! I’ve been abducted,too. And these are just the highlights. I want what you want with our earth experience, I’m just advising to. be on alert/discerning about another way “they” can manipulate us. The facts are obvious, be wary of “tales”. They have dream control down, by the way. Considering my experiences, this is why I’m on alert at all times, or as best as I can be – “they” slammed me and mine.

  15. Wanderer says:

    Paradox? Don’t think so my friend. How long ago were the Fema camps built? Why aren’t you in one of them yet? If you’re looking for darkness, you’ll surely see it. Likewise for the light. We are being helped and at the same time we are being encouraged to stop acting like helpless children. That is the only paradox I see here. Raise your vibration. We are the divine incarnate… it’s time we start owning it.

    • vendo4151 says:

      Well, .. no one is ever going to call you the merry wanderer, .. will they, … lol. … You have a little vinegar for everyone, don’t you pal. .. 🙂

  16. Thanks. I’ll share this one on facebook

  17. vendo4151 says:

    A lot has been said by many for a good long time now. It isn’t hard to find apparent contradictions between sources and time sensitive predictions that don’t come true. It’s been said that some things that are true, are not necessarily accurate. It’s a paradox. …. A paradox is as if your windows looking out into the universe are in the basement. The view isn’t very good.

  18. Wanderer says:

    If there was no one assisting us, Deb, you’d already be dead or in a Fema concentration camp. Remember the Minot airforce base/missing nukes debacle that happened several years ago? Who do you think.prevented those nukes from heading to Iran? Be more perceptive and stop acting like a petulant child.

  19. deb says:

    Not to worry about chem trails? Pure poison we breathe, that infuses soil and all plants that grow, contaminates ponds, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans and all life sustained within them. Also ground water tables get this toxic soup mix. Wake up people! We can be told anything, and how can it be proven? I get the feeling of “string ong”, till their plan is accomplisheith “stories” that can never be verified, help is on the way, just wait, soon,blah and blah.. et’s abduct us and mutilate us,inanimales. Crop circles could be done by our OEM technology, meant to distract us. But don’t worry about chem trails that have poisoned out earth and all her life forms? I’ve heard that before somewhere. All it takes is one all out bella and whistles comment like that, and I sense an agenda behind it. They’re playing us like a piano, people!

    • deb… unfortunately, you fell for their tricks and boarded the fear train. Since it is negative ETs who are in control of this planet, and have been for eons, what’s your plan for getting rid of them? How will you dismantle their AI net? How will you decommission their mind control? How will you restore our mutilated DNA? How do you propose to stop an advanced race with technologies thousands of years ahead of us that 95% of people don’t even know exists?

      If you do research on spirituality, hopefully you would find that we are being controlled and physically prevented from connecting with Source. We are in a new cycle now, and the dark will be dismantled—but NOT without the assistance of the benevolent ETs. Our enslavement continues until the day we are set free by our star brethren.

      If you don’t believe that… then I can see why you are distraught. There is nothing to fear.It’s all coming under control as we speak, whether you believe it or acknowledge it or not.

  20. Wanderer says:

    BP is absolutely correct. No one knows when it will occur because it is contingent on a tipping point in regard to individual and collective consciousness. We certainly are close though. This is why you must work on raising your own vibrational frequency. Pay no attention to those giving specific dates. Pay no attention whatsoever. All is one. When you raise your frequency, you become a beacon for others and lend them courage and structure to do likewise. Guns, violence and protest only have a limited effect. Not sying they are fruitless, but they pale in comparison to affecting collective consciousness. You are one with source and in so being, you are source itself. That is the secret we all agreed to forget… we re Gods and Godesses in the flesh. All is on par and that is why forgiveness is necessary… it’s all you… even the darkness. Embrace it and trnsmute it.

  21. guido says:

    Was Tolec the one who said that the Event was going to be in January?
    I really don´t trust this guy, maybe you have better/more info about him…

    • guido… whether to trust or not is up to you. I don’t believe anyone knows for certain when The Event will happen, but we clamour for more information and the spokesmen have ideas about when it will go down.

      As we’ve discussed in the past, there are multiple groups of ETs and humans coordinating the take-down of the cabal worldwide—a monumental task—and it doesn’t appear that they all communicate with each other on every level.

      I believe Tolec is dedicated to doing his part as best he is able and I don’t want to shoot the messengers. I’m grateful for what information I get, and whatever doesn’t feel right, I can leave.

      Tolec, Cobra and other messengers have done no damage as I see it, and until they do, I will gladly read their messages.

      If we applied the same level of scrutiny to our elected officials, public servants, corrupt corporations and banksters that we do the messengers, we might root out a lot more evil. That’s where I would focus my attention.

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